Tiger Beach Ocean Park

Tiger Beach Ocean Park

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Geographic location:No. 9 Binhai Middle Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province


Famous scenery:Coral Hall

Suitable for the play season:Annual

Located on the southern coast of Dalian in Liaoning Province, Tiger Beach Ocean Park is the largest scenic spot in the southern part of the city. Covering an area of 1.18 million square meters and a coastline of over 4,000 meters, it is the largest modern seaside playground in China.

The park has beautiful natural scenery, mountains and seas, and beautiful scenery. The park is equipped with the Polar Ocean Animal Museum, the Sea Animal Museum, which is the “Enriched Polar World, Shows Ocean Wonders”, as well as the largest coral museum in China and the iconic tiger sculpture. You can enjoy the cross-sea aerial ropeway and sea yacht. The scenery of the sea and the whole picture of Tiger Beach Paradise. The bird language forest outside the park and the 4D cinema also provide visitors with a new entertainment experience.

Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park is a beautiful scenery of Bincheng. It receives more than 2 million tourists from home and abroad every year. It was first criticized by the National Tourism Administration as an AAAAA-level scenic spot and has been upgraded to the first batch of 5A-level scenic spots in the country. It is a well-known brand of Chinese tourism and has passed the certification of two management systems: ISO9001 and ISO14001. Tiger Beach Ocean Park is a modern theme park that displays marine culture, highlights the characteristics of the city, and integrates sightseeing, entertainment, science, shopping and culture.

Tiger Beach Ocean Park

Practical information

Ticket information

Adult ticket: 210 yuan / person, including Polar Aquarium, Coral Hall, Sea Animal Museum, Bird Language Forest, Joy Theater.
Special ticket types: Children under 1.3 meters free of charge; elderly people over 65 years old please use the ID card to directly purchase the old ticket (105 yuan) at the entrance of the scenic spot.

Weather climate

Dalian, a world-famous summer resort, belongs to the north temperate monsoon continental climate and is the warmest place in the Northeast. The annual average temperature is about 10 °C, of which the hottest in August, the average temperature is 24 °C, and the maximum daily temperature exceeds 30 °C is only 10 to 12 days. The coldest month in January, the average temperature is -5 °C, and the extreme minimum temperature can reach -21 °C. 60%-70% of precipitation is concentrated in summer, heavy rains, and night rains more than rain.

Tiger Beach Ocean Park


Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park is located in the middle of the famous southern scenic spot of Dalian, including the North Bridge, Xiuyue Mountain, Banla Mountain, Lingjiao Bay and Hutan Bay. It covers an area of 1.18 million square meters and has more than 4,000 meters. The twists and turns of the coastline.

Here, the blue sky and the blue sea, the green hills and the beautiful scenery make you a beautiful seaside scenery. Tiger Beach Ocean Park has become a beautiful scenery in Ben Thanh. Attractions such as the Polar Pavilion, Coral Pavilion, Tiger Carving Square, Underwater World, Bird Language Forest, and Ma Ronggen Art Gallery attract thousands of tourists; maritime tourism boats, cross-sea aerial ropeways and various amusement facilities I am happy to return; the peacock’s southeast flight, sea lion show, mermaid show “Tiger Beach Three Musts” and other unique styles are even more impressive.

Tiger Beach Ocean Park

Main Attractions

Coral Hall

Asia’s largest marine museum, the Coral Reef, which displays coral reefs, displays more than 200 species of coral reefs and more than 3,000 species. Through the modern high-tech means such as sound, light and video, it perfectly restores the magic and beauty of the underwater world. The submarine laboratory area has vortex fish, electronic photo albums, periscope, electron microscope, vacuum sink, underwater concerts and other tourist participation projects, so that you can learn the marine expertise without knowing it and feel the mystery of the sea world. Test and appreciate the wonders of modern high-tech display methods. In the performance venue, there are also wonderful water ballet, mermaid performances, underwater dream weddings and other performances. Visitors can also wear diving suits and fish to swim and experience the fun of diving.

Tiger Beach Ocean Park

Bird language forest

Located in Hutan Bay, the Bird Language Forest covers an area of 18,000 square meters and is the largest artificial bird cage in China. It is centered on a 43-meter-high column, and 18 fixed points are determined according to the mountain. A huge gray polyethylene net is supported, and the cage shape is imposing, covering half of the valley and allowing people to enter. Among them, immediately into the embrace of nature. More than 80 species of birds such as peacocks, red-crowned cranes and white swan living here, more than 2,000 rare birds are lively and lovely, and leisurely. In 1995, Bird Language Forest put the popular ancient poem “Peacock Flying Southeast” into reality, and became an attractive landscape of the Tiger Tree Ocean Park Bird Language Forest.

Tiger Beach Ocean Park

Happy theater

The marine animal performance theater covers an area of more than 2,000 square meters and can accommodate 1200 people to watch the performance at the same time. It is the only venue in China that integrates the story into the marine animal performance. The blue fish scaled design has laid the subject of the sea here. It is like a ship that has been hit by the sea breeze and stranded on the interior layout of the beach, making it even more mysterious.

The drama slowly opened, not the domestication of the show, but the animal performance star sea lions and walrus here. With beautiful music, use your own unique body language to tell you a romantic fairy tale story that happened here. Occasionally, the clever otter will also appear as a funny clown. With the command and command of the trainers, their performances are more realistic and natural, as if the fairy tale world in dreams really exists.

