Red-Flag Canal & Taihang Grand Tourist Attraction

Red-Flag Canal & Taihang Grand Tourist Attraction

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Geographic location:Linzhou City, Henan Province


Famous scenery:Hongqi Canal, Taihang Grand Canyon, Youth Cave, Dihuiyuan, Luositan

Climate type:Warm temperate continental monsoon climate

Hongqi Canal·Taihang Grand Canyon Tourist Area is located in Linzhou City, Henan Province, at the junction of Shanxi, Henan and Henan provinces. It is 477 kilometers away from the capital city of Beijing, 160 kilometers away from Zhengzhou City, the provincial capital, and 50 kilometers away from Anyang City. It is a national key scenic spot and national AAAAA level. Tourism area, national patriotic education base for primary and secondary schools, national patriotism education demonstration base, national water conservancy scenic spot, national key cultural relics protection unit, national geological park, China red tourism scenic spot, national agricultural tourism demonstration site, China Federation of Literary and Calligraphy Center base.

The Hongqi Canal and Taihang Grand Canyon tourist area include the two main scenic spots of Hongqi Canal and Taihang Grand Canyon. The Hongqi Canal is known as the artificial Tianhe, the eighth wonder of the world, and the Great Wall of China. The scenic spots include the Hongqiqu Youth Cave, the Hongqi Canal Watershed, the Hongqi Canal Memorial Hall, and the Luosi Lake. Taihang Grand Canyon is one of the ten most beautiful canyons in China. It is known as the most beautiful place in Beixiong scenery, and the soul of the 800-mile Taihang, including the Peach Blossom Valley in Sanjiu’s cold peach blossoms, Taiji Mountain in Sanfu’s hot summer water, and the ages. The mystery pig is called the Three Wonders of Stone and the soul of Taihang Wang Xiangyan, Tan Shengu Youxian Xiagu, Jinpulong Cave Xiaodongtian, the original forest Taiji Mountain, Yizheng Magical Taishan Mountain, Ghost Axe Luban, Huaxia a peach blossom waterfall, Taihang Eight scenic spots in Pinghu Nangudong (Liu Xiuhu).

Red-Flag Canal & Taihang Grand Tourist Attraction

Scenic spot

Hongqi Canal·Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic Spot is located in Linzhou City, Henan Province at the junction of Shanxi, Henan and Henan Provinces. It is a national key scenic spot, a national AAAAA tourist zone, a national primary and secondary school patriotic education base, a national patriotic education demonstration base, and a national water conservancy. Scenic area, national key cultural relics protection unit, National Geological Park, China Red Tourism Scenic Area, National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Site, China Wenlian Calligraphy and Painting Center Creative Training Base.

Hongqi Canal is a 1,500-kilometer large-scale irrigation project built on the cliffs of Taihang Mountain in the 1960s. It is the eighth wonder of the world, the artificial Tianhe River and the Great Wall of Water. She is like a blue ribbon wrapped around the waist of Taihang Mountain. It has a large amount of engineering, arduous engineering, wide irrigated area, and high engineering aesthetic value. It is called a “human miracle” and forms the unique red flag channel in the world. Scenery. The scenery of Hongqi Canal is the perfect combination of two kinds of landscaping factors: natural beauty and artificial makeup. It achieves the aesthetic height of “the male is more male and the risk is more dangerous”. When you come here for sightseeing, you can make your sentiments get rid of, your fighting spirit is encouraged, your heart is shocked, your spirit is sublimated, and you can appreciate Mao Zedong’s “people, only the people, the power to create world history.”

Taihang Grand Canyon is one of the ten most beautiful canyons in China. It is 50 kilometers long from north to south, 1.5 kilometers wide from east to west, 800-1739 meters above sea level, and the relative height difference is more than 1000 meters. Its vegetation coverage rate is 90%, and it has the reputation of natural oxygen bar. The cliffs in the territory are high, the peaks are crowded, the masculine is exposed, the walls are staggered, the cangxi waters are flowing, and the waterfalls are hanged. It is known as the best place in Beixiong scenery and the soul of the 800-mile Taihang. “The green cliffs are like a glimpse, if the red cliffs are shining, the trees are squatting, the lakes are green, the scenery is wonderful, and the world is called”. The four seasons of the Taihang Grand Canyon are different and fascinating. The residential buildings in the canyon are made from local materials. Stone streets, stone courtyards, stone walls, stone pillars, stone ladders, stone buildings and nature are all in one, and they are antique and interesting. Taihang Grand Canyon is a good place for leisure health, hang gliding, summer vacation, painting and sketching, exploring ancient times and sightseeing.

