Pudacuo National Park

Pudacuo National Park

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Geographic location:Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province


Climate:Subtemperate zone and cold temperate monsoon climate

Types of:National Park

Pudacuo National Park, located in the “Three Parallel Rivers” World Natural Heritage Center in northwestern Yunnan, consists of two parts: the International Important Wetland Bitahai Nature Reserve and the Duhu Scenic Area of the Haba Area of the Three Rivers Parallel World Natural Heritage. It is also one of the main attractions of Shangri-La tourism, with Bitahai, Gundu Lake and Miriatang sub-alpine pastures as the main components.

It is between 3,500 meters and 4,159 meters above sea level. It is a provincial nature reserve and is an important part of the “Three Rivers Parallel” scenic spot. Pudacuo National Park has geological features, lake wetlands, forest meadows, river valleys, rare animals and plants, etc. The original ecological environment is well preserved. It is 22 kilometers away from the city of Shangri-La and has a total area of about 1313 square kilometers.

Pudacuo National Park

Geographical environment

Pudacuo is a lake (about 3.3 km long walk) and Bitahai (national 5A tourist area, walking length of about 4.4 km) is the main component, between 3500 meters and 4159 meters above sea level, is a provincial nature. The protected area is an important part of the “Three Parallel Rivers” scenic spots. The total area of the planning area is 1313 square kilometers, which is developed according to the 7 major sections. The developed area only accounts for 3‰ of the total area. The park has geological features, lake wetlands, forest meadows, river valleys, rare animals and plants, etc. The original ecological environment is well preserved.

The protected area has an temperate climate with long autumn and winter and short spring and summer. The annual average temperature is 5.4 °C, the average monthly temperature in the hottest month (July) is 13.2 °C, and the average monthly temperature in the coldest month (January) is -3.8 °C.

Pudacuo National Park

Natural resources

Climate resources

Shangri-La Pudacuo National Park has a mirror-like mountain lake, a beautiful grassy pasture, a wet flower with blooming flowers, and a virgin forest often seen by birds and animals. The two beautiful freshwater lakes of Bitahai and Dudu Lake are known as the pearls of the plateau. The lake is rich in cracked belly fish and heavy lip fish. In autumn and winter, a large number of birds such as yellow ducks play at the lake and are naturally interesting.

The scenic area has abundant rainfall and pleasant climate. Such natural conditions make the plants flourish and rich in vegetation, which is a natural botanical garden. In addition, there are many unique small-scale interlaced distributions such as fault cliffs, forest rafts and deep gullies, which have extremely high geoscience value and tourism appreciation value.

Pudacuo National Park

Plant resources

The vegetation in the protected area of Pudacuo National Park is dominated by long-tailed firs. Secondly, according to different elevations and yin and yang slopes, rhododendron, arrow bamboo, moss, honeysuckle, spruce, alpine pine, alpine ridge, short locust, redwood , red birch, aspen, white birch, etc., from the meadow and aquatic plants, mainly wormwood meadow, aquatic vegetation is mainly Xiangman community, Phyllostachys pubescens community, foxtail community, plum algae community.

Pudacuo National Park

Animal resources

There are many rare animals and animals in the Pudacuo National Park Nature Reserve. There are mainly national first-class protected animals, black-necked cranes, and second-class protected animals, such as macaques, lynxes, clouded leopards, golden cats, black pelicans, horse owls, hairy deer, forest owls, Tibetan horse pheasants, and green-tailed red crickets. Three types of protected animals are: blood gazelle. There are also some economic animals and ornamental animals, mainly black bears, Tibetan pikas, moles, plateau rabbits, red-bellied squirrels, bamboo rats, green-headed ducks, ducks and parrots with a high ornamental value and various thrushes. bird.

Pudacuo National Park

Main Attractions

The Pudacuo National Park follows the tourist bus and can be divided into three tourist attractions, namely Dudu Lake, Grassland Observation Deck, and Bitahai. Each tour bus has a tour guide to give visitors a general view of the sights.

Pudacuo National Park

Dudu Lake

Duhu is the first attraction and there are three ways to view it. The first is to follow the bus to watch roughly, the second is to take the bridge on the lake, it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to play, and the third is to travel about 500 meters to take a cruise.

Pudacuo National Park

Bita Sea

The Bita Sea is famous for its azalea trees in the mountains and mountains. Every May and June, the rhododendrons bloom, and the petals fall into the lake. When the fish eats, they will turn over their belly and float to the surface, called “Du Fu drunk fish.” Bitahai is the last attraction of Pudacuo, and the longest tour time is about 2 to 3 hours. Usually tourists bring their own food.

Pudacuo National Park

Cultural village

Into the Xia to the Tibetan cultural village, just like walking into the quaint, into the life, into the colorful folk customs painting, although this is the human landscape outside the Pudacuo Park scenic spot, but in the natural landscape But it is particularly affectionate.

