Wuhan Huangpi Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Area

Wuhan Huangpi Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Area

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Geographic location:Huangpi District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


Famous scenery:Mulan Mountain, Mulan Tianchi, Mulan Grassland

Opening hours:All day

Wuhan Huangqi Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Zone is located in Huangpi District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, including Mulan Mountain, Mulan Tianchi, Mulan Grassland, Mulan Yunwu Mountain, Jinligou, Mulangumen, Farming Years, Mulan Lake, Mulan Rose Garden, Magnolia Santai Mountain, Magnolia Sea Paradise, Magnolia Township, etc., covers an area of about 18.6 square kilometers.

Want to see the mountains, there are national geological parks, millennial religious sites Mulan Mountain; want to see the forest, here is the National Forest Park Mulan Tianchi with beautiful scenery and romantic landscapes; want to see the grassland, there is the only grassland wind situation in the middle of the Mulan grassland; Look at the flowers, Mulan Yunwu Mountain has 10,000 mu of rhododendrons, and Mulan Qingliangzhai Scenic Area has 100,000 wild cherry blossoms.

In November 2014, the Huanghua Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Zone in Wuhan, Hubei Province was officially approved as a national 5A tourist attraction.

Wuhan Huangpi Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Area


In November 2014, the Huanghua Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Zone in Wuhan, Hubei Province was officially approved as a national 5A tourist attraction. So far, following the Yellow Crane Tower and the East Lake Scenic Area, Wuhan has three 5A-level scenic spots, and the number is juxtaposed with Hangzhou and Xi’an, ranking first in the national sub-provincial cities.

Huang Yu created 5A, and he grinded a sword for 3 years. In 2011, Huangpi District decided to integrate the resources of the 4A-level scenic spots of the four Mulan series, and the group hit the national 5A. Among them, Mulan Mountain is state-owned, and the other three are private. To this end, Huang Wei set up a management company to implement unified planning, construction, protection, management and marketing. Four 4A scenic spots were packaged and declared, which opened the country first.

According to the person in charge of tourism in Huangpi District, the original four 4A-level scenic spots are scattered. If they are single, the resources are not attractive enough. “But if they are strung together, it is a complete Mulan series story.” In order to change 4A to 5A, Huangpi District upgraded Mulan Avenue and opened a 110-kilometer tourist ring connecting four scenic spots in the Huanghua Tourism Distribution Center. The original Mulan stories were separated from each other, from the visitor center to the airport and terminal. The train station is within 30 minutes.

On October 28, 2014, the National Tourism Administration conducted an on-site inspection and assessment of the establishment of a 5A-level tourist scenic spot in Huanghua Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Zone of Wuhan City. On December 7, 2014, Huanghua Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Zone in Wuhan was selected as one of the top ten resorts in 2014. On May 25th, 2015, Huanghua Mulan Tourist Area became the first batch of tourist price trustworthy scenic spots in China.

Wuhan Huanghua Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Zone is located in Huangpi District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, covering an area of 18.6 square kilometers.

In addition, Huanghua District has another national water conservancy scenic spot Mulan Lake, Chinese historical and cultural village Dayuwan, Wuhan No.1 drifting Tianzhaigou drifting, Ming and Qing Dynasty Ancient Architecture Museum, Hankou North Tourism Shopping Center, Wuhan Bailian Outlet Shopping A large number of different tourist attractions such as the square.

Wuhan Huangpi Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Area

Four scenic spots

Mulan Mountain

Mulan Mountain: Religious incense holy place – Xiling Shengjing

The Mulan Mountain is in the north of the Dabie Mountain, and the south is in the Jianghan Plain. It seems like the Xiaotian Lion is lying on the banks of the Lishui River. In ancient times, it was known as the “King of the South, the Emperor of the Emei, and the Guzhong of the Central Plains,” and the Ming Dynasty poet Tu Da called it “the most prosperous Xiling, the epic of the three Chu.” The “Huang Wei Shan Zhi” and “Xi Hu Zhi” which were built in the Qing Dynasty were all famous. Her peaks and peaks are rugged, and the mountain trails are rugged. There are geological wonders hundreds of millions of years ago, and the spirits of Buddhism and Taoism are overflowing. There are also historical records and legends of the generals of the Han Dynasty, and the innocents are the scenery of Xiling and the mountains of Jianghan.

