Tianshan Grand Canyon

Tianshan Grand Canyon

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Geographic location:Banfanggou Township, Urumqi County, Xinjiang


Opening hours: 9:00-19:00

Suitable for the play season:Recommended summer

The Tianshan Grand Canyon is also known as the Grand Canyon of Kyria. Located in Urumqi County, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, 48 kilometers away from the urban area. The planned area of the scenic spot is 1038 square kilometers, surrounded by mountains on three sides, with an average elevation of 2020 meters and an annual average temperature of 4-6 °C. It is the most complete and most ornamental value of the original snow-ridged spruce forest on the northern slope of the Tianshan Mountains.

The main scenic spots of Tianshan Grand Canyon include Tianshanba Recreation Area, Zhaobishan Holiday Recreation Area, Jiasdayu Tourist Area, Swan Lake Natural Scenic Area, Niuzhang Lake Linhai Songtao Tourist Area, Kazakh Ethnic Customs Park, Alpine Grassland Ecological Area, and Snow Mountain Glacier. The sightseeing area, the two lakes, the three waterfalls, the four creeks and the eighteen valleys vie for each other, especially the “Qi Song, the rock, the sea of clouds”, which are favored by tourists, leaving “the return of the Five Sacred Mountains does not look at the mountains, the Grand Canyon returns to Chang Yi Valley” The “Bali Golden Tourism Corridor, a leisure and holiday outdoor paradise” is praised. The Tianshan Grand Canyon encompasses all the natural landscapes of Xinjiang except the desert. It is a living museum of nomadic culture before the human farming civilization. It has a very high tourism appreciation and scientific investigation. And historical and cultural values.

Tianshan Grand Canyon, National AAAAA Level Scenic Area, National Forest Park, National Sports and Leisure Base, Autonomous Region National Fitness Development Training Base, Autonomous Region Hiking Sports Base, Autonomous Region National Fitness Mountaineering Training Base.

On December 19, 2013, the Tianshan Grand Canyon was awarded the title of “National AAAAA Grade Scenic Spot”; on April 13, 2018, it was shortlisted for “Magic Northwest 100 Scenery”.

Tianshan Grand Canyon

Historical evolution

In the middle of the Tang Dynasty (8th century AD), the Ai Cave was built (by relevant experts), sitting north facing south, the cave door is 37° east, 4.6 meters long from north to south, 3.5 meters wide and 16 square meters.
During the Tang Dynasty (8th century AD), the ruins of the Thousand Buddha Caves of the murals of Danqing were discovered.
In the autumn of 1999, a local cave was discovered by a local Uyghur youth. Because it is under the jurisdiction of Aixiang Township in Kuche County, it is now named Aai Cave.
In 1999, the Tianshan Grand Canyon was discovered.

Tianshan Grand Canyon

Geographic location

Location horizon

Tianshan Grand Canyon is located in the southern suburb of Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The geographical coordinates are 42°8′ north latitude and 83°5′ east longitude. Nanfang Banfanggou Township is about 40 kilometers away from Urumqi City, with an average elevation of 2,000 meters. It spans the Banfanggou Township, Toli Township and Shuixigou Town of Urumqi County, and covers most of the Zhaobishan National Forest Park. The scenic area starts from the forest management station of Banfanggou Township in the north, to the border of Toksun County in the south, to the 216 National Road in Urumqi County and 103 Provincial Highway in the west. The longest section of the entire scenic area is about 49 kilometers, and the longest section of the east and west is about 42.5 kilometers.

Tianshan Grand Canyon


The Tianshan Grand Canyon is located on the northern slope of the middle section of the Tianshan Mountains, between Bogda Peak and Tiangeer Peak, in the middle of the Tianshan Mountains, the Kalawu Chengshan Gorge, Banfanggou Township, Dengcaogou, the southern margin of the Junggar Basin, and the topography of the mountain and the inter-mountain basin. Yes, the mountains are towering, the ups and downs are variable, and the canyon topography is generally high in the south and low in the north, from south to north and from southwest to northeast; its planned scale is 1038 square kilometers. Relying on the construction of Zhaobishan National Forest Park and Zhaobi Mountain Scenic Area, it is a new scenic group of Nanshan Ranch in the famous scenic spot. The Tianshan Grand Canyon scenic area is in the upper part of the alluvial fan on the northern slope of the Tianshan Mountains. The stratum is the Quaternary loose deposits. The sand layer is about 1m and contains a small amount of gravel. The surface vegetation type is desert grassland (plantable crops). The water resources in the area are good. There are several mountain rivers in the scenic area, flowing between the two mountains, forming a rare forest grand canyon.