Red-Flag Canal & Taihang Grand Tourist Attraction

Composition of scenic spots

Hongqi Canal

Hongqiqu Scenic Area is located in Rencun Town, Linzhou City. It is a national 5A-level tourist area, a national key scenic spot, a national patriotic education demonstration base, a national water conservancy scenic spot, a Chinese red tourist scenic spot, and a national key cultural relics protection unit. The Hongqi Canal Project was started in February 1960. By July 1969, the supporting project of the branch canal was fully completed and it took more than ten years. It takes the turbid river as the source, and cuts off the dam in the Houbi section of Shicheng Town, Pingshun County in Shanxi Province, and introduces the Weihe River into Linzhou. Under extremely difficult construction conditions, the people of Linzhou relied on the spirit of self-reliance and hard work to overcome difficulties and struggled on the cliffs of the Taihang Mountain. In the shoal of the shoal, the mountains and the caves were drilled, and the bridge was covered by the ditch. At the top of the mountain, 151 aqueducts were set up, 211 tunnels were drilled, 12,408 buildings were built, and 22,500,000 cubic meters of earth and stone were excavated. For example, these earthen stone barriers can be built into a wall 2 meters high and 3 meters wide, which can connect the north and south of the motherland and connect Guangzhou with Harbin.

The main trunk of Hongqi Canal is 70.6 kilometers long, the bottom of the channel is 8 meters wide, the wall of the canal is 4.3 meters high, the longitudinal slope is 1/8000, and the designed flow is 23 cubic meters per second.

The completion of the Hongqi Canal has completely improved the poor living environment of the people of Linzhou relying on the rain, solved the problem of draught of 567,000 people and 370,000 livestock, and irrigated 540,000 mu of cultivated land. The grain yield per mu was increased from 100 kg to 1991. 476.3 kg. It is called “Life Canal” and “Happiness Canal” by the people of Linzhou. The Hongqi Canal Project is not only a huge project, but also has a high construction technology. It has been standing on the Taihang Mountain for 40 years. As a result, architectural experts have praised it as a model in the history of Chinese architecture and become a landmark in Linzhou.

Red-Flag Canal & Taihang Grand Tourist Attraction

Youth hole

The youth’s scenic spot is located on the picturesque foothills of Taihang, built on the cliffs and floating between the clouds. It is the most exquisite part of the combination of the waterworks and natural landscapes of the Hongqi Canal, and the most difficult part of the construction of the Hongqi Canal. It’s quite spectacular. In addition, Jiang Zemin, Li Xiannian, Guo Moruo and other leaders inscribed during the embellishment of the cliff stone to add color to the mountains. The red flag canal hanging on the mountainside is like a symphony reverberating in the Taihang Gorge. It is magnificent and powerful. It has been a long time to see the red flag channel, and it is a good place to see it today. It is a “line of the sky”, and it is quiet and deep. “To set up Ling Yunzhi, please go to the first line of the sky”; across the two mountains between the Step Cloud Bridge, step by step, “Dare to go to the sky, cross the clouds bridge”; high speed down the 660 meters downhill slide, easy Stimulating, “flying three thousand feet, sitting on the slide.” In the young cave, the yacht walks through, and you can enjoy the unique feeling of “the river and the boat”. “Tie girl beats the braze”, “volley risk removal” live performance, nostalgic, thrilling, take you back to the unforgettable years. The spring is full of trees, the autumn leaves are full of mountains, and the mountains are high and the scenery of the three provinces is unobstructed.

The youth cave scenic area is high in mountain water danger. The red flag channel is hung above the cliff of the Taihang Mountain cliff in the majestic, and the eight-meter-wide red flag channel passes through the mountain. Various cultural relics are dotted among them; the scene blends with the “Yangfeng Temple” to look around. Touching the scenery, full of fun; timid and shocked “iron bridge”, can be volleyed by the clouds, floating like a fairy; climbing cliffs “empty plank road”, can reflect the ambition of hard work; easy to chic “slipway” can be difficult with the mountain Form a great contrast. At this time, you can enjoy the beauty of Taihang’s “male, dangerous, strange, and beautiful”, and you can further appreciate the “people, only the people are the driving force for creating world history” through the hard work of the Red Flag Canal. It is the base for patriotic education for young people.

