Wushan Xiaosanxia, Chongqing

Wushan Xiaosanxia, Chongqing

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Geographic location:Daning Hanoi, Wushan County, Chongqing


Famous scenery:Water curtain hole, hanging raft, flying cloud hole

Suitable for the play season:July-December

The Three Gorges, the small Three Gorges tourist scenic spot, was rated as “China’s 40 Best Tourism Destinations” in 1991, “National AAAA Grade Scenic Spot” in November 2004, and “National AAAAA Travel” in May 2007. Scenic area.”

At the same time, it was also rated as “China’s National Key Scenic Spots”, “Chongqing Civilization Scenic Spot” and “Chongqing Safe Scenic Spot”, which were praised by celebrities as “Chinese Wonders” and “World’s Wonderful Scenery”.

The Wushan Little Three Gorges is a tributary of the Madu River at the Dicui Gorge of the Daning River. It is the general name for the Changtan Gorge, the Qinwang Gorge and the Sanjiao Gorge. The small Three Gorges is the sister gorge of the small Three Gorges of the Daning River. It is 15 kilometers long and is smaller than the small Three Gorges of Daning River, hence the name “Little Three Gorges”.

The Wushan Little Three Gorges is also known as the best drifting area in the country, and it is a life-threatening drifting of nature. It is called “China’s first drift”.

Wushan Xiaosanxia, Chongqing

Main Attractions

Longmenba fog even drops the green, Qishan Xiushui wins the Three Gorges. The Yangtze River Three Gorges attracts the attention of many tourists with its beautiful scenery; the Yangtze River Three Gorges starts from Wushan County in the south and goes to Dachang Ancient City in the north. Commonly known as the Wushan Small Three Gorges, also known as the Little Three Gorges of the Daning River, is the essence of the Daning River Scenic Area. Compared with the magnificent and majestic of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, the Three Gorges is beautiful and chic, exquisite and elegant. Therefore, people praised the Three Gorges as “not the Three Gorges, which is better than the Three Gorges.” There are hanging hangs on the cliffs, which makes people feel helpless.

The small Three Gorges is composed of Longmen Gorge, Bawu Gorge and Xiaocui Gorge. The Longmen Gorge is about 3 kilometers long. The peaks and peaks of the two sides of the river are densely populated. The waters in the river are in a hurry. It is the gateway to the Three Gorges. Visitors here are mostly walking and watching.

Wushan Xiaosanxia, Chongqing

Qizhi Bawuxia

Out of the Longmen Gorge, it is the famous “Silver Beach”. Here the mountains turn back, the beach is in danger, and it is a dangerous route on the voyage. After crossing the shoal, you will enter Tiexi Gorge. The Tieqi Gorge is about 10 kilometers long. Here, the two sides of the rocky slabs form a group of natural sculptures, all of which are interesting. There is a long, glittering rock on the east bank cliff, much like a dragon that has returned from the sky, and the dragon’s head has already entered the cave; there is a cave on the opposite side of the mountain, and there is a yellow round stone at the mouth, like a tiger that wants to make a hole; There are a series of hanging stalactites under the cliffs on the West Bank. The statue looks like two horses. The head has entered the mountain, but the horsetail and hind legs are still outside the mountain. So people named them Longjin, Tiger, and Maguishan. In addition, there is a black hanging sill in the cliff of the east bank of the river that is four or five meters high from the water surface. It is commonly known as the “iron coffin”. According to this test, the “iron shovel” was the hang of the Ba people in the Warring States period. It was not iron casting, but because of its similar color. At present, the best preserved shoal group is Jingzhouba, 25 kilometers northeast of Wuxi County, where there are 24 black pelicans.

Wushan Xiaosanxia, Chongqing

Xiongzhi Longmenxia

The Longmen Gorge is the first gorge of the Three Gorges. It is about 3 kilometers long. The two mountains of the Xiakou are facing each other. The cliffs are cut like a cut, and the sky is open. It is like a gate. It is praised as a small trick for the tourists of the Three Gorges.

The famous landscape of Longmen Gorge is composed of Lions Gate, Ancient Plank Road Site, Ganoderma Peak, Yinwo Beach and Mojiao Beach. The beautiful scenery is always forgotten. In the boat gorge, you can enjoy the strange peaks on both sides of the Qifeng, the waterfalls, the ancient caves, the Yinwotan, the Panda Cave and the remains of the ancient plank road.

