Tengchong Volcano Hot Sea Tourist Area

Tengchong Volcano Hot Sea Tourist Area

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Geographic location:Tengchong County, Baoshan City, Yunnan Province, 10 km from the county seat


Famous scenery:Volcanic cones, volcanic caves, lava fields

Suitable for the play season:All seasons

Tengchong, which is adjacent to Myanmar in the southwest of Yunnan, is a popular tourist destination. Tengchong is located at the intersection of the Eurasia plate and the Indian mainland plate. The crustal movement is active, causing frequent earthquakes and violent earthquakes. After the volcanic eruption ceases, the karst cools, forming a headless mountain, the volcano. Tengchong has a total of 97 volcanoes in the dormant period, of which 23 volcanoes are relatively intact. These volcanoes have four types: braided volcanoes, truncated conical volcanoes, shielded volcanoes, and low-flat Maldives. Among them, 23 volcanic craters are relatively intact, which makes the Tengchong volcano complete, large-scale, and distributed. Known for its concentration and preservation, Tengchong is also known as the “Natural Volcanic Geological Museum”.

On August 3, 2016, the Tengchong Volcano Hot Sea Tourist Area in Baoshan City, Yunnan Province was approved as a 5A-level scenic spot by the National Tourism Administration.

From October 1st, 2018, the price of the Tengchong volcanic hot sea tourist area (volcano price 54 yuan / person, hot sea price 78 yuan / person) price cut 50%.

Tengchong Volcano Hot Sea Tourist Area

Development History

In 1609, Xu Xiake inspected the Tengchong volcano and geothermal, and wrote in “Xu Xiake’s Travel Notes and Traveling Diary Nine”: “Turen Palace: 30 years ago (1609), all of which were large wood giant bamboos, blinded, no gaps, There are Long Tan four, deep can not measure, the sound of the foot to the surge, people can not dare; after the shepherd, a thunder and shocked sheep five or six hundred and pastoralists, even the night and night, the big tree Deep, the lake is also landed, there is a hole in the water below the mountain, all from the mountain roots to tease the clouds.
The stone on the top of the mountain, the color of the manuscript is red and frivolous, like a bee, formed by the floating foam. Although it is big enough to hold, and the two fingers are portable, the quality is still strong, and it is really robbed.
“There has been no evidence of chronology and other relevant aspects, so it is tentatively scheduled to be an unconfirmed outbreak.
From the “Tengchong volcano” described by Li Genyuan, “Tengchong Mountain Volcano”, the volcanic eruption occurred in Zhicheng Mingcheng, Zhengde, Jiajing and Wanli years, indicating that there were eruptions in the Tengchong volcanic area hundreds of years ago, but All are unconfirmed eruptions.
The only thing that can be determined is that the Tengchong volcano had an outbreak 6,000 years ago.

Tengchong Volcano Hot Sea Tourist Area

Main Attractions

Tengchong is also one of the three major geothermal areas in China. There are more than 80 gas springs and hot springs. It is known for its strong heat and wonderful form. The most spectacular of these is the cucumber ridge geothermal area 24 kilometers southwest of the county. Known as the “Hot Sea”, dozens of hot springs swelled and sizzled everywhere. Countless jet holes spray hot water and steam at temperatures ranging from 94 to 98Y. The entire valley, the turbulence of the waves, the hustle and bustle, not a world.

Heshunqiao Township Scenic Area is located 3 kilometers southwest of Tengchong County, Yunnan Province. There are 4 famous scenic spots, namely, the trapped river, Ai Siqi Memorial Hall, Qiandeng Guanyin Ancient Tree Group, Laundry Pavilion, Shuanghong Bridge, Longtan and Shuangshan.

The river is a wetland characterized by biodiversity. Because of its extremely easy to fall into the crowd, it was called the river by Heshun.

Ai Siqi Memorial Hall: Ai Siqi (1910-1966), formerly known as Li Shengyu, is a famous modern philosopher in China. His two books, “People’s Philosophy” and “Philosophy and Life”, have led countless young people to embark on the revolutionary path.

Tengchong Volcano Hot Sea Tourist Area

Geographical environment

Tengchong has a well-preserved and typical dormant volcanic group with a maximum altitude of 2,700 meters and a relative height difference of 60 to 1000 meters. There are more than 80 hot springs and mineral springs in the country, and more than 90 volcanic cones. It is known as the “Natural Geological Natural Museum”. There are many types of truncated conical volcanoes, low flat volcanoes, shield volcanoes and braided volcanoes. There are 23 craters well preserved. On the volcanic lava platform, there are basalt caves and underground dark rivers.

This large prismatic and jointed basalt landscape not only has a high ornamental value, but also has a special scientific research value.

The volcanoes are distributed around the city of Tengchong. The volcanic eruption of the left volcano in the south of the city rushes down the valley, and the undulating shape resembles a black scorpion, called the volcanic snake, which is comparable to the British “district embankment” and the American “devil rock”.