The Youth Cave is one of the main works of the main trunk of the Hongqi Canal. It is located in the west of Lujiayuan Village in Rencun Town. It passes through the face of a ghostly and steeply savvy little ghost. Because the assault team that participated in the hole was the 300 outstanding young people drawn from the county migrant workers, it was named “Youth Cave”.

Red-Flag Canal & Taihang Grand Tourist Attraction


Luositan is one of the main scenic spots in the Hongqiqu Scenic Area. It is located below the Xiongling Village in Niuling, about 1 km west of the Youth Cave of Hongqiqu. It is also called “Tianqiao Broken”.

The Luosi Lake is named for its deep pool of silk, and because the Zhuohe River has “Jiuxia 18 Breaks”, here is a large break and water drop. There are canyons connecting the two provinces of Henan and Anhui. Bridge, it is called “the bridge is broken.”

There is a unique canyon scenery here, and this is a magical and wonderful legend. The river plunges into a waterfall from the canyon cliff, such as the white horse jade dragon, roaring and rolling, falling into the Luosi Lake with a depth of 100 meters. In the winter, there are dozens of meters of ice curtains hanging on the banks of Henan and Hebei, and the history of the formation of rocks in the Luosi Lake is recorded 1 billion years ago.

Especially in the rainy season in summer, the river is soaring, falling into the canyon, and thundering, its potential is like Hukou Waterfall, which is spectacular. On the upper of the canyon, there is a railway bridge, connecting the two provinces of Henan and Henan, and the footbridge on the flyover, like a nine-step cloud.

Side view of the flying madness, overlooking the deep pool, the rainbow flying, the taste is unlimited. On the south side of the gorge, the rapids scouring the natural stone caves, the ghosts and gods, deep up to 100 meters, along the spiral ladder to the next level, direct to the turtle cave, the legendary turtle is dedicated to rescue the falling water. Therefore, there is a saying that “when you look at Luositan, why do you have to go to Jiangnan?”

Luo Si Tan is also known as “Tearful Lake”. According to legend, after the Seven Fairies and Dong Yong broke up, they couldn’t cross the Tianhe River and the lover to meet with the Queen Mother and God, crying all day long, tears like broken strings, long days, dripping This deep pool. The pool is clear and blue, and you can take a boat ride through the canyon to enjoy the scenery of the “Little Three Gorges”.

Red-Flag Canal & Taihang Grand Tourist Attraction

Water garden

The main trunk of the Hongqi Canal is divided into three main canals, which are far away from the mountains and deep into the hinterland of Linzhou, moistening the 540,000 farmland in Linzhou. The building is 6.5 meters long, 12 meters high and 13.5 meters wide. The elevation at the bottom of the gate is 454.44 meters, and the altitude is lower than the bottom of the canal intake gate by 10.31 meters. The three characters of the “Hongqi Canal” in the sky above the gate are one of the landmark buildings of the Hongqi Canal.

Red-Flag Canal & Taihang Grand Tourist Attraction

Peach Valley

There are three peach blossoms in the Peach Blossom Valley, the peach blossoms in the winter, and the ice-cold ice in the summer. There are 346 meters of alpine waterfalls and the Feilong Gorge connected by the Tan Waterfall. There is a poem to prove that the cave is blooming in the snow. The head falls in the clouds.” It’s a blessing, a fairyland on earth. Peach Blossom Valley is a valley in the valley, about 4km long, about 800 m-1736m above sea level, with a height difference of nearly kilometers. The peaks in the valley are abrupt and sturdy, and a winding Taohuaxi water runs through the canyon. The grass and vines hang on both sides of the stream, and the mixed woods are boundless. The green tide that flows with the mountains is like a sea. The beautiful scenery of Peach Blossom Valley is called Love Valley. The fog is scattered and the mountains are changing. The flowers are flying and the birds are flying. The mountain is suspended by the waterfall. The spring water is like a mirror. The stream flowing down the valley falls into a waterfall. The waterfall falls into a pool. Connected to form the charm of the valley in the Peach Blossom Valley. Within the Peach Blossom Valley, the scenery is connected, and the scenery is connected. The Huanglongtan, Feilongxia Waterfall, Feilongxia Plank Road, Jiulian Waterfall, Taohua Cave and other scenic spots are combined to show the long-distance artistic conception of the Shenxia Collection.

