Wulong Karst Tourist Area

Wulong Karst Tourist Area

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Geographic location:Wulong District, Chongqing


Famous scenery:Tiansheng Sanqiao, Fairy Mountain, Longshuixia Ground, Furong Cave

Climate type:Subtropical monsoon climate

Wulong Karst Tourist Area is located in Wulong District of Chongqing City. It has rare karst natural landscapes, including caves, tiankeng, ground seams, canyons, peaks and mountains, and alpine grasslands. It has a comprehensive form and a colorful holiday and leisure. Entertainment, sports, and unique folk customs of ethnic minorities such as Tujia, Miao and Dong. In 2011, it was rated as a national AAAAA tourist area. Wulong Karst Tourist Area includes three parts: Chongqing Wulong Tourist Attractions Tiansheng Third Bridge, Fairy Mountain and Furong Cave.

Wulong Karst Tourist Area

Historical evolution

In May 1993, five villagers in Jiangkou Town discovered Furong Cave.
On May 1, 1994, Furong Cave was officially opened to the public.
From 1994 to 2001, five major boutique scenic spots were built by Furong Cave, Fairy Mountain, Tiansheng Sancha and Longshuixia.
From 2003 to 2007, the International Outdoor Sports Challenge was held in the Wulong Karst Tourist Area.

Wulong Karst Tourist Area

Geographical environment

Geographic location

Chongqing Wulong Karst is located in Wulong District, with a longitude of 108.72′ and a latitude of 29.29′. Tiansheng Sanqiao is located in the south of Fairy Mountain, between Xiannv Mountain and Wulong District. Fairy Mountain is located in Xiannvshan Town, Wulong District, Chongqing, in the Wuling Mountains in the east of Chongqing; Furong Cave is located 4 kilometers away in Jiangkou Town, Wulong District. The edge of the Furong River.

Wulong Karst Tourist Area

Climate characteristics

Wulong Karst is a subtropical monsoon humid climate with mild climate, abundant rainfall, insufficient sunshine, four distinct seasons, long frost-free period and high humidity. The annual average number of sunshine is 1160.5 hours (interannual change is 1024.6~1276.6 hours); the annual average temperature is 17.9 °C, the extreme maximum temperature is 41.7 °C, and the extreme minimum temperature is minus 3.5 °C.

Wulong Karst Tourist Area

Main Attractions


The first hole in the world – Furong Cave, developed in the Cambrian and Ordovician carbonate rocks, from Tongqikeng Cave, Fallen Cave, Weijiangling Cave, Luoba Cave, Xinlukou Cave, Shuilian Cave, It consists of caves such as Furong Cave, Cognac Cave and Sifang Cave. The size of the cave is huge, and the secondary physics-chemical deposits in the cave are diverse and rich. The various forms of dissolution of the caves, the spectacular collapse and accumulation, the stalactites that are invisible, the ponds in different situations at the present stage, the fall of the stalactites and Its destruction phenomenon and so on all record its vicissitudes of history evolution process, Professor Zhu Xuewen, a famous cave expert in China, commented that “from the perspective of scientific research and scientific popularization, Furong Cave can be called “a cave science museum.”

Wulong Karst Tourist Area

Born three times

It is a rare geological wonder ecological tourist area in the country, which is a typical karst landform. The scenic spot is famous for its three magnificent stone arch bridges, namely Tianlong Bridge, Qinglong Bridge and Heilong Bridge. It is the largest natural bridge group in Asia. Tiansheng Sanqiao is located at the junction of Baiguo Township and Walnut Township, 20 kilometers southeast of Wulong District. The three natural stone arch bridges created by nature have the characteristics of male, strange, dangerous, beautiful, quiet and absolutely.

Wulong Karst Tourist Area

Longshui Gorge

Wulong Ground Seating Scenic Area is located in the town of Xiannvshan Town, Wulong District, 15 kilometers away from the county. It is formed by the mountain-building movement tens of millions of years ago. It is a typical karst landform. The canyon is 5 kilometers long and the valley depth is 200-500 meters. Its Wulong ground seam consists of the entrance seam, the middle tunnel, and the export isthmus. . The cliffs on both sides of the canyon are thousands of miles, the rock walls are dangerous, the vegetation is dense, and the seams are extremely narrow.

Wulong Karst Tourist Area

Fairy Mountain

Fairy Mountain National Forest Park is a national AAAAA level scenic spot. It is located in Wulong District of Chongqing City, with a total area of 8910 hectares, with an average elevation of 1900 meters and a peak of 2033 meters. It is characterized by its attractive mountainous grasslands in the south of the Yangtze River and the rare forests and snowfields in the south. Known as the “Oriental Switzerland”, the beautiful and beautiful jungle wilderness landscape combines with the magical Furong Cave, the beautiful Furong River and the world’s largest natural geological wonders. It is the best tourist resort in Chongqing. The average temperature of Fairy Mountain is 15 degrees lower than that of Chongqing’s main city, which in turn enjoys the reputation of “Mountain City Summer Palace”.

Wulong Karst Tourist Area

Furong Cave

World Natural Heritage, National AAAAA-level tourist area, China’s most beautiful cave, National Geological Park, National Key Scenic Spot. With a total length of 2,700 meters, Furong Cave is famous for its numerous shafts, complete types of cave sediments, perfect shape and pure texture. Its shaft is the largest vertical well group discovered at home and abroad. Professor Zhu Xuewen, president of the China Cave Association, commented that “Furong Cave is a magnificent underground art palace, a rich cave science museum”, which tourists call “the first hole in the world”. On June 27, 2007, Furong Cave was included in the World Natural Heritage List along with Tiansheng Sanqiao and Houpingyukou Tiankeng Scenic Spot, becoming China’s sixth world natural heritage and Chongqing’s first world natural heritage. The only cave in the world’s natural heritage.

Wulong Karst Tourist Area

Receive honor

2004 National Geopark Bureau of Land and Resources
2006 AAAA Scenic Area National Tourism Administration
2007 World Natural Heritage UNESCO
2011 AAAAA Scenic Area National Tourism Administration
2013 China’s most beautiful forest tourism scenic spot State Forestry Bureau
2014 City Tourism Resort Tourism Bureau
2015 China’s top five new scenic spots China Academy of Social Sciences Tourism Research Center

Wulong Karst Tourist Area

Travel guide

Travel information

Self-driving: Chongqing – Xiaoxiang Expressway (G65) – Wulong (128km); Chongqing – Fuling (G50 Expressway) – Wulong (National Highway 319 / Wujiang Gallery) (188km).
Non-self-driving: Visitors can take a car to the Nanping 4km bus stop in Chongqing for 2 hours; or take the train to Chongqing Longtousi Railway Station for 2 and a half hours. From the county to the scenic spot, you can take a bus at Wulong Bus Station. (To the natural Sancha and Longshuixia grounds, you need to purchase the Fairy Mountain Town ticket, get off at the Tourist Reception Center, and take the transit bus to the scenic spot.)


Ticket price of Wulong Karst Tourist Area (Tiansheng Sanqiao) is 70 yuan/person, Wulong Karst Tourist Area (Fairy Mountain) ticket price is 50 yuan/person, Wulong Karst Tourist Area (Furong Cave) ticket price is 80 yuan/ people.

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