Mulan Mountain, as an important symbol of Huanghua’s historical culture and external image, not only carries the accumulation of Huanghua’s rich history and culture for thousands of years, but also undertakes the historical task of developing the tourism industry and stimulating the economy of Huanghua. After nearly 30 years of development and construction. Mulan Mountain Scenic Area has become a multi-functional tourist attraction integrating religious, ecological, red, popular science and leisure with reasonable distribution and complete infrastructure.

Mulan Mountain, east of Mulan Lake, south of Mulanchuan, Xiqiao Lushui River, and North Pillow Dabie Mountain, with an elevation of 582.1 meters, is an important symbol of Huanghua’s historical culture and external image. Mulan Mountain is named after General Mulan! The girl Mulan, who lives in Qingshiling (now Mulan Mountain), is a man who wears a man’s clothing when she is 18 years old. She has been a father for 12 years, and she has repeatedly built a wonderful work, and was named General Feng Xiaolie. Later generations felt their loyalty, built their temples, set up temples, and planted squares, and successively built the Mulan Hall, the Generals, and the Mulan General.

Wuhan Huangpi Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Area

Mulan Tianchi

Mulan Tianchi: The Great Wall Canyon – Glen View Romantic Mountain Water

Mulan Tianchi Scenic Area is located in Changxuanling Street, north of Huangpi District, 45 kilometers away from Wuhan Tianhe Airport. The entire scenic area covers an area of 9000 acres, and the forest coverage rate is 98%. Mulan Tianchi is Mulan’s grandmother’s house and Mulan’s growing place, recreating the happy life of Mulan’s childhood.

Mulan Tianchi is an AAAAA scenic spot with an area of 13 square kilometers. It is mainly composed of three romantic theme parks: “Romantic Landscape”, “Gaoxia People” and “Forest Park”. It is a north-south trending forest with a forest and landscape of more than ten kilometers. It is a national forest park. Shili wild apricot flower, wild chrysanthemum, camellia, distributed in the canyon, the two sides of the Tianchi. Its main peak is 520.6 meters above sea level and belongs to the southern foot of Dabie Mountain. The annual average temperature of the scenic spot is between 15-22 °C, and the average temperature in July is 25.8 °C.

It’s not necessary to go to the mountains to play with water. There are places with mountains and waters. China’s Jiangnan is everywhere. It’s going to stand out among the many mountains and become the place where people’s hearts are remembered. Certainly, they need other Something to support, such as a long history of culture, convenient transportation, and meticulous rides.

Mulan Tianchi covers an area of 13 square kilometers. It is mainly connected by the three theme parks of “Romantic Landscape”, “Gaoxia People” and “Forest Park” into a forest and mountain canyon with a north-south trend and a length of more than 10 kilometers. Especially the Mulan Tianchi surrounded by mountains, the water is like a mirror, crystal clear. It is also the base for the protection and cultivation of the Three Gorges Endangered Plants. There are more than 10 national first- and second-class protected plants settled here.

Wuhan Huangpi Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Area

Mulan grassland

Mulan Grassland: Grass Long Horse Fertilizer – National Charm Prairie Style

Mulan Grassland is located in Wangjiahe Street, Huangpi District, Wuhan City. It is the only national AAAAA level grassland tourist scenic spot in Central China. The broad Mulan grassland is a place for magnolia horseback archery, military training, fresh air, green grass, blue sky and white clouds. Everywhere, there is a strong ethnic customs.

