Yandang Mountain Scenic Area

Yandang Mountain Scenic Area

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Geographic location:Within Wenzhou City, Southeast China, and Southern Taizhou City


Famous scenery:”Dalongyu, Lingfeng, Fenghuangshan, Lingyan”

Suitable for the play season:Best summer

Yandang Mountain, the first batch of national key scenic spots, national “Sanitary Mountain, Safe Mountain, Civilized Mountain”, National Civilization Scenic Area, National AAAAA Level Tourist Area, National Civilized Scenic Area Demonstration Point, “World Geopark” and so on. Located in Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, China, some of them are located in Yongjia County and Wenling City. Because the main peak of Yanhugang has a lake full of reeds, the autumn geese that fly south every year are here, hence the name Yandang Mountain.

Yandang Mountain has more than 500 scenic spots, including Lingfeng, Lingyan, Dalongyu, Sanbiao Waterfall, Yanhu, Xianshengmen, Yangjiaodong and Xianqiao. Known as the unique first peak in the southeast, it is known as the unique peak of the strange rock, the waterfall, the cave, the cave of the ancient cave, the gate of the sacred sacred gate, and the sacred cypress. “. Among them, the three scenic spots of Lingfeng, Lingyan and Dalongyu are called “Yandang Sanju”. The night view of Lingding Mountain in Yandang Mountain, Lingyan Feidu is its two special landscapes. Because there are lakes on the top of the mountain, the reeds are dense, the grass is swaying, and the south is back to the autumn geese, hence the name Yandang. On July 31, 2019, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism gave a warning to the Yandang Mountain Scenic Spot in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, to correct the rectification, for a period of three months.

Yandang Mountain Scenic Area

Scenic history

In 1982, it was designated by the State Council as the first batch of national key scenic spots.
In 2004, Yandang Mountain was named National Geological Park.
In early 2005 it was named the World Geopark.
In 2004, Yandang Mountain was named the National Geological Park. In early 2005, it was named the World Geopark.
On September 9, 2013, Yandangshan World Geopark successfully won the green card and was confirmed to continue to be a member of the World Geopark Network in the next four years. At this point, Yandangshan World Geopark successfully passed the second mid-term evaluation.
In January 2014, Yandangshan National Forest Park was named 2013 in China Forest Tourism Network, China Forestry Society Forest Park Branch, and Netease jointly sponsored by netizens in the 2013 China’s most beautiful forest tourism scenic spot selection campaign. China’s most popular and popular forest tourism scenic spot.”

Yandang Mountain Scenic Area

Geographic location

Yandang Mountain is located in Yueqing City, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, and is located in Yongjia County and Wenling City. It is about 300 kilometers away from Hangzhou and 70 kilometers away from Wenzhou. The total area is 450 square kilometers. The Yandang Mountain system stretches for hundreds of kilometers and can be divided into North Yandang Mountain, Middle Yandang Mountain, South Yandang Mountain, West Yandang Mountain (Zeya) and East Yandang Mountain (dongtou Banping Mountain) according to geographical location.

Yandang Mountain Scenic Area

Main Attractions

North Yandang Mountain

North Yandang Mountain is located in the northeast of Yueqing City. In 1982, it was listed as the first batch of national key scenic spots by the State Council. In 1999, it was awarded the title of “National Civilized Scenic Spot”. On the morning of February 12, 2005, Beijing World Cultural Park Expert Review Meeting was announced in Paris, Yandang Mountain. Four national geological parks were selected as the Second World Geopark. Yandang Mountain, known for its “three-dimensional model of ancient volcanoes”, has successfully entered the ranks of the World Geopark.

North Yandang Mountain can be divided into five scenic spots, namely Lingfeng, Lingyan, Dalongyu, Xianshengmen and Yanhu. There are more than 380 scenic spots, including 102 peaks, 64 rocks, 26 stones, 46 holes, 14 miles. 18 waterfalls, 28 pools, 13 pits, 13 ridges, 10 springs, 2 waters, 8 doors, 4 rafts, 7 creeks 1 涧, 8 bridges 2 lakes, 5 tips 2 gorges, etc., especially peaks, caves, waterfalls, stones win. Yandang Qifeng is lined up, more famous are Zhuobifeng, Duxiufeng, Yufufeng, Shuangyufeng, Jinjifeng, Shuangsunfeng, Zhanqifeng, Juzhufeng, Scissors Peak and so on.