In the Longmen Gorge, the waterfall is clear and clean, and on the rock wall of Hedong, there is a clear spring flowing into the river. It is called “Longmen Spring”. The stone hole of one side can be seen on the cliff of Hexi, and it extends in an orderly manner for more than 300 kilometers until the Heishui River. These stone holes are the remains of the ancient plank road. There is also a colorful pebble beach in the Longmen Gorge, which is a wonderful natural bonsai.

Wushan Xiaosanxia, Chongqing

Wushan Little Three Gorges

The small Three Gorges of Wushan is especially narrow due to its narrow waterway, and the valley is more and more deep. In the small Three Gorges, the peaks and peaks are beautiful, the landscapes are beautiful, the scenery is bright, the cliffs on both sides of the cliff face each other, the walls are tens of thousands of miles, the river is narrow, and the sky is open, revealing the temptation of the mountains. The stalactites that hang down on the rock are strange and strange in shape, exuding the original quaint atmosphere. During the boat trip, the scenery of the shore is infinite, full of green, very beautiful, so that it is only the return to the truth, embracing the natural taste. Long Beach Gorge: It is 5 kilometers from Shuanghe to Pinghe. There is a river beach about 2 kilometers long in the gorge, which is more than ten meters wide. It is straight and straight. The level is like a mirror, the sand is white, and the mountains and rivers are hidden, so it is called Changtan Gorge. The valley in the gorge is high in the narrow mountains, and the cliffs are opposite to each other. The water is clear and dangerous; the water is clear at the bottom, and there are many kinds of fish swimming in the water; there are many colorful pebbles along the coast, or see fossils of paleontology. There are dripping rocks, clever springs, hand climbing rocks, and piercings in the gorge. Qinwangxia: From Shangdukou to Shuanghe, it is 4 kilometers in length. The scenery here is beautiful, quiet and quiet, the water is gentle and clear, and it is the best place for rafting. There is a large cave on the east bank of Qinwangxia. It is said that during the Chongzhen years of the Ming Dynasty, there were Qinshan thieves who occupied the cave as the king, and the fish and the people were captured by the peasant uprising army Zhang Xianzhong, hence the name “擒(秦)王洞”. In the gorge, there are scenic spots such as Xiangtai, Hutouyan, Huanglong River, carp Yuelongmen, Fairy Yingbin, Xianlezhong, Luohantang. Sanjiao Gorge: It started at the entrance of Madu River and has a total length of 5 kilometers. It is the first gorge of the Little Three Gorges. The cliffs on both sides of the strait are like axe; the river is narrow, the sky is open, and the scenery is quiet. Going against the water, the water is rushing and there is no way to pull the fiber. It can only be supported by the front, so it is also known as the “long support gorge”. The original vegetation here is non-destructive, and the emeralds are reflected along the way. The stalactites are strangely everywhere, and the rain and fog are floating all over the sky, full of rich poetic and artistic meaning. In the gorge, there are Luhuitou, Shouxingfeng, Shizhuwan, Xiangsiquan, Longhutan, Bajie crossing the river, mother stone, and moon village. On May 8, 2007, Chongqing Wushan Xiaosanxia-Little Three Gorges Tourism Scenic Area was officially approved by the National Tourism Administration as a national 5A-level tourist scenic spot.

Wushan Xiaosanxia, Chongqing


Dicui Gorge is the longest, deepest and most beautiful section of the Little Three Gorges. It is about 20 kilometers long from Shuanglong to Tujiaba. The main attractions are Shuilian Cave, Moyan Buddha Statue, Tianquan Feiyu, Luojiazhai, Yangtan, Madu River, Dengtian Peak, Plank Road, Suoqiao, Chibi Ferris, Hanging, Double Eagle Screen, Feiyun Cave, etc. . “Chibi Ferris” is a cliff with a height of hundreds of meters. It is like a knife, and it is straight into the sky. Under the sunlight, the golden light is really a veritable red wall.

In the Dicui Gorge, the peaks are competing, the trees are lush, the waterfalls are volley, the two sides are dripping, the water is flying, the peaks are not cliffs, the gorge has both majestic momentum and exquisitely small scenery, so there is “unlimited beauty”. At the most, it is the reputation of Dicuixia.

