The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower

The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower

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Geographic location:No. 1 Century Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai


Climate type:Subtropical monsoon climate

Opening hours: 8:00-21:30 

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is one of Shanghai’s iconic cultural landscapes. It is located in Lujiazui, Pudong New Area, with a height of about 468 meters. The building was built in July 1991 and put into use in May 1995. It is responsible for six sets of wireless TV launches in Shanghai with a radius of 80 kilometers.

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is the first batch of AAAAA tourist attractions in the country. In the tower, there are space capsules, revolving restaurants, Shanghai City Historical Development Exhibition Hall and other landscapes and facilities. In 1995, it was included in one of Shanghai’s top ten new landscapes.

The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower

Historical evolution

On August 25, 1983, Zou Fanyang, director of the Shanghai Broadcasting Bureau, wrote a letter to the mayor Wang Daohan, deputy mayor Yan Chongwu and the head of the State Radio and Television Department, and first proposed the idea of using foreign capital to build a new TV tower.

On March 25, 1984, Mayor Wang Daohan officially stated in the municipal government work report made by the Second People’s Congress in Shanghai: Shanghai will build a new TV tower.

In 1984, the Shanghai Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Commission approved the proposal for Sino-foreign cooperation to build a 400-meter radio and television tower. After repeated investigations and research, the new TV tower was selected in the area along the river from Lujiazui in Pudong to Pudong Park. On August 23, 1984, the Shanghai Broadcasting and Television Bureau officially reported “Opinions on the Site Selection of the 400-meter TV Tower”.

The Shanghai Urban Planning and Construction Administration made a detailed demonstration of the specific location and planning of the new tower site in Lujiazui. In March 1985, it submitted a report to the Shanghai Municipal Government and Wang Daohan, Yan Chongwu, Liu Zhenyuan, Ni Tianzeng and other leaders. Report on Radio and TV Towers and Auxiliary Facilities More Than 400 Meters. In May 1985, the Municipal Urban and Rural Construction Planning Committee approved the above report and agreed that the site was selected in Lujiazui, Pudong.

Since the second half of 1985, the substantive work of project construction, feasibility study, program design and fund raising of the construction of the tower project has been carried out, and it has received the attention and support of the State Council, the Shanghai Municipal Committee and the relevant departments of the Shanghai Municipal Government. In October 1986, the project proposal was completed and submitted to the State Planning Commission. The building height was set at 450 meters. In January 1987, the State Planning Commission approved the project and agreed to include the construction of the tower project in Shanghai’s “March 4” project. In January 1988, the Shanghai Broadcasting and Television Bureau submitted a feasibility report for the construction of a new radio and television tower. In July 1988, it was approved by the Shanghai Planning Commission.

On March 4, 1989, at the enlarged meeting of the Standing Committee of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee held by Jiang Zemin, the discussion decided to select the “Oriental Pearl” program of East China Architectural Design Institute. The architectural concept and overall structure of the “Oriental Pearl” project were proposed and completed by architects Ling Benli and Jiang Huancheng respectively.

On July 30, 1991, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Oriental Pearl TV Tower was held.

On December 14, 1993, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower was 350 meters in three-dimensional structure.

On May 1, 1994, the launcher antenna mast was installed in place. On October 1, 1994, the decoration of the ground floor hall in the tower was completed, and the tourist facilities and the main lighting system of the tower were put into operation.

On May 1, 1995, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower was officially opened.

In 2004, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower re-engineered energy-saving technology for lighting equipment, replacing the old light source with LEDs.

From November 2012 to January 2013, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower remodeled the space capsule.

From September 2013 to January 2014, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower cleaned and repaired the facade, and the overall painting area reached 23,000 square meters.

The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower

Building structure

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is a multi-tube structure. The trunk is three hollow stalwart columns with a diameter of 9 meters and a height of 287 meters. The pillars are connected by a 6-meter-high beam. At the elevation of 93 meters, three diameters are 7 meters. The oblique column is supported, and the oblique column is at an angle of 60° to the ground. The building has 425 foundation piles and 12 meters into the ground. The three steel structure spheres of thousands of tons are suspended at the height of 112 meters, 295 meters and 350 meters respectively. The reinforced concrete building plus three slopes of nearly 100 meters high support.