In the 46-hole Yandang, the highest Guanyin Cave, the most dangerous skylight hole, the largest fairy hole, and the most amazing Xiangu Cave. The Guanyin Cave is embedded in the Hezhang Peak, the earliest residence of the Tang Dynasty Gaochun Shanmu. The height of the cave is 100 meters, and the width and depth are more than 40 meters. The cave building in the cave is built on the rock and has 9 floors. At the entrance of the cave is the Heavenly King Hall, which is built with four King Kongs. There are 377 stone sarcophagi behind the temple, which leads directly to the top house. The top house is the Guanyin Temple, and the rest is the house. From the left wall of the 8th floor to the entrance of the cave, it can be seen that a statue of Guanyin Buddha sitting on the lotus platform is a little bit of a goddess. Looking out from the top of the cave, the sky only leaves a line, and people call it “a line of days.” There is still a heart wash in the cave, and there are also a pool of heart-washing pools next to the topmost hall, and the water quality is clear.

Yandang Waterfall is most famous for its Dalongyu, Sanshuiyan, Xida Waterfall, Meiyu Waterfall and Sanzhan Waterfall. Known as the “first waterfall in the world”, the Dalongyu Waterfall is located 3 kilometers west of Ma’anling. The water is descending from Lianyungang and is about 190 meters high. Xu Xiake once wrote in the travel notes: “The anger is pouring, the extreme is changing, and the thunder and snow are blowing.” Yuan Mei in the Qing Dynasty sang in the poem “Dragon’s Dragonfly”: “The trend of the dragon is high, the first line of waterfalls More than five feet is still water, and less than ten feet is all smoke. In the case of a hundred feet to a thousand feet, the water cloud is difficult to separate.”

Yandang Mountain Scenic Area

South Yandang Mountain

South Yandang Mountain, referred to as Nanyan, is located in the west of Pingyang County, 87 kilometers away from Wenzhou City. It belongs to the national Yandang Mountain Scenic Spot. The main peak is Ming Wangfeng, with an elevation of 1077.7 meters. The development of South Yandang was earlier than that of Northern Yandang. In the Five Dynasties, Gao Yu’s wish was to develop three hundred disciples here. Nanyan Scenic Area covers an area of 97.68 square kilometers, with 67 peaks, 28 rocks, 24 holes, 13 pools, 8 pools and 9 stones. There are Dongdong, Shunxi, Qianxi, Shicheng, Dongyu and other scenic spots, among which the East and West Cave scenic spots are dense. Within half a square kilometer, there are the Confucianism Christian Church in the Song Dynasty, the Taogu Cave Temple in the Tangu Cave and the Guanyin Cave Temple in the Tang Dynasty.

Yandang Mountain Scenic Area


Dongdong Cave is 10 meters high, 5.6 meters wide and more than 100 meters deep. The hole in the cliff, Danya Cuibi, stood upright, known as the “five-color screen”, also known as “Shi Tianmen.”

Yandang Mountain Scenic Area

Hua Biaofeng

Above the northeastern cave wall, there is a Huabiao Peak that is as straight as a column and is more than 40 meters high.

Yandang Mountain Scenic Area

Clerical school

Below, there is a stone beam across the sky, which is a semi-circular door. It looks like an ancient archway. It is engraved with “Dongtianmen” and it is a “Challenature Court”.

The Clerical Institute was originally a place where Chen Jingzheng and Chen Jingbang brothers studied in the Northern Song Dynasty. Later, Zhu Xi had led many disciples to give lectures here. Qing Guangxu reconstruction. In the late Qing Dynasty, Sun Yiyan, a famous scholar in the late Qing Dynasty, wrote this question: “Ilo’s micro-sense is respectful, and Yongjia’s predecessors have more books.”

Yandang Mountain Scenic Area

Guanyin Cave

Under the cliff on the right side of the academy, it is the famous Guanyin Cave of Nanyan. The cave is 21 meters high and 45 meters wide. It is built with ancient caves. Surrounded by peaks and peaks, there are attractions such as Putuo Peak, Bat Peak and Zhuo Pen Peak.

Yandang Mountain Scenic Area

First-line day

On the right side, “the first line of the sky” is made up of a large cliff volley, which is more than 100 meters high. The middle gap is only one meter, and the 160-level stone steps can reach the top.

Yandang Mountain Scenic Area

West Cave

West Cave is also known as “Xiangu Cave”. According to legend, in the Southern Song Dynasty, the village of Zhu, the name of the Yuan Yuan, when he was 16 years old, became a monk, and lived in this stone cave “Twenty years of the valley”, often taking medicine for people to cure diseases, the medicine is settled, after the unknown, people are Dongkou Jiandaoyuan to commemorate. The cave is 18 meters high, 44 meters wide and 29 meters deep. There are seven three-storey pavilions. Most of the houses are connected to the cave. There are 18 Jinshi Caves and Chain Caves in the cave. Outside the cave are Pearl Spring, Shixuyan, Yujingchi, Yixinyuan, Santai Daoyuan, Chaotianyu and other attractions.