Wushan Xiaosanxia, Chongqing

Geographical environment

Wushan Xiaosanxia is composed of Longmenxia, Bawuxia and Dicuixia, with a total length of 50 kilometers. She has a pool of clear water, a strange peak, a bamboo wood, and a sizzling sound. The characteristics of the Little Three Gorges are beautiful and magical, which makes Chen Yunhe write the poem “Da Ninghe Small Three Gorges”. Some people think that it has six oddities, namely, Qi Qixiong, Shuiqiqing, Fengqixiu, Tanqi Insurance, Jingqiyou, Shiqimei, which can be called “the world’s strange gorge”. The Three Gorges is adjacent to the Yangtze River Three Gorges Scenic Area and is a national key scenic spot. In 1991, it was rated as “Top 40 Chinese Tourist Destinations”.

As the saying goes, there must be a water between the two mountains. I don’t know if the Daning River has nurtured the peaks on both sides of the river, or the beautiful mountains on both sides of the river have nourished the clear and green waters of the Daning River. In the small Three Gorges, it is like a boat in a beautiful and wonderful In the natural bonsai, you will be intoxicated. The Three Gorges is not only a well-known scenic spot; it also has precious historical sites such as the ruins of the Ba people, the ship’s rafts, and the incomprehensible ancient stacks of stone holes. This peculiar canyon scenery blends the natural landscape with the human landscape, and is a bright pearl on the golden waterway of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. After enjoying the Xiaoshan Gorge in Wushan, I couldn’t help but say that “there was no water in the sea, except that Ninghe was not a gorge. Wuyue returned without looking at the mountains, and Ninghe returned without seeing the gorge”.

Wushan Xiaosanxia, Chongqing

Three Gorges Project

The third phase of the Three Gorges Project hydropower, returning to the longevity and above, more than 500 kilometers of river-type reservoirs formed above the dam, nearly 1,000 square kilometers. The beautiful scenery of Gaoxia Pinghu has changed the landscape of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. Some natural and human landscapes have been submerged under water, but some new natural and human landscapes have appeared, and there has not been much change in general. The construction of the Three Gorges Dam not only has three major functions of flood control, power generation, and improved shipping conditions, but also contributes to humanity, and it also opens a new chapter in the rapid development of the Three Gorges tourism.

There is a small three-gorge that “returns to nature to swim”. Tourists take a self-contained, self-operating dinghies rafting tour, which is the best rafting area that can’t stop the temptation; there are more than a thousand climbing trees. The playful monkey group, more than a hundred pairs in pairs, the various waterfowl spread wings, a variety of fish swimming in clear water, a hundred birds humming at any time, is a well-deserved scenic animal area. There is a eternal ruin of the ancient people who have lost their lives in the ancient times. This peculiar canyon scenery, the natural landscape blends with the human landscape, and is a bright pearl on the Yangtze River Three Gorges Golden Waterway.

Longmenxia is 3 km from Longmenxiakou to Yinwo Beach. Majestic. The two mountains face each other, the cliffs are cut, the sky is open, and the shape is like a door. It is known as the “mighty, Longmenxia”. In the gorge, there are the starting points of the remains of the longest ancient plank road in China, as well as the Longmen Bridge, Longmen Spring, Qingshiweimen, Jiulongzhu and Lingzhi Peak. Out of the gorge is the rushing Yinwo Beach. During the boat trip, there is a sense of “the water is as fast as an arrow, and the boat is like a fly.”

The extension of this gorge is a wide valley of mountains and gentle waters, passing through Zhangzhou and passing through the beach. Bawu Gorge is from the turtle beach to Shuanglong, 10 kilometers long, the mountains are high and deep, the clouds are misty, the bells are densely covered, the thousands of things are strange, the rocks are smashing, the peaks and turns are turning, the stones are no doubt, and there is no turning. It is known as the “Qiyu, Bawuxia”. In the gorge, there are monkey fishing moon, Maguishan, tiger out, Longjin, Huilongdong, fairy hydrangea, Xiantaofeng, Guanyin sitting on the lotus platform, Bajie worship Guanyin, and hanging landscape. From Shuanglong to Tujiaba, the Dicui Gorge is 20 kilometers long and is the longest, deepest and most beautiful section of the small Three Gorges. There are no peaks and no cliffs in the gorge, there are water to fly the springs, the peaks are competing, the forests are lush, the green bamboos are green, the waterfalls are volley, the two sides are dripping, the rivers are flowing, the waters are playing, the monkeys are climbing, the sounds are bursting, Rao There is wild interest, and there is often a tribute to the “secret, dripping gorge”. Colorful and colorful attractions include Shuilian Cave, Moyan Buddha Statue, Tianquan Feiyu, Luojiazhai, Sheep Beach, Madu River, Little Three Gorges, Dengtian Peak, Plank Road, Suoqiao, Chibi Ferris, Boat Husband, Double Eagle Theatre Screen, Feiyun Cave, etc.