Tianshan Grand Canyon

Natural resources

Plant resources

The Tianshan Grand Canyon scenic area is rich in plant resources. There are the most complete and most ornamental value of the original snow-covered spruce forest on the northern slope of the Tianshan Mountains. There are 1123 species of wild plants. The Tianshan Grand Canyon has obvious vertical zones of plants, from low to high. It is a shrub belt, a forest shrub belt, a subalpine forest steppe belt, a subalpine meadow belt, and an alpine gravel meadow belt. There are more than 100 species of wild plants, which is called the plant kingdom of Xinjiang. Among them, Xinjiang snow lotus, alpine Rhodiola and alpine thick celery have significant medicinal effects. Edible mushrooms such as grass mushroom, pine mushroom and velvet mushroom have rich nutritional value and are good resources for the development of tourism commodities and health tourism products.

There are many types of undergrowth vegetation in the Tianshan Grand Canyon. There are only a variety of herbs: Fritillaria, Rhubarb, and Codonopsis. Edible fungi include: grass mushrooms, pine mushrooms, etc.

Tianshan Grand Canyon

Animal resources

The Tianshan Grand Canyon scenic area is rich in animal resources, including 32 species of mammals, 144 species of birds, and 181 species of vertebrates. Among them, snow leopards, marmots, wolves, bears and other rare animals, hawks, eagle and other Kazakh domesticated raptors, in the swan There are a large number of wild animals inhabiting lakes, stone ditch and other places.

Tianshan Grand Canyon

Water resources

The surface water in this planning area belongs to the Tieshan River in the Urumqi River system. The river water supply mainly comes from the atmospheric precipitation, glacial melt water and snow melt water in the Tianshan Mountains. The Tianshan Grand Canyon scenic area is rich in water resources. Due to the rational use of artificial damming means, the surface water system of the Gaoxia Lianhu Lake has been formed. The water body has beautiful landscape, clear water quality and good landscape value. It is a high-quality tourism for sightseeing, entertainment and leisure. Resources.

Tianshan Grand Canyon

Main Attractions


Tianshan Grand Canyon has eight unique attractions, namely Tianshanba Recreation Area, Zhaobishan Holiday Recreation Area, Gastatun Tourist Area, Swan Lake Natural Scenic Area, Niuzhang Lake Linhai Songtao Tourist Area, Kazakh National Customs Park, and Alpine Grassland Ecological Area. The Xueshan Glacier Tourist Area is also compatible with “the majesty of Mount Tai, the beauty of Emei, the skillful stone of Yandang, and the steepness of Huashan”. The two lakes, the three waterfalls, the four streams and the eighteen valleys compete for each other, especially Pine, rock, and sea of clouds are favored by tourists, leaving the praise of “the return of the Five Sacred Mountains, the return of the Grand Canyon to the Changyi Valley”, the “Bali Golden Tourism Corridor, and the outdoor paradise for leisure and holiday”.

Tianshan Grand Canyon


Swan Lake

Swan Lake is a beautiful lake on an alpine meadow at an altitude of 2,449 meters. The water is deep and clear, also known as the tears of lovers. According to legend, a Kazakh girl mourned for her unfortunate death in the sand and cried for three days and three nights, and the tears that flowed formed the Swan Lake. Every summer and autumn season, there will be beautiful swans on the shores of Swan Lake, which will stand in line with the blue sky and white clouds and green pine trees. It is said that the swan is the embodiment of the Kazakh girl. Swan Lake is surrounded by mountain forests and meadow pastures. It is surrounded by lakes and picturesque. It can be used to build sightseeing and recreation facilities around the lake to showcase the beautiful scenery of Swan Lake.

Tianshan Grand Canyon


Zhaobi Mountain is the main mountain at the entrance of the Tianshan Grand Canyon scenic spot. It is densely covered with Tianshan spruce pure forest. The mountain is northeast-southwest, surrounded by water on three sides, and has a pyramid shape of 400 meters on the side. Folklore, according to the wall mountain is because the mountain shape is similar to the old wall of the royal family. Due to the unique terrain, it is possible to have a strange natural landscape such as the sunrise after the rain. According to the hills, the spruce jungle is tall and straight, the valley is flat and open, the grass is green, the valley bottom is flowing, and the water quality is cool and suitable for the development of forest health resort tourism products.