On the story of Mulan from the original magical legend, the story of General Mulan’s disguise as a man to replace his father’s army is a household name. According to legend, Mulan is a soldier in the army and is in the border with 12 people. When the triumphant return, a group of soldiers who admire him and follow her. Here. A large part of this group of soldiers are ethnic minorities from the grasslands. In order to enable them to live and work together, and to be with them for a long time, General Mulan decided to find a place to think about. After repeated discretion, General Mulan decided to transfer the land of the grasslands where the children were riding and archery to the soldiers. When the soldiers saw this grassy grassland, they fell in love with it. Since then, they have built their home here. And after the changes of the times, the grassland is picturesque, not the grassland is like the grassland. In order to commemorate the flower magnolia, people call it the Mulan grassland. It is also because of this legend that the Mulan grassland is more legendary, and the generals of Mulan are both loyal and filial. The influence of the feelings of the homeland on people has also expanded.

The Mulan Grassland covers an area of 7,000 acres and is mainly used in the southern grassland card. The main landscapes include grassland people, grassland ancient city, grassland bread, and thousands of acres of Gesang flowers. Walking into the Mulan grassland, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the grassland with the wind blowing grass and seeing cattle and sheep.

Wuhan Huangpi Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Area

Mulan Yunwu Mountain

Mulan Yunwu Mountain: Sitting on the “Shilihua Mountain” – Country Park Rhododendron Sea

Mulan Yunwu Mountain is adjacent to Wuhan’s largest country park and enjoys the reputation of “Xiling Resort, Chubei Famous Scene, Western Yunnan Barrier, and Handi Zushan”. Mulan Yunwu Mountain is the land of General Mulan, the grassland Mingzhi, the flower sea knows the heart, has the flower language mountain (azalea Huazhong a must), the fairy cave and the ancient city of the Dragon King Jianshizhai.

Mulan Yunwu Mountain has a beautiful scenery, and the morning and evening scenes are different. Whenever you look at the scenery, you can always have unexpected surprises and gains. Especially in the spring of March, I went to Mulan Yunwu Mountain to enjoy the game. The spring flowers, pear flowers and apricot flowers on the mountain were open to the public, especially in April. The rhododendrons of the Mulan Yunwu Mountain entered the flowering period. At this time, the Mulan Yunwu Mountain heard It is the whispering bird language, smelling the fragrance of flowers and plants, the mountains and the wild, wherever the eyes are, all the world of azaleas, the ocean of social flowers.

Mulan Yunwu Mountain is the only urban country park in Wuhan, with a square area of 25 square kilometers. The landform is strange and beautiful. It integrates peaks, valleys, valleys, rivers, ancient villages and ancient buildings. It is known as the “Hundreds of Mulan Ecotourism Area”. Jingyuan”. There are more than 1,000 kinds of trees and more than 600 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines in the scenic area. The exotic flowers and grasses alternate at four o’clock, and the forest coverage rate is over 95%. The rhododendrons that are in full bloom in April and May each year are red and white, and they are all over the mountains.

Wuhan Huangpi Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Area

Tourism Industry

The government leads and leads the scientific development of the tourism industry. Huangqi has a long history and profound culture. It has three cultural cards: “Panlong Yin Shang”, “Mulan Legend” and “Two Cheng Li Xue”. Relying on Mulan culture, integrating culture into tourism development, creating and promoting the “China Mulan Hometown, Four Seasons Leisure Huangqi” brand is the core concept of Huangpi Tourism. The main leaders of the district committees and district governments attach great importance to tourism development and personally grasp tourism, thus contributing to the leap-forward development of tourism. It is determined that the development pattern of tourism during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period is “one district, one city and one belt”: “one district”, namely the northern Mulan ecotourism zone; “one city”, namely Huangqi New Town; “one zone”, that is, the southern “three landscapes” Tourist and tourism belt (Taiwan Farmers Pioneer Park, Hankou North Market Group, Panlong City). In order to support the development of the tourism industry, Huangpi District has integrated nearly 1 billion yuan of funds for the development of tourism every year. In 2011, the district financed 4.6 million yuan to improve the road tourism logo of the whole district, invested 1.2 million yuan to start smart tourism, and took out 6 million yuan to ask the professional company to do the 5A scenic area upgrading plan. Signed a cooperation agreement with the provincial passenger group “Wuhan to Mulan Eight Scenic Tourism Express Train”. Around the theme of “China Mulan Hometown, Four Seasons Leisure Huangqi”, Huang Wei has held 13th China Wuhan Mulan Tourism Culture Festival, 4th China Wuhan Mulan Mountain Mountaineering Festival and 4th Wuhan Mulan Rhododendron Festival. The district government and enterprises have jointly invested nearly 10 million yuan each year to publish publicity and marketing materials in the mainstream newspapers, magazines, televisions and networks of the provinces and cities to promote the docking of supply and demand, enhance the popularity and reputation of Huangqi tourism, and guide the healthy development of tourism.

