Taibai Mountain National Forest Park

Taibai Mountain National Forest Park

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Geographic location:Southeast of Baoji City


Famous scenery:Dianxiantai, Taibai snow, Taibaihai

Suitable for the play season:Suitable for all seasons, best in summer

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Taibai Mountain National Forest Park is located in Meixian County, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, the main peak of the Qinling Mountains. The park covers an area of 2,949 hectares and the forest coverage rate is 94.3%. The park is dominated by forest landscapes, Cangshan Qifeng is the skeleton, Qingxi Bitan is the vein, cultural relics and historical sites are dotted among them, and the natural landscape and human landscape are integrated. It is a rare natural scenic tourist area in western China, and is known as the western part of China. A green pearl. Includes 10 scenic spots and more than 180 attractions. With an altitude of 620 meters to 3511 meters, the park is the highest national forest park in China.

Taibai Mountain National Forest Park

Geographical environment

Location horizon

Taibai Mountain National Forest Park is located in Meixian County, Shaanxi Province, which is the main peak of the Qinling Mountains in the northern foot of Taibai Mountain. It was established in 1991 by the Ministry of Forestry of China. The park covers an area of 2,949 hectares with a forest coverage rate of 94.3%. Taibai Mountain National Forest Park consists of 10 scenic spots and more than 180 attractions. With an altitude of 620 meters to 3511 meters, the park is the highest national forest park in China. Taibai National Forest Park is 90 kilometers away from Baoji in the west and 110 kilometers away from Xi’an in the east. There is a secondary tourist line directly to the park on Xibao Expressway.

Taibai Mountain National Forest Park


The main body of Taibai Mountain is composed of a large-scale granite body, which geologists call “Taibai Granite”. In the long history of geological development, Taibai granite has undergone structural changes, faults, and joints. Under the joint action of various external forces, it has shaped the dangerous and strange scenery of the Taibai Mountain. The Taishan Mountain high mountain area still retains a complete and varied Quaternary glacial relics.

Alpine lakes, ancient people and local elderly all call it “Shen Lake”, but in fact it is “said eclipse lake”. Since ancient times, these ice-etched lakes have been known as “Taibai Pool Light” and “Alpine Pearl” and have been listed as one of the eight scenic spots in Taibai Mountain. The unique features of the Quaternary glaciers, such as the peaks, valleys, ice buckets, ice ridges, and ice steps, are one of the best natural museums for studying Quaternary glaciers.

Taibai Mountain National Forest Park

Main Attractions

Taibai National Forest Park connects more than 140 scenic spots in the park with 40 kilometers of tourist roads and 28 kilometers of pedestrian trails. The main scenic spots are: Longshan, Fengshan and Fengquan. You can see Fengjing Shenze and Yudong Xianyin in the Eight Views of Meixian County; visit the Tangzi City Ruins, Fengshan Jieding, Fengquan Palace, Shengong Stone, etc.; worship the Qingniu Cave, Taibai Yaowang Temple, Longfengshan Temple, Guanyin Cave and so on. Tourist hotels, commercial stalls and amusement facilities are concentrated in the area.

Taibai Mountain National Forest Park

Dongtianfudi Scenic Area

According to the book, it is a place where ghosts are invisible, monks, and artisans. You can see the Tianmen Tower, Dushan, and Diantai.

Taibai Mountain National Forest Park

Jiujiuxia Scenic Area

The scenic spots are dense and the scenery is beautiful. It is the essence of the park scenery. The wall of the iron wall is full of thousands of miles, and the momentum is magnificent; the lotus peak waterfall is smashing thousands of feet, and it is thrilling; the cliff path is on the steep cliff; the ink on the mountain is vivid, the image is vivid; the small bridge in the world is flowing, and the pastoral scenery is in the past; There are many attractions such as Xiu Li Yu Li, Jian Yu Feng, Sheng Xian Shi, Xian Ji Bathing, Medicine Wang Plank Road and so on.

Taibai Mountain National Forest Park

Xianqiao Valley Scenic Area

Located on the east side of Jiujiu Gorge, there are many scenic spots such as the Giant Stone Bridge, the Big Frame (Ancient Wood Boardwalk), and the third-level Qianzhang Waterfall.

Taibai Mountain National Forest Park

Kaitianguan Scenic Area

It is a cold temperate tourist area with a large area of virgin forest as the main body. You can enjoy two landscape forest belts, such as Songli and Honghua, and there are attractions such as Laughing Buddha Waterfall, Shenxian Cave, Chongyang Palace, Lotus Valley, and Peony Ditch. Guanyun Seaview Area: 2300–3511 meters above sea level, across the sub-sub-family and frigid zone, it can see the three plant landscape forest belts of Taibai Mountain cedar, larch and alpine shrub meadow. The remains of the Quaternary glaciers are diverse and strange. The temperature is 5-15 degrees Celsius lower than the mountain. It is an ideal place for summer vacation, vacation, and scientific research.