Tianshan Grand Canyon

Qiao Yacao

Located on the east side of Swan Lake, Qiao Yacao is more than 2,500 meters above sea level and belongs to the mountain pasture. In the pasture, cattle and sheep are in groups, and white felt houses are scattered in the mountains and lakes. They are the homes of Kazakh herders. It can be combined with the Kazakh national customs to develop nomadic cultural experience tourism products.

Tianshan Grand Canyon

Into the ravine

The entrance to the ravine is the west side passage of the walled mountain into the ring line. The valley is twisted and twisted, and the winding path is quiet. The rock walls on both sides of the narrow and sturdy canyon squeeze the sky into a tortuous line. The mountains in the canyon are deep, the streams are sloppy, and the springs are densely covered; the strange stone ridges, the peaks and towering towers, the towering trees, the winding mountain roads, and the unusually steep, is an important canyon passage in the Tianshan Grand Canyon scenic area. The entrance to the mountain is the main entrance of the Tianshan Grand Canyon. The sightseeing projects along the canyon should be built to give visitors a good first impression.

Tianshan Grand Canyon

Five grooves

Wudaogou is located on the west side of the entrance to the mountain valley of the Tianshan Grand Canyon. On both sides of the river valley, the cliffs face each other. Some of the canyon passages only reveal a line of blue sky, forming a famous water gorge with a length of more than ten kilometers. The forest is deep and dense, and the cliff is forced. Water, stone gates, mountains and waters turn, the environment is very quiet, dangerous, often have red deer, donkeys, wild boars and so on. Attracting camping and adventure lovers with a secluded environment and a variety of expressions.

Tianshan Grand Canyon


Haxionggou is located in the ring road of the Tianshan Grand Canyon. It is named Harbingou because of a stone named “Ha Xiong Wang Yue” on the side of the ditch. The bear has the name of a “raccoon” in the local area. The locals called the beautiful woman “ayi”, which translates to the meaning of the moon, and the bears have poor eyesight but also want to see beautiful girls. They wait on the hills every day, and the bears look at the moon to show the good life of the locals. Hey. The forest along the Hamengou Valley is flourishing, with good vegetation and high air quality. It can be used for leisure vacations such as forest clubs.

Tianshan Grand Canyon


The burdock ditch is located on the Shandong side of the Zhaobi, a long canyon passage from the stone ditch to the Garda, along the way through the Niuzhang Lake, the town demon pillar and other resource points, the viewing value is extremely high, can develop sightseeing and leisure, Tourism projects such as entertainment experience.

Tianshan Grand Canyon

Development and construction

Honor recognition

In 1992, Zhaobi Mountain in the Tianshan Grand Canyon was rated as a national forest park and the first national forest park in the autonomous region.
On August 23, 2011, according to the National Standard of the People’s Republic of China, “Classification and Assessment of Quality Grades of Tourism Scenic Spots” and “Administrative Measures for Quality Rating of Scenic Spots”, recommended by the relevant provincial, autonomous region, and municipality directly under the Central Government Scenic Spot Quality Rating Committee, National Tourism The scenic spot quality rating committee organized the assessment. The Tianshan Grand Canyon Scenic Spot in Urumqi reached the national 4A-level tourist scenic spot standard. It was approved by the National Tourism Scenic Area Quality Rating Committee and is now approved as a national AAAA-level tourist scenic spot.
On December 19, 2013, the Tianshan Grand Canyon of Urumqi passed the review and acceptance of the National Tourism Scenic Area Quality Rating Committee and was awarded the “National AAAAA Level Scenic Spot” in the Tianshan Grand Canyon. This area became the first national 5A level scenic spot in Urumqi.
On April 13, 2018, he was shortlisted for “Magic Northwest 100 Scenes”.

Tianshan Grand Canyon

Practical information


75 yuan; over 70 years old with valid documents, 6 years old (including six years old) or children under 1.2 meters free of charge, 6 years old (excluding 6 years old) to 18 years old (including 18 years old) minors, full-time undergraduate Students with the following qualifications are required to hold a certificate, and the elderly who are under 65-69 years old hold half of the valid documents. The battery car in the scenic spot is 50 yuan.

Opening hours
The scenic area is open all day, ticket sales and operation time is 10:00-19:00.


Distance from must-see attractions
Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar: about 43.4 kilometers
Dabancheng Wind Power Plant: about 49.4 kilometers
Hongshan Park: about 45.9 kilometers


The Urumqi Zhongqiao Bus Terminal has a shuttle bus to Banfanggou, which leads directly to the scenic spot, about every 40 minutes. The departure time from the urban area is about 9:00-19:00 every day, and the last bus time from the scenic spot to the urban area is about 18:10.

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