Wuhan Huangpi Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Area

The protagonist of the enterprise will drive the development of the tourism industry.

In recent years, the good growth of tourism in Huanghua has attracted a large number of private entrepreneurs who have completed the “primitive accumulation”. The total number of entrepreneurs who have returned to Huanghua has reached 25,000, and the number of people investing more than 500,000 yuan has reached 1,550. The establishment of nearly 100 tourism enterprises has become an important force driving the development of the tourism industry. In Huanghua, the scenic spot develops and implements the linkage system of “developing owners + village groups + farmers + administrative organizations”. The big boss is responsible for the construction of the scenic spot, and the local village group + farmers give full support and cooperation. The administrative organizations at all levels are responsible for solving problems and environmental innovation, and forming a community of interests of “joining shares, connecting hearts and connecting interests”. The development strategy of “Scenic District with Villages” successfully brought the construction of scenic spots to the market, and introduced 12 enterprises involved in the development of tourism industry, with a total investment of several billion yuan, and built the largest urban ecological scenic spot in Central China.

Wuhan Huangpi Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Area

The main body of farmers, the development of tourism industry and joint development.

The peasants are the masters of the earth. Huang Wei firmly believes that the rich mountain water resources and agricultural resources have become the new advantages of developing the tourism industry. Farmers are the main body. While actively organizing farmers to rely on their own landscape, arable land, construction, manpower, capital, etc., and tailoring different types of leisure farms or “farmhouses” of different scales and different scales, Huang Wei earnestly implements the “Farming House” entrepreneurial support fund and urges Standard file upgrade. And actively guide farmers to participate in the catering, accommodation, tourism and other ancillary services in the scenic spot, so that many farmers have become the boss of the hotel industry, restaurant industry, transportation industry, agricultural and sideline products management industry, so that more farmers participate Tourism scenic spots, tourism professional villages, and tourist towns are under construction. Through publicity and education, farmers will be consciously protected from the ecological characteristics and environmental awareness of scenic spots, and support investors to set up a large-scale tourism industry, which has brought about fundamental changes in farmers’ production and lifestyle.

Wuhan Huangpi Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Area

Industry director to guide the healthy development of the tourism industry.

Huang Wei attaches great importance to the overall development of the tourism industry, and guides farmers to develop and construct rural tourism products in accordance with the tourism development plan, forming a development pattern of “one village, one product” and “one household and one special”. On the other hand, the relevant departments will strengthen the industry norms, regularly inspect the food, housing, travel, tourism, purchase and entertainment of the whole region, strengthen the standardized management of the business behavior of the “farmhouse” operators, and actively foster development. The “farmhouse” industry association regulates competitive behavior and promotes the sound development of “farmhouse” leisure tourism. Carry out training for farmers in the industry, focusing on culinary technology, catering and accommodation services, reception etiquette and other business knowledge training, and strive to cultivate the scenic spots and “farmhouse” practitioners into a new type with modern management concepts, good management, mastery of service skills and marketing knowledge. Rural practical talents.

