Laojieling Scenic Area

Laojieling Scenic Area

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Geographic location:Nanyang City, Henan Province


Famous scenery:Waterfall group, Jiuzhufeng

Suitable for the play season:Annual

Laojieling Eco-tourism Area is located in the hometown of dinosaurs – located in Taiping Town, Xixia County, Nanyang City, Henan Province, China’s outstanding tourist city. It is the main peak of Funiu Mountain, the core area of Nanniu Funiu Mountain World Geopark, national AAAAA level scenic spot, country. Nature reserve. It is 75 kilometers away from Xixia County. The “311, 312” national highway passes through the territory and has convenient transportation.

The viewing area is 180,000 mu. There are 9 scenic spots and more than 260 scenic spots. The mountains in the mountains are beautiful, the mountains and rivers are beautiful, the forests and the sky are vast, and the four seasons are splendid. It is known as the “leisure resort and holiday paradise” and is the best summer resort in the Central Plains. Here is the transition zone between the north and south climate, the transition zone between the humid zone and the semi-humid zone, the transition zone between the subtropical zone and the warm temperate zone, and the “watershed of the Yellow River of the Yangtze River”. It is an ideal garden for ascending and searching, summer vacation and science investigation.

Laojieling Scenic Area

Main Attractions

The mountains in the territory are beautiful, the mountains and rivers are beautiful, the forests are in the sky, and the four seasons are splendid. Spring Wanmu, a hundred flowers to open; summer green shades, flowing spring waterfalls, golden autumn full of mountains and red, flying leaves flowing Dan; cold winter silver wrapped, Yushu Qionghua.

Known as the “leisure resort, holiday paradise” reputation; “the Yangtze River Yellow River watershed. Eight hundred miles of cattle; wheat top” of the main peak of the Funiu Mountain peak (chicken), 2212.5 meters above sea level, Heli Mountain. 15 peaks above 1800 meters above sea level. Jungfrau, Optimus Peak, spectacular scenery; waterfalls, Jiuzhufeng, the beauty of the world; and the welcome stone, the knives and the virgin forests, the magical, amazing.

Laojieling Scenic Area

Biological resources

Laojieling has rich vegetation, ancient trees, and exotic flowers. It is one of the most abundant gene libraries in China. There are 2,879 species of plants in the area, more than 400 kinds of rare birds and animals, and more than 1,200 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines.

Millennium Ginkgo, Millennium Rhododendron, National Treasure, etc. can be seen everywhere. The climate here is suitable, with an average annual temperature of 12.5 °C. It can be described as “the breeze is like water, the summer is cool like spring”, and it is the best summer resort in the Central Plains.

Laojieling Scenic Area

Geological landscape

Nature’s preference for Funiu Mountain has created the good mountains and waters of the old borders, the mountains and rivers, the mountains and rivers, and the mountains and rivers. To Laojieling, you can enjoy the tranquility and enjoy the nature, such as the first peak of the Central Plains, the sunrise, the sunrise, the view of the sea, the millennium azalea garden, the virgin forest, the Guanyinjiao Buddha light, and the worship of the “Fu Niu Mountain God”. Into dreams, wonderland.

Laojieling Scenic Area

Travel Information

Ticketing instructions

Opening hours: 8:00 am – 18:00 pm
Pick-up location: Tickets at the ticket office of the scenic spot
Admission voucher: online booking tickets with the help of Xia Xing Travel Network booking confirmation SMS
Special population:
Free policy: free for children under 1.2 meters in height; free for senior citizens over 70 years old with elderly preferential treatment; disabled revolutionary soldiers with free valid documents
Preferential policies: children’s tickets between 1.2-1.4 meters in height; 60-69 years olds purchase old tickets with old-age cards

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