The beauty of the Little Three Gorges is the same, so there is the reputation of “unlimited beauty, the most is the Dicui Gorge”. With the vigorous development of the tourism industry, the Wushan Small Three Gorges, a pearl of the mountains, has revealed its true meaning to the world, attracting and attracting many tourists from home and abroad. Those who visit the Little Three Gorges in person, as if returning to the embrace of nature, are all intoxicated and dumped by the magnificent scenery, have taken pictures, videos, authors, poems, paintings, and widely publicized this tourist attraction to the outside world. Nowadays, it is famous both at home and abroad. All of this constitutes a beautiful and unique canyon scenery of the Three Gorges and has become a wonderful tourist attraction. It is known as the “Chinese Wonders” and the world. The famous Wushan Small Three Gorges, also known as the Little Three Gorges of the Daning River. Some people praised it as “not the Three Gorges, which is better than the Three Gorges”, “the gods are absolutely stunned, and they are stunned.” Others said that “there was no difficulty in water, except that Ninghe was not an gorge; Wuyue returned without looking at the mountains, and Ninghe returned without seeing the gorge.”

Wushan Xiaosanxia, Chongqing

Climatic characteristics

The Wushan Xiaosanxia and Xiaosanxiaxia sections are warm and humid mid-subtropical climates, and the climate is greatly affected by the canyon topography. The Wu Gorge is a deep gorge with a twist and twist, showing typical canyon climate characteristics, which can be used as a representative of the Three Gorges climate. Here, the annual average temperature is 18.4 °C, the coldest January average temperature is 7.1 °C, the hottest July average temperature is 29.3 °C; the annual average rainfall is between 1000-1400 mm, mostly concentrated in July and August. . The winter is mild, the summer is hot, the rainfall is abundant, and the four seasons are distinct. This is not much different from the Sichuan Basin and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. However, due to the deep gorge, the valley receives a short period of sunshine. In the winter, the sun is visible only two or three hours before noon, and the summer sunshine is only five or six hours. The winds in the canyon are strong, the wind direction is fixed, and most of them are the east wind or the west wind in the direction of the shunxia. The terrain of the canyon is closed, the moisture is steaming, and it is easy to become a cloud and fog. In summer, there are often thunder and lightning, and heavy rain is pouring. It is one of the rainstorm centers in the country; in autumn, the sky is light and the sky is high; in winter, it is more The rain of the gorge is often continuous for several days; at the turn of spring and summer, the weather changes with impermanence, and it is a scene.

The small Three Gorges and the small Three Gorges rivers in Wushan are narrow, the river water flow varies greatly, and the water level varies greatly. During the flood period, the flow rate is generally 40,000 to 50,000 cubic meters per second. The flow during the dry season is generally 3000 cubic meters per second. The difference between the highest water level and the lowest water level can reach 50 meters. During the flood, the river rose very rapidly, and the water level rose by more than 10 meters in one day. The riverbed has a steep slope, with an average of 1 meter per 5 kilometers. The water is in a hurry and the vortex is thousands of turns. The flow rate changes greatly. The average flow rate during the dry season is 4 kilometers per hour, the flood period is 11 kilometers per hour, and the rapids are at an hourly rate of 16 hours. At a speed of 25 kilometers. During the summer flood season, the raging rivers and rivers take their way out of the winding canyons. In the dry season, the river flows back and forth in the mountains and valleys, making the waterway of the Three Gorges extraordinarily difficult.

Wushan Xiaosanxia, Chongqing

Practical information

Ticket price

120 yuan / person

Special Note

It is hotter in July and August, and short-sleeved clothes can be used. Wushan Yunyu, Wushan often rain, must bring an umbrella, raincoats also.

Travel information

Take the high-speed hydrofoil on the Chaotianmen Wharf for 8 hours to Wushan, and transfer to the bus to the Longmen Ferry in the Three Gorges.
Visit the small Three Gorges, usually from the Daning River mouth on the edge of Wushan County, go up against the water, enter the Longmen Gorge, pass the Bawu Gorge, to the Dicui Gorge, and then fold back.

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