Wuhan Huangpi Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Area

History and culture

Mulan Hometown

The hometown of Mulan is in Huangpi District, Wuhan. The Huangpu North Pillow is located in the Dabie Mountains, and the Nanhao Haohao Yangtze River has a land area of 2,261 square kilometers and a population of 1.13 million. It is the newest city with the largest layout, the most populous population and the best ecological environment in Wuhan. There are nearly 1,000 square kilometers of urban back garden – Mulan Eco-Cultural Tourist Area, the highest mountain in Wuhan, the cleanest lake, the largest forest park, the most diverse species of flora and fauna, quiet, strange, dangerous, show In one. Mulan’s hometown – Huang Wei, is known as the most beautiful ecological and cultural leisure capital in the central part.

The report of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out: “Building an ecological civilization is a long-term plan that affects the people’s well-being and the future of the nation.” Calls on the comrades of the whole party to put ecological civilization construction in a prominent position, strive to build a beautiful China, and realize the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. . Huangpi District of Wuhan City vigorously develops the tourism industry, actively promotes the construction of ecological civilization and builds beautiful Huanghua.

Wuhan Huangpi Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Area

Dynamic magnolia

Promote tourism standardization and comprehensively improve the tourism system. Actively promote the establishment of the national tourism standardization demonstration zone, and earnestly grasp the construction of smart tourism. Improve the product system: develop a single magnolia eco-product into a series of products, creating human magnolia, leisure magnolia, four seasons magnolia, no night magnolia, entertainment magnolia and dynamic magnolia. Improve the service management system: In accordance with the requirements of national tourism destinations, we will focus on improving and perfecting the tourism service functions from the four aspects of tourism distribution service function, tour guide service function, tourism service function and tourism shopping service function. Improve the infrastructure supporting construction system: First, according to the secondary road standard, comprehensively carry out the transformation and upgrading of the main tourist road leading to the various scenic spots in the Mulan Eco-tourism Area, creating a scenic spot of 15 minutes, and “15+2” of the 2-hour Unicom Huanghua Scenic Spot. The second is to select a number of cultural concepts with expressiveness and representativeness from Mulan Ci, and build them according to urban sculptures to form a distinctive tourism culture landscape avenue on each side of the Mulan Avenue; In accordance with the unified antique construction style, the facades of the villages and towns on both sides of the Mulan eco-tourism area and the tourist passages shall be reconstructed; the fourth is to gradually bury the wires affecting the vision on both sides of the tourist scenic spots and the tourist transit areas or other means. The fifth is to completely eliminate the communication blind zone in the tourist area.

Wuhan Huangpi Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Area

Promote regional social economy, accelerate farmers’ income and get rich

The development of the scale of leisure agriculture in the northern Mulan eco-tourism area is 100,000 mu, expanding the construction of Mulan Tea Garden, Mulan Garden, Mulan Orchard, Mulan Liyuan, Mulan Bamboo Garden and Mulan Grassland to form Mulan series sightseeing and leisure agricultural park to create ornamental, picking and experiencing. Concentration area.

Wuhan Huangpi Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Area

Travel guide

Attractions information

Scenic opening hours: 7:00-18:00

Traffic routes

Hankou Railway Station can take the bus 292 to the Huanghua Tourism Distribution Center and transfer to the coach.
Take the rail transit line 1 to Hankou North Station and take the Huangpu Bus 3 to the Huanghua Tourist Center to transfer to the special bus.
Hankou Xinhua Road and Zhuyeshan can be directly connected by bus;
Wuhan Port takes a day trip to the suburbs.
Self-driving tour: From Wuhuang Expressway, Hanyi Expressway, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway to Wuhan Outer Ring Road to Huanghuan; From Zhuyeshan Shangyuhuang Expressway to Huanghua Qianchuan, take the Loess 1st Highway, cross the Changxuanling to Shijiasong left turn Then go for six kilometers. Alternatively, you can choose a tour bus: 6:50 Luxiang Square diagonally opposite the Chutianyu Hotel entrance 7:00 Qunguang Square directly opposite the entrance of Wuhan University 7:15 Xiaodongmen Guangxii Building entrance 7:30 Hubei University Zhengda Gate 7:50 At the entrance of Guobin Hotel, 8:10 Hankou Golden Shield Hotel.

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