The TV tower has three spheres: the bottom, the top, and the top. The top ball is called the Space Hall. The center has an elevation of 342 meters and the sphere is 16 meters in diameter. There are 4 floors, followed by the elevator machine room, conference hall, sightseeing layer and pipeline floor. The upper and lower spheres are suspended structures according to different force characteristics, and the lower ball is a prestressed concrete shell. The upper sphere is 45 meters in diameter and the center elevation is 272.5 meters. There are 9 layers, which are public equipment layer, frequency modulation machine room, cooling equipment layer, transmitter room, air KTV room, rotating restaurant, overlooking platform, microwave machine room, and ball conversion. between. The lower sphere has a diameter of 50 meters and a center elevation of 93 meters. It has 4 floors and serves as an indoor playground. The lower ball transformer room is located in a bowl-shaped casing. The three vertical cylinders are joined by five beams to form five small balls. Each ball is about 12 meters in diameter and is designed as a high-altitude hotel. It enters the base tower from the ground step. The tower is 158.4 meters in diameter and has 3 floors. Its central part is 60 meters in diameter. The 2 storey space is the lobby and elevator hall of the TV tower.

The periphery is a three-story tower, with a shopping mall of nearly 20,000 square meters. The outer layer is a 15-meter-wide underground circular garage and VIP reception room. There are 6 escalators and 6 high-speed elevators in the tower. The whole tower building is covered under the green roof and circular driveway.

The structural scheme of the hollow cylinder and the diagonal bracing makes the tower of the TV tower have good seismic and wind resistance performance, and the seismic resistance standard of the design is “7 levels are not moving, 8 levels are not cracked, and 9 stages are not inverted”. Among them, the subjects of “wind engineering test research” and “earthquake engineering test research” were identified by experts in 1993 and considered to have reached the international advanced level.

The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower

Landscape facility

Sightseeing layer

The lower sphere outdoor sightseeing gallery with a diameter of 50 meters is 90 meters high. The 263-meter upper spherical sightseeing layer is 45 meters in diameter and is the main sightseeing layer of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

The 259-meter suspended sightseeing gallery is 150 meters long and 2.1 meters wide. It was transformed from the edge of the original second sphere sightseeing platform. The sightseeing gallery consists of 24 movable “petal” shaped tempered transparent laminated glass with a building area of 17.29 square meters.

At a height of 350 meters, the capsule is 16 meters in diameter. It displays the sci-fi charm of the space scene in a futuristic style. It is the highest sightseeing layer of the TV tower.

The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower

Revolving restaurant

The Sky Rotating Restaurant of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is located at 267 meters above the Oriental Pearl Tower. It has a business area of 1,500 square meters and can accommodate up to 350 tourists.

The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower

Exhibition hall

In May 2001, the 6,000-square-meter Shanghai Urban History Development Exhibition Hall opened at the tower of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

The exhibition hall has more than 80 scenic spots, hundreds of precious historical relics and hundreds of scaled and beautiful buildings in the six pavilions of the city, including the style of the city, the glimpses of the city, the ten miles of the ocean, the old traces of the sea, the architectural expo, and the car spring and autumn. 117 wax figures of the same size, nearly a thousand small wax figures, and small clay figurines reflect the development of Shanghai.

The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower

Main activities

New Year’s Day climbs

The New Year’s Day of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower was held since 1996. The activity has become a national fitness program for the New Year’s Day in Shanghai with the beautiful meaning of “New Year’s Step by Step, Upward and Upward”.

The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower

Earth hour

Since 2009, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower has joined the “Earth Hour” campaign in response to WWF’s call for energy conservation and emission reduction.

The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower

Charitable activities

On March 8th each year, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower lights up pink lights and calls on the whole society to care for women. Every year on April 2nd, on the World Autism Day, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower will light blue lights and call in this form. The society is concerned about people with autism.

The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower

Cultural activity

Oriental Pearl’s cultural gallery in the 4m lobby often hosts various painting and calligraphy art and photography photo exhibitions, such as the Oriental Flying Feather – Wild Bird Photography Art Exhibition, Hoh Xil Protection Tibetan Antelope Photo Exhibition, Shanghai Children’s 100m Long scroll theme painting and calligraphy exhibition, etc.

The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower

Construction significance

The launching antenna mast of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is 110 meters long and has the ability to launch 9 sets of TVs and 10 sets of FM radio programs. It can cover the entire 80-kilometer radius of Shanghai and neighboring provinces. Viewing quality.

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is the first key project after the development and opening up of Pudong. It only received 295 foreign heads in 10 years after its completion, and held nearly 100 world-class important conferences and more than 300 large-scale events. Important window.

In addition, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower has also created good tourism economic benefits. As of 2005, the number of visitors to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower reached 28.7 million, with an operating income of 2.236 billion yuan.


In 1999, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower won the gold medal in the 50th Shanghai Classic Architecture Awards in New China. It also won the first prize of Shanghai Excellent Survey and Design and the first prize of China Civil Engineering (Zhan Tianyou Award).
In October 2001, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower was rated as “National AAAA Tourist Attractions”.
In March 2003, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower won the title of “Shanghai Patriotism Education Base”.
In August 2007, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower was awarded the “National AAAAA Level Scenic Spot”.

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