Yandang Mountain Scenic Area

Twelve peaks

Looked in front of the cave, the twelve peaks are scattered, each named after the name: there are Bat Peak, Wenbi Peak, Yufu Peak, Old Man Peak, Santai Peak, Huixian Peak, beauty dressing and so on. The scenery of Nanyandang Mountain is beautiful and beautiful. It is divided into five scenic spots, namely, Guling, Wenxi, Shiling, Wushan and Shunxi. Today, there are 7 scenic spots including Shicheng, Chiyanshan, Dongxiong, Shunxi, Fuxi and Dongyu. .

Yandang Mountain Scenic Area

Middle Yandang Mountain

Formerly known as Baishi Mountain, Zhongyandang Mountain is located 10 kilometers southwest of Yueqing City and 20 kilometers away from Wenzhou City. It has jurisdiction over seven scenic spots including Yuxi, Xiqiao, Sanhu, Dongpu, Fenghuangshan, Yangbadong and Liugonggu, with a total area of 93.44 square kilometers and more than 300 scenic spots. Xie Lingyun’s poems in the Southern Dynasties: “Thousands of sloping roads with long embankments, Wan Li Xie Changting.”

Zhongyandang is famous for its Xizhou and Yuxi scenic spots. The land of the Western Festival is like the North Yandang Mountain, with 21 scenic spots. Yuxi Peak, with an altitude of more than 500 meters, has a Yuhong Cave under the peak. There is a Yuping Temple in the cave, and the carved and painted buildings are ancient and ancient. There is a Bailong Cave across the cliff from Yuhong Cave, and there is also a building in the cave.

Although the reputation of Zhongyandang Mountain is not as good as that of North Yandang Mountain and South Yandang Mountain, many famous celebrities in Wenzhou are also quite popular. For example, Wang Shipeng of the Southern Song Dynasty, “Dengbai Shishan”, there have been “Ten Lihu Mountain Cuilu Heng, two streams of cold jade fighting. The road from the bird head, people in the depths of the clouds” describes. Ye Shi’s “Bai Shi Jing Hui Yuan Jing Kee” praised: “The mountains of Yueqing, the east is Yandang, the west is Baishi, and the line goes to Sheshui, Lu see the giant stone crown at the cliff head, the situation is very strong, and the number is still Ten miles away, the danger is absolutely unique. Its mountains are flat, deep springs are flowing, many herbs are big wood, and land is beautiful.”

Yandang Mountain Scenic Area

East Yandang Mountain

East Yandang Mountain is also known as the Half Screen Mountain Scenic Area. Folk song: “Half-screen mountain, half-screen mountain, half in the mainland, half in Taiwan.” The mainland half screen is for this purpose. “Jiangnan Jingshi poetry and the title of the half-screen mountain” 曰: “The world’s guest is judged to break the cause, it is the most difficult thing to judge.

A good screen half in Dongtou County, the remains of a remnant of the island. I want to return to the sea, if it is to leave the lips. Looking at each other on both sides, what day is it. The area of the scenic spot is 0.95 square kilometers. The cliffs on the eastern coast are like a knife and axe. The mountain is half-length and erected in a thousand miles. The thousands of kilometers of the cliffs are in turn, such as Yingfeng Screen, Chixiang Screen, Peacock Screen and Gulang Screen. Rock carving screen.

“Black Dragon Tenghai” is one of its wonders. A black stone geological belt about 100 meters long is sandwiched in a large piece of Huangshi Cliff. Its potential is from left to right and low, and the black rock grows at double angles at one end. Hope Guiting is a stone pavilion built on the Nanping Mountain. It is named after the fishermen are waiting for their relatives to return home. The monomer is 57.5 meters above sea level and sits west to the east. It is a hexagonal stagnation. It consists of six stone columns with a length of 3 meters and a diameter of 0.05 meters. The pavilion can enjoy the view of the island.

Yandang Mountain Scenic Area

West Yandang Mountain

Also known as Zeya Provincial Scenic Area, it is located in Zeya, Ouhai District, Wenzhou City, 35 kilometers away from the urban area, with a total area of 128.6 square kilometers.

The landscape in the area is characterized by waterfalls, Bitan, Youxia and Qiyan. There are Jinkeng Gorge, Seven Waterfalls, Alpine Corner, Zhuyan, Xishan, Longxi, Qiyun, Wufeng and Eight Scenic Spots, and more than 230 places of interest. . Here, a canyon waterfall scenery, the three-fold waterfall of the Jiulong Waterfall is connected into a water curtain of more than 100 meters high; the crocodile pool is embedded in the stone wall, the water is clear at the bottom; the diameter of the pearl is 23 meters. When the rocking rock is pushed, the sound of the rock is ringing, and seven trees of seven ancient trees, such as lacquer, osmanthus and maple, are sent together.

Zeya’s otter is very famous. There are more than 270 squats, two squats and three shackles. The typical one is the Nandou Silian of Shiqiao Village in the scenic spot.