There are many geothermal places in Tengchong, including more than 80 steam springs, hot springs, hot springs and boiling springs. There are sulphur pond big rolling pots, cucumber hot air ditch and bath pond hot springs. The scenic spot is also known as the “natural garden” and the “gene pool of species”.

The forest coverage rate is 46.1%, there are more than 2,500 higher plants, more than 30 rare and protected plants, more than 300 species of birds, more than 100 species of mammals, and more than 60 species of rare and protected animals.

Tengchong Volcano The Tengchong dam is surrounded by volcanic volcanoes. There are more than 70 volcanoes in a narrow area of 90 kilometers from north to south and 40 kilometers from east to west. Scientists have discovered that the recent eruption of the Tengchong volcano has been drawn from the past 50,000 years ago to 3800 years ago, and now it is its dormant period.

Tengchong Volcano is famous for its wide distribution and large scale, forming one of the most fascinating natural landscapes in China.

The Tengchong volcanic group is one of the youngest volcanoes in China. Its scale and integrity rank first in the country. Throughout the ages, it has attracted many scientists to conduct research.

The 97 volcanic cones of the Cenozoic volcano are dominated by the volcanic volcanoes. The volcanic cones are up to 214 meters and the diameter of the crater is 400 meters and the depth is 60 meters.

At present, the most complete volcanic crater, with high scientific research and ornamental value, is the Mazhan volcano group 20 kilometers away from the city. There are Dakong Mountain, Xiaokong Mountain, Heikong Mountain, Chengzilou Mountain, Da Tuanshan, Xiaotuan Mountain and Changpo. There are 22 hills, the Eagle Mountain and the Maanshan and the old Guipo volcano, which are 4 kilometers away from the city. It is like a fine bonsai, which is extremely spectacular.

Standing on the top of the big sky, the black empty mountain in the north, the small empty mountain in the south and the surrounding volcanic group will unfold infinitely with the tourists’ vision. The large area of the lava flowing into the rocky mountain and the volcanic cave, it is quiet and mysterious. Various poses. Nowadays, the Tengchong Volcanic Group National Park, built with the help of nature, has become a must-see for more and more tourists at home and abroad.

Tengchong Volcano Hot Sea Tourist Area

Magmatic activity characteristics

Through the analysis of the vertical deformation and gravity variation data of the Tengchong volcanic area, it can be seen that the monitoring area has a wide coverage area and multiple faults pass through the monitoring area, and the characteristics of point deformation and gravity change are more complicated.

In general, the points near the volcanic cone and the fault are still relatively large, and the vertical deformation and gravity change are large.

There may be irregular magma or multiple magmatic capsules in the volcanic area. The comprehensive application of multi-source model and fault model can better explain the fact that the actual observation data has opposite deformation changes of adjacent measuring points. It is caused by two activities of the fault.

The magma in the volcanic area is in the form of a deformation from the volcanic zone and the magnitude of the change in gravity, the distribution of the ratio in the interpretation of the deformation-gravity relationship, and the estimation of the equivalent volume of the pressure source by the applied deformation. The state of activity causes the vertical deformation of the earth’s surface to change year by year. Although the magma has activity, its activity is low, and the magma activity is relatively scattered, and the volcano has no danger of eruption.

Tengchong Volcano Hot Sea Tourist Area

Geothermal use

Tengchong geothermal has a wide range of uses, and its spa treatments can be surprisingly effective. The hot spring here contains 50 mg of calcium per dry milliliter, and also contains various minerals such as magnesium, potassium, sodium and nitrogen. It can effectively treat twenty or thirty diseases such as motor nerves, digestion, respiration, cardiovascular, skin and gynecology. It is more effective for rheumatic diseases and acute and chronic low back pain.

Tengchong Volcano Hot Sea Tourist Area

Travel Information

Ticket information

Tickets: Tengchong volcanic hot sea tourist area (volcano price 54 yuan / person, hot sea price 78 yuan / person). Battery car one way 7 yuan / person Round trip 10 yuan / person, hot air balloon 200 yuan / person, glider 300 yuan / person.
Beginning October 1, 2018, Yunnan Province will cut prices by 50% for all government-priced scenic spots, including the Tengchong Volcano Hot Sea Tourist Area.

Travel information

Built with a hump airport. It takes about 45 minutes by air from Kunming to reach Tengchong.

Traffic in the city
Bus: A small projectile, there are also special lines and ordinary buses to choose to ride.
Dedicated line: A, Dongshan B, Atami C, Volcano D, Yunfeng Mountain E, Laifeng Mountain F, Snoring G, Ba Pai Juquan
Ordinary: Station 1 – the foot of the arch
No. 2 Chengguan Town Department Store – Workers Cultural Palace
Workers’ Culture Palace No. 3 – Heshun Library
No. 4 Dongying Pine Garden – Da Kui
Taxi: 5 yuan in the city, no matter where you go, you have to take extra time outside the city. PMll: In the back town, it is all 10 yuan.
Bicycles: The county government and Teng; Zhongyizhongbian, Tengyue Cultural Park can rent bicycles for two people; opposite the Workers Cultural Palace can rent a single bicycle (only four), playing 1-2 per hour, 1 insurance 100 yuan.

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