Red-Flag Canal & Taihang Grand Tourist Attraction

Wang Xiangyan

Wang Xiangyan Scenic Area, with the Lushui River in the east and the cliffs in the west, surrounded by cliffs on the left and right sides, forming a closed and extremely strong valley, which meets the Suzaku Peak, which is unfolded by the rock, and coincides with the ancient Chinese Feng Shui, “Zuo Qinglong, Right White Tiger” The ideal model of the former Suzaku and the later Xuanwu attracted the celebrities of the past to come to this self-cultivation. According to the report, the martial arts king Wu Ding and the slave-born singer Fu said that they lived here, so later known as Wang Xiangyan. Wu Ding was the 22nd king of the Shang Dynasty. When he was a teenager, he was sent by his father Xiao Bing to Lin Yunshan and the slaves in the western part of Shangdu to work and live together, and he became a friend with the slave. Wu Ding thinks that Fu is very talented. After Wu Ding succeeded to the throne, he said that he was the prime minister. After Fu took office, he tried his best to understand the talents of Wushu, and assisted Wu Ding to put the politics of the DPRK in an orderly manner, which enabled the Shang Dynasty to achieve unprecedented development. It was called “Wu Ding Zhongxing” in history.

Red-Flag Canal & Taihang Grand Tourist Attraction

Taihangtian Road

The “Taihangtianlu” scenic spot is located at the top of Taihang Mountain. It starts from Taohua Valley Scenic Area in the north and reaches Xianxia Valley Scenic Area in the south. It is about 30km in length and is an important part of the scenic road tour. It is also an excellent location overlooking the magnificent scenery of Taihang Mountain.

Take a sightseeing bus and walk on Taihangtian Road. It is like being in the Baili Gallery. It is full of sights. There is no such thing as a magnificent scroll of Chinese paintings, deep canyons and upright rock walls, which give visitors a strong visual shock. Combined with the mountainous mountain shape, there are more than 10 viewing platforms along the Taihangtian Road, which are far-sighted and open-minded.

Red-Flag Canal & Taihang Grand Tourist Attraction

Tai Chi Iceberg

The Taihang Iceberg is the relic of the legendary Pangu Kaiyuan. Millions of years ago, Pangu, which gave birth to adults in chaos, smashed the bondage, opened the sky, created the sun, the moon, the stars, the rivers and rivers, and the aura of the heavens and the earth. Here, a mysterious Taiji iceberg is formed.

Taiji Ice Mountain Scenic Area has lush green forests, ridges and peaks, twists and turns, birds inhabiting, and hare hills between the mountains, forming a vivid view of the original forest. In Taiji Iceberg, you can experience the natural wonders of winter and summer inversion. In the midsummer summer, there are still blocks of ice (ice and ice back) in the caves. In the cold of the 39th, the peach blossoms are visible at the cave entrance (Peach Blossom Valley).

Red-Flag Canal & Taihang Grand Tourist Attraction

International gliding base

The Linyishan International Gliding Base is located in Luban Village, Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic Area, Linzhou City. The takeoff point is 1190m above sea level, with a relative height difference of 700m. The steep peak slope is 60 degrees. The top is flat and erect. Affected by the unique geographical location and geographical relationship of Taihang Mountain and Linzhou Basin, the airflow climbs up the cliff and creates a natural environment for gliding.

Since the first gliding event was organized in 1992, the annual international gliding competition has become an important tourism brand in Henan Province. After years of careful construction, the gliding base has already equipped with 30 athletes to take off at the same time, at home and international gliding. It has a great influence in the world and has been praised by the International Air Transport Association as “the first in Asia and the world first”. Swim in the Grand Canyon of the Taihang, watching the little sails in the air, and the scenery of the Grand Canyon is magnificent.

Red-Flag Canal & Taihang Grand Tourist Attraction

Taihang Pinghu

Taihang Pinghu, the Nangudong Reservoir, is a water storage project of the “Lushui River” in the scenic area. Due to the construction of the dam, a landscape of Gaoxia Pinghu, which is about 5 kilometers long and 0.5 kilometers wide, is formed in the Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic Area. It is also the supplementary source project of the “Artificial Tianhe” Red Flag Canal.

Taihang Pinghu is the spiritual place of the Taihang Mountains. The lakeside green hills are green and the waters are sparkling. The Taihang Mountains are reflected in the water, which sets off the majesty of the mountains and the gentleness of the water. The excellent scenery not only attracts many tourists, but also makes Taihang Pinghu an important location for film and television dramas.

The Taihang Mountains are cool in summer and cold in winter. The fish, shrimps and aquatic products grown in Taihang Pinghu are affected by the environment. The growth is slow and the meat is delicious. It is between the Taihang Mountains and rivers. It tastes delicious and delicious. It is also the aftertaste of the Grand Canyon tourism.