Jinkengxia Scenic Area is one of the main scenic spots of Zeya. It is located in Zeya Town, Ouhai District, Wenzhou City, 35 kilometers away from the urban area, with a total area of 3.19 square kilometers. Known as “Zhejiang Grand Canyon”, “Wenzhou First Gorge” and other reputation.

There are different types of waterfalls in Jinkeng Gorge, such as Banling Waterfall, Jinkeng Silver Waterfall, Zhuyu Waterfall and Longxu Waterfall. Inside the gorge are Eagle Rock, Jinji Stone, Tianzhu Peak, Wuzhifeng, Candle Gate, Jinyu Wangyue, Lion Drinking Water, Wukong Facebook, Old Weng Waterfall, and Tianmen Gate. In addition, there are many attractions such as Tongtian Cave, Chuanshan Cave, Pansi Cave, Canyon Tianchi, Lion Dance Ball and Millennium Chrysanthemum Community.

The human landscape in the scenic area maintains the ancient stacks of the Southern Song Dynasty leading to the capital, the ancient primitive papermaking workshops, the three primitive ancient villages, and the ancient bridges and ancient temples. There are also legends such as Fairy Bath, Seven Sisters, Fairy Cave, and Yan Tai Cave.

Yandang Mountain Scenic Area

Local specialty

Yandangshan specialties are mainly based on edible seafood. The famous eight famous dishes in the local area are: chicken-flavored fish and glutinous bean curd soup (the name of “the world’s first freshest” in the local area), and the dragon’s play beads (the creek of Yandang Mountain) 鳗 Made of the main ingredients), beautiful yellow croaker, green shrimp, steamed sea crab, Yandang stone frog (difficult food in summer and autumn), potato wild glutinous rice (hare and potato).

Yandang-style snacks are famous for their snails, sweet potato vermicelli soup, Yandang pancakes, rice noodles, fennel, five-flavored tofu, mung bean noodles, etc., and the local Yandang Qingming Festival can be tasted during the Qingming Festival.

Sweetfish, prawns, clams, loach, and oysters are local aquatic products. Local native products include Yanling Tea, Yandang Mountain Sydney, Dendrobium, Sweet Cake, and Winter Rice Sugar. Crafts are made of boxwood, hemp, and straw.

Yandang Mountain Scenic Area

Literati ruins

The large-scale strange landscape image of Yandang Mountain gives the poet, painter and literati a strong sense of beauty and inspiration. This poetry painting, leaving a large number of works, including more than 5,000 poems, as well as more than 400 stone cliffs such as Longnodong, and historical monuments such as Nange arch. The Qing Dynasty Shi Yuanfu went to the Yandang Mountain for ten years and put forward the “Yushan Say”, which is a summary of the experience of the spiritual and cultural activities of returning to nature in the ancient Chinese landscape activities and the spirit of nature, which was proposed by Wei Yuan, a scholar of the late Qing Dynasty. “Yunshan Xue” is consistent.

Yandang Mountain Scenic Area

Travel guide

Ticket fee

Scatter cost

Lingfeng Day View, Lingfeng Night Scene, Lingyan Scenic Area, Dalongyu Scenic Area is 50 yuan, Fangdong (Jingtian Lake) Scenic Area 40 yuan/person, Net Ming Valley Scenic Area 30 Yuan, Sanyi Waterfall Scenic Area, Yangjiaodong View 20 Yuan , Xianshengmen Scenic Area, Yanhu Scenic Area 15 yuan.

Coupon fee

Since May 1, 2019, Yandang Mountain Scenic Area has launched three joint ticket lines: Line A is the scenic spots of Lingfeng, Lingyan and Dalongyu; Line B is the Lingfeng, Lingyan, Dalongtun, Fangdong, and Sanyuan Waterfall spots; C lines are Lingfeng, Lingyan, Dalongyu, Fangdong, Sanbiao Waterfall, Yangjiao Cave, Yanhu Lake, Xianshengmen. The fares for individual passengers are 170 yuan, 200 yuan and 220 yuan respectively; the team fares are 155 yuan, 180 yuan and 200 yuan respectively.

Swim time

The annual average temperature is 17.5 degrees Celsius, the hottest July average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius, and the coldest January average temperature is 5 degrees Celsius. It can be said that there is no cold in winter, no heat in summer and pleasant weather.

Traffic Guide

Expressway: The Yongtaiwen Expressway has an exit in Yandang. Hangzhou to Yandang is 300 kilometers; Fuzhou to Yandang is 350 kilometers.
National Highway 104 runs through Yandang Mountain.

Train: Foreign tourists can also take the train directly to Yandang Mountain Station.

Aircraft: 90 kilometers from Wenzhou Airport to Yandang Mountain; 50 kilometers from Taizhou Airport to Yandang Mountain.

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