Weihai Huaxia City

Weihai Huaxia City

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Geographic location:No. 1 Huaxia Road, Lushan Sub-district Office, Huancui District, Weihai City, Shandong Province


Famous scenery:Huaxia First Archway, Summer Garden, Yongwang Palace, Sanshui Guanyin, Weihai Shenyou Ocean World

Suitable for the play season:Suitable for all year round

Weihai Huaxiacheng Scenic Area is affiliated to Huaxia Culture and Tourism Group Co., Ltd., located in the beautiful seaside resort city of Weihai. It is a large-scale ecological and cultural scenic spot featuring oriental classical culture. On February 25, 2017, Weihai Huaxia City Scenic Spot in Weihai City, Shandong Province was promoted to the national AAAAA level tourist attraction.

Weihai Huaxiacheng Scenic Spot, the first eco-environmental protection city in China, is an important achievement of Huaxia Wenlv Group’s 44 mines in Weihai Longshan after more than 10 years from the beginning of 2003. It combines environmental governance with tourism development, and has experienced “Yugong Yishan” and “ The phoenix nirvana is hard and arduous. The scenic spots that are now built on various quarries have their own characteristics. They have the most comprehensive display of the history and culture of the Sui Dynasty, the Xiayuan, which focuses on the folk customs of Jiaodong; and the underground works built in the pits – Weihai People’s Air Defense Education The pavilion is covered with greenery and is visited by tourists under the pit. There are the largest Chinese first archway in China, which is built according to the pit landscape, the world’s unique three-sided holy water Guanyin, and a variety of traditional performances such as acrobatics and equestrian. Among them, the real-life performances that will be run in the pits – “The Legend of the Gods” show creates a real-life performance with a combination of natural and human landscapes. The audience can enjoy the full range of water, land and air in the mobile stand that can run. Wonderful performing arts across time and space.

The scenic spot has been selected as one of the “Top Ten Potential Parks in China” and won the “Best Campus Award in China’s Creative Industry”. It was awarded the first batch of Shandong Cultural Industry Demonstration Park by the Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and was rated as a national cultural industry. Demonstration base, national demonstration base for recreational fisheries.

Weihai Huaxia City

Main Attractions

Huaxia First Archway

Huaxia’s first archway is an imitation of the Ming Dynasty archway building. It is a five-poster archway. The entire archway spans 86 meters and is 21 meters high. It is the largest archway in China. The archway towers are towering and towering, and the momentum is magnificent; the statues are close to the statues and the bridges are magnificent. There are three couplets in the title. In order: China’s five thousand years of self-improvement, Shenzhou 90,000 miles of virtues; dragons and dragons dance the universe, the spirit of the people with the Spring and Autumn; Taiping Yu Jin embroidery, Sheng Shijing romantic.

Weihai Huaxia City

Summer garden

Summer Garden ingeniously absorbs the essence of ancient buildings in the north and south, contains rich oriental classical architectural beauty, and blends with modern and fashionable design elements. The entire summer garden is divided into two parts: the water landscape and the Jiaodong folk culture exhibition area.

The water landscape is the Huaxia City Scenic Area, while making full use of the low-lying water storage and landscaping, creatively combining the land buildings with the water body, so there is no water style that is not like Jiangnan.

Jiaodong Folk Culture Exhibition Area is one of the most characteristic scenic spots in Huaxia City Scenic Spot. The exhibition area uses the life of Xia Yuanji, the ancestor of Weihai Xia, and the life of Xia Si, the ancestor of Weihai, to use the wax figure, lighting, sound and physical expression to bring the people of Jiaodong to the people. The daily life and the changes in the history of Jiaodong are vividly and interestingly displayed. The life scenes such as marriage, sacrifice, and threshing are all the local folk customs of Jiaodong, reappearing the hard work and wisdom of the working people of Jiaodong.

Weihai Huaxia City

Shengshui Guanyin Large Musical Fountain Square

The only large-scale dynamic landscape in China that is sanctified in three sides of Guanyin is composed of Guanyin main body, lotus petals and the four dragon kings. With the melodious Sanskrit, the mist is filled, and the lotus petals slowly bloom in the magnificent Buddhist music. The three-faced Guanyin slowly rises from the petals, and the fountain changes with the rhythm of the music to form various water types, which are integrated into the modern high-tech lifting. The rotating technology combines sculpture, fountain, lotus opening and the dynamic landscape of Guanyin, and uses high technology to show the mystery of ancient Buddhist culture.

The three-sided Guanyin of Xiansheng is composed of Ruyi Guanyin, Linyin Guanyin and Yangliuzhi Guanyin. The construction of Guanyin is costly. It lasted for three years and was carefully cast from pure copper. The Guanyin Tuas mascot is compassionate.

Weihai Huaxia City

Taiping Temple

According to the “Huihai Local History”, the Taiping Temple was built in the Chang’an period of the Tang Dynasty in about 703 AD. It is said that a monk with the name of Hongzhi was built by the Princess of Taiping, and it has been flourishing for thousands of years. According to the wild history, the Taiping Princess Dongyou had passed through Longshan and invested in the expansion of the temple. The scale of the temple production reached its peak, and the incense was also more vigorous. It was well-known to the Yantai area. Hou Hongzhi built a school on the east side of the temple. Named “Tai Ping School”, the impact is quite large. After the founding of New China, the temple production was nationalized. During the Qing Dynasty, the temple was demolished and a sericulture field and a quarry were set up. More than 20 pieces of remains have been left. In order to preserve the historical and cultural relics, Weihai Huaxia City repaired the temple in the original site in 2008. On April 18, 2012, the restoration of the temple was completed, and the elders of Mingzhe took the ceremony to complete the temple.