Taibai Mountain National Forest Park

Hot spring area

There are abundant geothermal fields in the low mountains of the park. The hot spring water temperature is 72 degrees Celsius. It contains more than 20 kinds of minerals and trace elements beneficial to the human body. It is an excellent medical mineral water.

Taibai Mountain National Forest Park

Natural resources

Taking the forest landscape as the main body, the Cangshan Qifeng as the skeleton, the Qingxi Bitan as the vein, and the cultural relics and historical sites interspersed among them, forming a dynamic animation volume that is harmonious with the dynamic beauty and static beauty, and the natural landscape and the human landscape are integrated. The rich natural scenery tourist area is known as a green pearl in western China.

First, the variety of creatures is rich and rare. The Qinling Mountains is the natural boundary line between China’s north and south. It is the intersection of the flora of North China, Central China and West China. It is the transition zone between the ancient and northern fauna. The park has a wide variety of organisms, rich resources, complex fauna, and origin. Ancient, is a natural gene pool of species. There are more than 1,850 kinds of seed plants and bryophytes, more than 1,690 forest animals and insects, 26 national protected trees and endangered plants, and 9 rare and protected animals.

Taibai Mountain National Forest Park has a wide variety of origins and is of ancient origin. It is a natural gene pool of genes, and is known as the “Asian Natural Botanical Garden” and “China Natural Zoo”. Under the combined effects of Taibai Mountain’s complex and varied geographical factors and specific cosmic factors, special species and new species of Taibai Mountain, such as Taibai Sequoia, Meiliu, Taibaishen, Taibai Aconite, Taibai Fritillaria, and Taibai Honeysuckle, have been formed. Wait. There are 1,850 seed plants in the park.

Due to the ancient nature of the forest vegetation in Taibai Mountain, there are many species of rare species and relict genus. It belongs to the national secondary protected plants, such as Taibai Sequoia, Shuiqingshu, Lianxiangshu, Shanbaishu, Eucommia, Solanum, Star-leaf Grass, and Big Fruit. There are 9 kinds of green scorpion and narrow leaf bottle. The third-grade protected tree species include 11 species such as Miaotai maple, money maple, collar spring wood, purple spotted peony, and trillium.

The lush forest resources and complex natural environment of Taibai Mountain National Forest Park provide a good place for wild animals to thrive. It is a natural paradise for rare birds and animals. There are more than 1,690 species of forest animals and insects in the park. Among them, there are three species of protected animals such as golden monkey, giant panda and takin. The second type of protected animals are clouded leopard, leopard, red-bellied horned owl, Sumen antelope, big lynx, etc. 7 kinds.

Second, the mountainous terrain is extremely dangerous. The low mountain valleys are narrow and deep, and the mountains and clouds are open and close; the mountains in the middle mountains are steep, the ridges are dentate, the peaks are opposite to each other, and the ridges of the Quaternary glaciers in the Gaoshan area are special.

Taibai Mountain National Forest Park

Scenic construction

As of 2000, 20 forestry guesthouses have been built in the forest park-based tourism development zone, with 4,000 beds and more than 4,500 seats. The cultural and recreational facilities have been continuously improved, and a complete tourist reception system has been basically formed. The Taibai Mountain tourist ropeway invested and built in 1998 has a total length of 1,100 meters and an altitude of 2,800-3,200 meters. The traffic volume is 300 passengers per hour. Exotic wonders such as the azaleas, the white clouds and the glaciers.

Taibai Mountain National Forest Park

Travel Information

Ticket information

Tickets for Taibai Mountain National Forest Park: 100 yuan for adult tickets and 89 yuan for booking.
The pass is 160 yuan and the booking price is 149 yuan.

Self-driving route

From Baoji or Xi’an, take Xibao Expressway, at the Lanjia South exit at 98 kilometers (the signboard of Taibai Mountain National Forest Park), and the special line for the second-grade car of Yanjiang Tang will reach the mountain pass.

Bus routes

Depart from Baoji: Take the bus to Meixian County at Baoji West Station (about one hour by car, the fare is about 23 yuan), and Meixian will transfer to bus No. 203 and go directly to Taibai Mountain Visitor Center.

Depart from Xi’an: Take the tourist bus U2 road or the Taibai Mountain tourist line (about 80 minutes by car, the fare is about 30 yuan) to Taibai Mountain in the east square of the railway station. You can also take the long-distance bus to Meixian at the Chengxi Bus Terminal.

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