Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area

Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area

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Location:Xin’an County, Luoyang City


Famous scenery:Water flows high, Foguang Luohan Cliff

Opening hours:7:00-17:30

The Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area is the core scenic spot of the national AAAAA level scenic spot, the National Geological Park and the Emeishan World Geopark. It is a canyon scenic spot with typical geological features of the Red Rock Shibuya Group and the fifth national AAAAA level in Luoyang. Scenic area.

The Luoyang Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area is located in the valley of the Guanxia Gorge. The Tan Waterfall is connected to the Pearl River. The wall is built in the Wanxi, and the Xiaxiu Valley is quiet. After 1.2 billion years of geological sedimentation and 2.6 million years of water flow cutting and eclipse, the Gaoxia Valley, The wonder of the landslides is a world’s best. It is rare in the world. It enjoys the reputations of “China’s Shibuya First Gorge”, “Ancient Marine Natural Museum”, “Canyon Special” and “Yellow River Water Gallery”. Another scenic spot of the same name: Liaoning Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area, located in the old town of Jianchang County, Liaoning Province.

Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area

Historical evolution

From 2004 to 2006, Emeishan achieved a “triple jump”, which was passed down from the unknown to the stage of the World Geopark;
From 2005 to 2007, the Longtanxia Scenic Spot of Emeishan Geological Park was established as a national AAAA-level scenic spot in only 3 years. The Longtanxia Scenic Spot is the first development of the Emeishan World Geopark.

Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area

Geographical environment

Geographic location

Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area is located in Shijing Township, Xin’an County, Luoyang City. It is 60 kilometers away from Luoyang City and 180 kilometers away from Zhengzhou. Lianhuo Expressway, 310 National Highway and Longhai Railway cross the county. It is located at 34°36′ north latitude to 35° north latitude. 05′, between 111°53′ and 112°19′ east longitude.

Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area

Climate characteristics

The Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area in Luoyang is a warm temperate continental monsoon climate with four distinct seasons. The annual average temperature is 14.2 °C, the frost-free period is 216 days, and the annual average precipitation is 642.4 mm.

Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area

Landscape attractions


Longtan comes down from the mountain ridge, goes down the stone steps to the east, or drills from the Dragon King Cave, and climbs the rock to the east to see the real water dragon pool. Longtan is unfathomable. People use ropes to tie ropes, live fish, and divers wear wetsuits to find out.

Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area

Longtan Gorge

Longtan Gorge is located at the top left of the “丫” shaped canyon. The canyon is covered by hundreds of millions of years of geology.
The result is formed. The canyon is 648 meters deep and 210 meters wide with a total length of 22.5 kilometers. Inside the canyon are Longtan Waterfall, Golden Gourd Waterfall, Natural Big Buddha, and Turtle Stone.

Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area

Golden gourd waterfall

Close to the foot of the cliff and gathered again, the white flowers and the waves of the flying scrolls, circling and twisting into the bottom of the valley. The exit of the waterfall, the space formed by the cliffs on both sides is like an inverted golden gourd, which is named “Golden Gourd Waterfall”.

Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area

Longtan Waterfall

The rushing water erupted from the mouth of the mountain. From the cliff nearly 20 meters high, it plunged into the bottom of the valley. The famous Longtan was on the cliff, thus forming the “Longtan Waterfall”.

Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area

Shilin Gorge

It is located on the top of the Three Gorges stone in the shape of “丫”. It is named after the mountains in the gorge, which are like stone forests. The stone forest of 8 kilometers long and 150 meters wide is also one of the most beautiful scenery in the whole scenic spot. The entire valley is surrounded by mountains, and the water flows around the mountains. The towering peaks are row upon row. In the canyon, you will be attracted by the landscapes of the Antarctic Xianwon Waterfall, the Milky Way Splash, the Baguio Xianchi, the Yuxi Drilling Heaven, the Elephant Mountain, the Lovers Peak, and so on.

Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area

Antarctic Xianwon Waterfall

The Antarctic Xianwon Waterfall, climbing to the east side of the hillside, looks back, the opposite mountain peak, the top of the green and white rocks, like the front of the forehead of the Antarctic fairy. Eyes, nose, and mouth are all well-known, also known as “tumbler.”

Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area

Eagle Nest

Yingwo Gorge is an extended gorge after the convergence of Longtan Gorge and Shilin Gorge, extending to Qinglong, Hebei Province.
The county has a total length of 12.5 kilometers and a width of 200 meters. Going south into the mountain gate and looking down, there is a stone pillar. It is called the “Forgetting the Worry Peak”. This is a huge rock that is difficult to climb. Below is the cliff, but the cliff has a huge stone. The connection with another cliff is really a “world miracle” created by nature.

Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area


Hongyan Gorge is a branch of the Longtan Grand Canyon. It is southeast of Longtan Gorge and is red in the canyon.
The stones in the canyon are red, and the autumn leaves are red, hence the name “Red Rock Gorge”. Hongyan Gorge has two gorges “Hongyan Gorge” and “Qingyan Gorge”. During the War of Resistance Against Japan, in 1942, it was the first grassroots organization established by the Party in the Northeast region – the Dayingou Party Group. It is the political and military command center of the hot east region of western Liaoning, which is the birthplace of revolutionary public opinion and has the reputation of “Liaoyan, Liaoning”.

Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area

Foguang Luohan Cliff

The Fohan Luohan Cliff is composed of a dense layer of medium-thick quartzite sandstone and a loose layered argillaceous sandstone interbed. The columnar joints in the medium-thick quartzite sandstone layer are very developed, forming a single stone pillar of the vertical rock formation.

The spheroidal weathering of the sandstone makes the stone column resemble the shape of the Luohan; the refraction of the light makes hundreds of shimmering Luohans lined up neatly on the cliff to form this rare natural wonder.

Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area

Giant fingerprint

The numerous wave marks in the Longtan Gorge are the remnants of the layer formed by the sand deposits on the surface of the sediment under the action of water or wind. The shape is very similar to the wave of water.

The giant fingerprint is a typical interference wave mark, which is named as the giant fingerprint because of its texture shape such as human fingerprint.

Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area

Shishang Tianshu

Shishang Tianshu is a landscape formed by differential weathering.

On the level of medium-thick quartz sandstone, there are often thin layered argillaceous sandstone or argillaceous siltstone, which collapses and exposes the surface. Under differential weathering, part of the weathering is lost, and some of it remains to form various types of patterns. . “One person, one stone” is the most typical pattern among them.

Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area

Immortal footprint

Longtan Gorge Shili Changxia has a dense scenic spot, and the terrain is extremely strange. The tens of layers of purple quartz sandstone deposits like colored; the earth’s annual ring;; the footprints of the immortals can be seen everywhere.

Walking on the pebble stone is like walking on the ancient ocean beach; in the wide and varied, winding canyon, as if roaming in the maze of nature; the colorful cliffs make people feel like they are in a fabulous world. .

Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area

Fairy bathing

There is a crystal clear shallow pool here, and the surface of the erect rock next to it has a pattern like a fairy, just like bathing out from the pool.

One is the pictogram on a stone below the bamboo rock. Such as a beautiful woman with loose hair, water can be seen.

Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area

Receive honor

National Geopark
Land and Resources Bureau
year 2006
World Geopark
National AAAA Scenic Area
National Tourism Bureau
year 2010
National Science Education Base
National Association for Science and Technology
year 2013
National AAAAA Level Scenic Area
National Tourism Bureau

Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area

Travel guide

Traffic routes

Bus route: There is currently no direct train from Luoyang to Longtan Grand Canyon. You need to take the bus from Luoyang to Luoyang to Xin’an County, then transfer to Xin’an County and then transfer to the bus from Xin’an to Shijing Town. After going to Shijing Town, take the local van to the Longtan Grand Canyon. The journey takes about three hours. When you come, you can make an appointment with the local van owner to return it directly to Luoyang, where you can easily take the bus to any place in Luoyang.

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