Weihai Huaxia City

Large-scale landscape real performance – “God Tour China”

The world’s first 360-degree landscape performance – “God Tour China” is the soul of Huaxia City Scenic Area. It was jointly created by the Shandong Provincial Tourism Bureau and the Weihai Municipal People’s Government. Weihai Huaxiacheng Tourism Group and the famous Chinese director Zhao Anpo Create an outdoor real-life tour of the normal performance. The performance has passed through the seven chapters of “Opening the Earth”, “Tracing the Origins of the ancestors”, “Harmony between Heaven and Earth”, “Xiaju Taoyuan”, “Kyushu Style”, “The Legend of the Dragon”, “The Taiping Shengshi” and the stage transformation of seven Zhenshan Zhenshui. A profound and profound Chinese civilization. After the smashing of the day, the temperament of the smashing of the moon, the beauty of the moon, the majesty of the torrential volcanic eruption, the blue waves of the paradise, the small bridges, the grand atmosphere of the dragon, the front of the Taiping Temple The prosperous world is prosperous, and the scenes of the real scene are vastly opened. The audience can enjoy the wonderful performances of water, land and air across 360 degrees.

Weihai Huaxia City

Royal palace

The Royal Palace is a key project of the East China Cultural District invested by Weihai Huaxiacheng Tourism Group with an investment of 230 million yuan. The project has a construction area of about 5,000 square meters, which mainly displays the history and culture of the ancestor of the Chinese civilization.

Weihai Huaxia City

Entering the Future War Museum

Entering the Future War Museum is a civil defense technology experience museum. It uses the steep slope of the mountain to create an underground civil defense hall without damaging the mountain environment. It covers an area of 4,000 square meters. Through 4D cinema, picture simulation, sound and optoelectronics and other technologies, you will have the opportunity to participate and experience interactively. Feel free to feel the helplessness, smallness and human beings resisting nature and resisting invasion. .

Weihai Huaxia City

Shenyou Marine Culture Center

Shenyou Marine Culture Center is a modern large-scale marine ecological museum that integrates marine sightseeing tourism with popular science education. Shenyou Marine Culture Center is located on the north side of Weihai Huaxiacheng Scenic Spot. It is a marine culture project invested by Weihai Huaxiacheng Tourism Group with a planned investment of 500 million yuan. It blends with the natural beauty of the mountains and rivers to form the wonders of the sea in the mountains. The aquarium covers an area of ​​23,000 square meters. It includes nine themes in the rainforest secrets, the fish world, the sea and the sea, the deep sea exploration, the coral sea, the polar scenery, the colorful jellyfish, the fantasy underwater show, and the Happy Ocean Theater. In the fish viewing area, you can enjoy more than 4,000 kinds of treasured marine life from all over the world, and walk through a long round transparent tunnel, so that visitors can feel the ocean. In the rainforest, you can enjoy wonderful tropical coral reef fish. The most interesting is the mammal performance area, and the trained marine elves will bring visitors a variety of programs. The most amazing and most dreamy is the Shenyou Ocean Culture Experience Zone. High-tech means to create a different marine experience for tourists.

Weihai Huaxia City

Happy China

Feel the charm of China between the mountains and rivers, and build a happy paradise on the city. Happy Huaxia is the largest amusement park in Weihai. It is the preferred destination for citizens’ holiday travel. There are dozens of children’s play facilities and adult rides: big pendulum, jumping machine, rapid windmill, rapids, pedal boat. , Shark Island, bumper cars, turn cups, samba balloons… regardless of age, interest, you can find your excitement and happiness in “Happy China”!

Weihai Huaxia City

Cultural valley

Culture is inspiring and vital. Its charm lies in its persistence and inheritance. It is the dignity and the most heavy bearing that human beings need. It is the blood and soul of a nation, and it is the life flowing in the blood. And the way of behavior.

In the Huaxia Group, a noble quality of life, in addition to a comfortable environment and humanized management, the cultural elements that are compatible with it are also indispensable. In order to increase the cultural atmosphere of the scenic spot, Huaxia Group invested in the Cultural Valley Project between Xiayuan and Shenyou Huaxia Performing Arts Theater. As a cultural exhibition area, it is mainly engraved with Chinese ancient and modern celebrity words. In the middle of it, famous people, or a book, or a cursive script, or a stack of books, or a stack of books, walk through the clouds and enjoy the profoundness of Chinese culture.

Weihai Huaxia City

Geographic location

Jinan, Zibo direction: Jiqing Expressway → Yulai Expressway → Tongsan Expressway → Yanwei Expressway to Shuangdao Expressway Toll Station → Shichang Avenue → Qingdao Road → Huaxia Road → Huaxia City (about 20 minutes after the toll station)

Yantai direction: Yanwei Expressway to Shuangdao Expressway Toll Station→Shichang Avenue→Qingdao Road→Huaxia Road→Huaxia City (about 20 minutes after the toll station)

Directions to Qingdao: Qingwei Expressway → Weihai Toll Station → Urban Direction to Qingdao Road → Huaxia Road → Huaxia City (about 10 minutes after the toll station)

Weihai Huaxia City is only 1 minute drive from Weihai Bus Station, Railway Station and Light Rail Terminal. It is only 2 minutes drive to the Gold Coast and only 30 minutes drive to Weihai International Airport. There are also many buses directly to the scenic spot and social facilities. Perfect, the future development prospects are broad.

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