Red-Flag Canal & Taihang Grand Tourist Attraction

Xianxia Valley

Xianxia Valley Scenic Spot is located in the vicinity of Gaojiatai Village in the south of the Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic Area. It is the valley of the Taihang Grand Canyon. The scenic area is about 4.5 kilometers long and 0.5 kilometers wide. It is a beautiful landscape that maintains a good natural appearance. It has become the first choice for hikers, art lovers and photographers.

The water in the canyon is flowing, the waterfalls are numerous, the peaks are on both sides, the mountains are steep, and the mountains and the mountains are breezy. The breeze is the place where people forget the urban hustle and the troubles of the streets, and walk around. It can not only relax the body, but also solve the bondage of the soul.

With the continuous extension of the “Taihangtianlu” scenic ring bus, Xianxia Valley will change the status quo of “hidden people in the mountains” and become a tourist destination for more tourists.

Red-Flag Canal & Taihang Grand Tourist Attraction


Hongqi Canal Scenic Area

Adult 100 yuan (including the three scenic spots of Hongqiqu Youth Cave, Dihuiyuan and Luositan)
Students, 60 to 70 years old, half price 50 yuan (including Hongqiqu Youth Cave, Dihuiyuan, Luositan three scenic spots)
Active duty military personnel, disabled persons free of charge
The travel agency team will use the team’s valid documents and travel agency itinerary to confirm the number of visitors according to the form and purchase tickets according to the contract price.
Students, 60-70 year olds with a valid certificate, enter the ticket at half price.
Persons with disabilities, active servicemen, revolutionary disabled soldiers and retired military personnel and senior citizens over 70 years of age with valid certificates, children under 1.4 meters in height can enter without a ticket. Other personnel are free to implement the relevant regulations of the state and provinces.
Media reporters (including special correspondents) come to the scenic spot for interviews, and can be exempted from ticketing with the press card issued by the state.
The travel agency comes to work and step on the staff, the tour guide with the tour guide card, other personnel with the relevant qualification certificates issued by the state (such as travel agency general manager qualification certificate, department manager qualification certificate) can be free of charge.
The above 2-5 preferential policies are applicable to the community as feedback to the society. If there is no valid certificate, please purchase the ticket according to the chapter.
Tickets are only sold at the ticket sales window. Please do not buy tickets at other locations to avoid being deceived.
Please pay the money bill when you purchase the ticket, and you are not responsible for leaving the window. The scenic spot does not handle the refund service.
If you are taking a cruise, cableway and other rides in the scenic area, please read and follow the relevant seating instructions.

Taihang Grand Canyon

Adult 160 yuan (including Taohua Valley, Wang Xiangyan, Taiji Mountain three scenic spots and sightseeing bus fare 60 yuan)
Half price ticket 110 yuan (including Taohua Valley, Wang Xiangyan, Taiji Mountain three scenic spots and sightseeing bus fare 60 yuan)
Free for children under 1.1 meters
The scenic spot ticket is issued in a pass system, and other types of tour tickets are not sold. The fare includes tickets and sightseeing fares (60.00 yuan/person).
The fare concessions are limited to the ticket section, and there is no discount on the sightseeing fare within the scenic spot.
The ticket is valid for 48 hours. Visitors can arrange their own visit order and time, but the same attraction can only be visited once.


The Hongqi Canal·Taihang Grand Canyon tourist scenic spot is located in the northwest of Linzhou City. The scenic spot enjoys an advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation.


After getting off at Anyang Railway Station, you can take the shuttle bus to Linzhou at Anyang Automobile Center Station. The bus from Anyang Automobile Center Station to Linzhou is starting from the water.

After getting off at Anyang High Speed Railway Station, you can take the shuttle bus from Anyang High Speed Railway Station to Linzhou directly. Anyang High Speed Rail Station to Linzhou Shuttle Timetable: 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 15:00, 16:30, 18:00, 19:30.


The Linzhou Bus Station has a shuttle bus to all major cities in the country.
Zhengzhou: Bus (Zhengzhou – Linzhou)
Anyang: Bus (Anyang – Linzhou)
Shijiazhuang: Bus (Shijiazhuang – Anyang – Linzhou)
Xinxiang: bus (Xinxiang – Linzhou)
Changzhi: bus (Changzhi – Linzhou)

Attractions bus

Take the Linzhou Tourism 1 bus to the Visitor Center at Linzhou South Bus Station or Passenger Transport Center Station, then take the shuttle bus to each scenic spot.

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