Tiger Beach Ocean Park

4D Cinema

Dalian Tiger Beach Ocean Park Siwei Cinema was established in October 2001 and was rated as one of “Top Ten Tourism Boutiques in Dalian” and “Top 50 Tourism in Dalian” by Dalian Tourism Bureau. With 150 seats in the theater, it is currently the largest special movie theater in Asia.

Dalian Tiger Beach 4D Cinema uses the most advanced technology to interpret 4D video from all aspects of vision, hearing, touch and smell.

Tiger Beach Ocean Park

Polar pavilion

The Polar Pavilion is located in the scenic Tiger Beach Scenic Area of Dalian with a building area of 35,190.24m2, covering an area of 14,000m2 and an annual tourist volume of 1.5 million. The main body has three layers and is partially four layers. After the museum was built, it was divided into six parts.

Part 1 is a polar animal show. It mainly displays marine animals in the Antarctic and Arctic. People can see rare polar animals such as beluga whales, walruses, northern sea lions, fur seals, sea otters, polar bears, diving birds, and penguins in the simulated polar environment. The second part is the science education area. Here you can find all kinds of scientific knowledge about polar, ocean and animals. In the upcoming Polar Museum, the South and Arctic inspection items, scientific research photos, the flag of the Chinese Antarctic expedition team, the flag, the clothes used by the expedition team members, the sleds, etc., as well as the husky, the Arctic, will be displayed. Specimens of polar animals such as wolves, as well as the use of various high-tech means to popularize the knowledge of polar science. Part 3 is the mysterious underwater world. Here you will find a variety of sharks and a variety of fish such as whale sharks, nurse sharks, whitetip sharks, and blacktip sharks. There is a 360-degree water passage and a water viewing hall. The largest piece of glass on the east side of the underwater world is 8 meters high, 6 meters wide and 45 centimeters thick. It is a must in the world. In the marine life viewing area, you can see various precious marine life such as high-footed crab, yehailong, jellyfish, seahorse, nautilus, squid, grouper, and various mites. The touch pool can also feel the feeling of touching the sea creature by hand. Part 4 is the marine animal show. Here, large marine mammals such as beluga whales and dolphins will perform wonderfully. In addition, the Polar Pavilion also has a service function area for tourists. In addition to watching, you can also eat Dalian seafood, blow the sea breeze of Dalian, and purchase some special tourism products.

Tiger Beach Ocean Park

Sea animal museum

The Sea Animal Museum is a venue that mainly displays marine beasts. Here you can watch sea lions, sea dogs, seals and other marine beasts from three different angles. You can also buy small fish to feed seals yourself. Bird language forest is one of the largest semi-natural state artificial bird cages in China. It is centered on a 43-meter-high column, and 18 apex is determined according to the mountain potential. A gray polyethylene net is supported. There are more than 80 species of birds, including blue, white peacock, red-crowned crane, parrot, lark, thrush, egret, and more than 2,000. With the pebbles or bluestone slabs paved with mountains and creeks, the little birds play and play! The “Peacock Flying Southeast” performance in the bird language forest is the first program in the country. It has taken a big step forward in the protection and domestication of wild animals. A blue peacock and white peacock are in the peacock gliding tower from the middle of the mountain. They glided down to the southeast and successively flew down the lawn under the mountain, leaning forward and looking forward, showing the color feathers in a dagger, making the tourists dizzying.

Tiger Beach Ocean Park

Pirate village

The cartoons of pirates and pirate scenes are packed for all buildings, amusement facilities, leisure venues and landscapes. The pirate ship in the first phase of the project is the only pirate ship in the country that is erected on the sea level of the bay. Its fulcrum is 13.5 meters high and the maximum swing angle is 120 degrees. Each boat can take 40 passengers, making people feel the thrill and excitement of the pirate ship swinging and weightlessness at sea.

Tiger Beach Ocean Park

Ma Ronggen Art

On the east hill of Hutan, there is an ancient and elegant pavilion between the evergreen pines and the shrubs of the summer and autumn. It is the Ma Ronggen Art Exhibition Hall.

Mr. Ma Wei, the pseudonym “Three Horses”, was the predecessor of the China Root Carving Art Society. He is a famous root carving master in China, a national first-class artist and a senior craft artist. In 1991 and 1999, Mr. Ma Lao donated two million yuan of root art products he had created for 30 years to the people of Dalian City, and displayed them at Baihu Pavilion in Hutan Paradise. Baihu Pavilion was also converted into the Majigen Art Exhibition Hall. There are more than 100 pieces of root art products such as the gods and tigers going to the map, peacocks, eagle, and bird maps. They are hailed as the treasures of oriental art that are “degraded and magical”.

In front of the pavilion, the logo of the Chinese Root Art Association, the Ma Ma Gen Art “Makong Yubei” imitation root art sculpture was established.

Tiger Beach Ocean Park

Food introduction

Most of Dalian people are descendants of Shandong people. Therefore, Dalian cuisine also belongs to Lu cuisine. It takes seafood as the main raw material and has a long history of both Chinese and foreign, forming its own unique style. Dalian’s famous dishes include “Red Roasted Whole Shrimp”, “Steamed Porcelain Alabaster”, “Tongtian Sea Cucumber”, “Eight Immortals (Fresh) Crossing the Sea”, “Pearl Sea Urchin”, “Steamed Scallop”, “Steamed Jiaji Fish” “Colorful Snowflake Scallop”, “Lantern Sea Cucumber”, “Colorful Butterfly Shrimp”, “Squid Dragon Snail”, “Group of Ducks Holding Sea Cucumber”, “Conch Prawn”, “Original Shell Abalone”, etc.

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