In the Tibetan-style house, the carving process and finished products of wood, Thangka and yak horn are displayed, which highlights the wisdom and art of the Tibetan people. The mani stone piles guarded by the scenic spot, the river barrels never stop, and carry the beliefs and sustenance of the Tibetan people. At this moment, the rich religious atmosphere itself is a human landscape.

Pudacuo National Park

Develop and use

In 2006, Yunnan Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture established Shangri-La Pudacuo National Park through local legislation, and declared that the relevant area that was originally approved by the State Council in 1988 to be included in the “Three River Parallel National Key Scenic Spots” is the first in mainland China. “National Parks”. However, the local legislature does not have the authority to approve national parks. Therefore, the park should not be regarded as China’s first official national park.

On November 26, 2012, four scenic spots including Shangri-La Pudacuo National Park in Yunnan Province were awarded the national 5A-level tourist scenic spot.

Pudacuo National Park


On June 21, 2007, Shangri-La Pudacuo National Park, the first protected area in mainland China to be named as a national park, was officially unveiled. At that time, the CPC Yunnan Provincial Party Committee Secretary, Governor Qin Guangrong, Vice Governor Liu Ping, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference and Zhan Yu, Provincial Government Secretary Ding Shaoxiang unveiled the park. The concept was proposed by the Yunnan government, and the Yunnan government also said that more “national parks” should be established in the province.

Pudacuo National Park

Management building

In June 2008, the State Forestry Administration issued a notice agreeing to list Yunnan Province as a pilot province for national park construction, and “developing national parks based on qualified nature reserves”. However, the Meili Snow Mountain National Park, which has been started, is not listed in the list of nature reserves in Yunnan Province, and it is still one of the scenic spots in the “Three Rivers Parallel National Scenic Area”.

Pudacuo National Park is the first “national park” approved by the competent forestry authorities in mainland China. The approving party is the State Forestry Administration and the competent authority is the Yunnan Provincial Forestry Department.

Pudacuo National Park

Receive honor

In November 2017, the company won the honor of “2017 Second Boao International Tourism Communication Forum 2017 Travel Destination”.

Pudacuo National Park

Practical information

Ticket information:
Pass 100 yuan / person [60 yuan tour fare, 40 yuan ticket fee]
From October 1st, 2018, the ticket for Pudacuo National Park will be reduced from 138 yuan/person to 100 yuan/person. The price of sightseeing car in the scenic spot will be reduced from 120 yuan/person to 80 yuan/person. During the environmental protection period of the scenic spot, due to The scope of the tour is mainly in the scenic area of Dudu Lake. Tickets are temporarily executed at 40 yuan/person, and sightseeing vehicles in the scenic spot are temporarily executed at 60 yuan/person.

Opening hours:
[11-3 months] 8:00-16:00; [4-10 months] 8:00-17:00
Recommended time for play: half a day
Address: Shuangqiao, Shangri-La, Diqing Prefecture
Best travel season: Summer and Autumn is the best. Look at the sea of flowers in summer and colorful in autumn.

There are booths for renting down jackets at the entrance of the park, and you can buy or rent clothes as needed.
Going to the front tour guide will let everyone buy oxygen. Because the highest place of Pudaco has an altitude of more than 4,000 meters. The oxygen in the scenic spot is 68 yuan per bottle, depending on the physical condition. If there is no altitude sickness in Shangri-La County, you can not buy it, or prepare a bottle for two people.
(In the sunny summer days, neither can be prepared.)

Travel information

Shuttle: Shangri-La Bus Terminal will take the shuttle bus to Pudacuo every day, 30 yuan / round trip, departure at 9:30, and return at 15:00.
The Diqing Tourist Visitor Service Center in Dukezong Ancient City, Shangri-La, has a shuttle bus to Pudacuo four times a day, 30 yuan/round trip. (Note: The fourth class will only send the bus if there are many tourists)
The first class starts at 8:00 and returns at 14:00.
The second class starts at 9:00 and returns at 15:00.
The third shift starts at 10:00 and returns at 16:00.
The fourth class departs at 11:00 and returns at 17:00.

Bus: Take the shuttle bus from Shangri-La to Shuangqiao to reach Pudacuo Scenic Area. Departs at 9:30 am, returns at 4 pm, and the ticket is 15 yuan.

Charter: You can also charter a car, the road is good, the ordinary taxi can be, the reference price is 180 yuan / day; in the exit of the ancient city, there are often taxis looking for individual carpooling, the price is about 55 yuan / person.

Taxi: You can also take a taxi. The reference price is 80 yuan for one-way and 150 yuan for a round trip. However, it is best to pay the time to pick up the driver and leave the driver to avoid the call.

Cruise: Bita Sea has a boat to do a tour around the lake. The boat fee is 50 yuan.

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