Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden

Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden

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Geographic location:Golden Temple Scenic Area in the northeastern suburbs of Kunming


Famous scenery:Five exhibition halls and six special exhibition parks

Opening hours: 8:00-17:00

Kunming World Horticultural Expo Park (referred to as the Expo Park) is the site of the 1999 Kunming World Horticultural Exposition. It is located in the Golden Temple Scenic Area in the northeastern suburb of Kunming, about 4 kilometers from downtown Kunming. The Expo Park covers an area of about 218 hectares and has a vegetation coverage rate of 76.7%. Among them, there are 120 hectares of shrubs and gentle slopes, and the water surface accounts for 10% to 15%.

The overall planning of the park is based on the mountains. It integrates the local characteristics of the provinces, districts and cities, and 95 national gardening and gardening products. The courtyard architecture and science and technology achievements are in one garden, reflecting the theme of the era of “human and nature, harmonious development”. A large garden of gardening and gardening products with “Yunnan characteristics, Chinese style, world-class”.

On August 3, 2016, the National Tourism Administration approved the Kunming Expo Site in Kunming, Yunnan Province as a 5A-level scenic spot.

Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden

Main Attractions

International Pavilion

The total construction area is 11,000 square meters, covering an area of 13,250 square meters, the road square area is 4,300 square meters, the green area is 3,050 square meters, and the indoor floor elevation is 1,953 meters.

The International Pavilion is located at the eastern end of the Expo Park, ending at the main road and about 2 km from the main entrance of the Expo Park.

The main building is set against a backdrop of lush forests and has a beautiful environment. The architectural shape consists of a circular body and a curved wall of more than 100 meters, which is displayed in front of the audience in a large amount of exhibition space. The building structure forms several complete and flowing spaces through several concentric cylindrical nets. The exhibition rooms around the world are arranged around the atrium, which fully reflects the equality and harmony of the international family relationship; the background of the oblique curved building has an upward and forward dynamic and momentum, symbolizing the common development of man and nature towards the 21st century. determination.

The international pavilion is mostly two-storey, 8.5 meters high, partially divided into three to four stories, with a height of 19.2 meters. The overall size of the plane is about 66 meters by 78 meters. The atrium of the atrium has a diameter of 18 meters. Steel mesh glass lighting canopy.

The front square of the International Pavilion combines with the terrain to set up a garden. In front, there are landscape currents, green grass flowers, outdoor greening and indoor greening, which make the layout of the pavilion dissolve in nature.

Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden

People and Nature Museum

The total construction area is 4,953 square meters, covering an area of 19,148 square meters, the site pavement area is 1,800 square meters, the green area is 6,290 square meters, and the landscape pool area is 6,100 square meters. The Museum of Man and Nature is the theme pavilion of the Expo. The construction of the pavilion combines with the mountainous landscape, using two terraces and water surfaces with a height difference of 2.4 meters, fully demonstrating the artistic conception of integrating mountains, forests, water and buildings.

The layout of the Museum of Human and Nature is based on the triangular shape of the ancient ecological plant clover deformation as a basic unit to form three hexagons. The building structure adopts a stainless steel grid, which has strong regularity and free space. The roof is decorated with decorative functions. Composite aluminum panel, 15 meters high at the top of the building.

The gathering and rest lounge at the main entrance of the Man and Nature Museum is close to the main and landscape pools, and large areas of grass slowly extend to the surface, giving people a feeling of closeness to nature. The water surface is divided into two parts. The front water area is large, mainly based on natural landscapes. The rear water area is mainly composed of artificial landscapes, which are connected to the front waters through waterfalls.

Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden

Science Museum

The total construction area is 3,064 square meters, covering an area of 6,650 square meters. The site pavement area is 1080 square meters, the green area is 2,800 square meters, and the floor elevation is 1,938.95 meters. The Science and Technology Museum is located in the middle of the international outdoor exhibition area, with a hillside on the north and a 12-meter-wide main road in the south. The east and west sides are adjacent to the tea garden and the international outdoor exhibition area. In combination with the land use situation, the Science and Technology Museum is divided into two parts: the exhibition hall and the ring-shadow theater. The exhibition hall is arranged in a rectangular plane 40 meters behind the main road. The front is designed as a small square. The surrounding area is surrounded by greenery, essays and flagpoles. The ring screen theater is designed to be spherical and located in the right front of the exhibition hall, metaphorizing a fruit.

The Science and Technology Museum has the theme of “horticulture and technology”. The content of the exhibition is mainly divided into five parts: preface, gift of nature, history, wisdom, oasis, and wings of life.

The main exhibition hall is a reinforced concrete frame structure with a height of 7.5 meters. The large area of the exhibition hall is made of clear white glass floor-to-ceiling windows and doors. The top is set with a cone-shaped glass top with a diameter of 12 meters. The sunlight can penetrate into the room to meet the lighting of the central green area. The theater is divided into two floors, the bottom is a coffee shop and a rest room, and the second floor is a ring-screen movie hall. The outer ring of the ring-screen movie hall is made of steel mesh frame, silver-gray composite aluminum plate surface, and the spherical cinema is 24 meters in diameter. It can accommodate 230 people.

Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden

China Pavilion

The total construction area is 19927 square meters, covering an area of 33,000 square meters, the viewing area is 3,600 square meters, and the road and site paving area is 4,340 square meters.

The China Pavilion is the largest indoor exhibition hall of the ’99 World Expo. It forms the main venue area of the Expo with the People and Nature Pavilion and the Grand Green Square (New Century Plaza).

The China Pavilion is located at a high elevation on the north side of the square. The elevation of the floor is 1937 meters, which is 9 meters higher than the central square. It faces the central square and has a viewing platform for opening, closing and conducting the event. The layout of the China Pavilion adopts traditional Chinese garden techniques to form a courtyard-style architectural group. The corridors combine various functional exhibition halls. The entire building is divided into 2 floors and the top of the building is 18 meters high. The basic unit plane is 24 × 24 meters, a total of seven.

The architectural style of the China Pavilion combines the Han Dynasty palace building with the southern residential architecture, the green tile white wall, the green represents life, and the symbol of gardening. White represents peace and harmony.

The Central Inner Garden is divided into Jiangnan Garden, North Garden and Dali Garden. It not only concentrates on Chinese gardening and gardening, but also is an ideal place for sightseeing and rest.

Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden

Large greenhouse

The large greenhouse has a total construction area of ​​3,630 square meters, covers an area of ​​2,400 square meters, and has a floor elevation of 1,932 meters. The main body of the large greenhouse is facing the central axis of the Expo site, and is connected with the Expo Park Gate, Garden Avenue and Century Plaza. It has important landmarks and landscapes. The design of the large greenhouse reflects a distinct atmosphere of the times. It is divided into four exhibition areas, namely the tropical plant exhibition area, the temperate plant exhibition area, the alpine plant exhibition area (plants with an altitude of over 3,000 meters) and the photo exhibition hall. The three plant exhibition areas range from small to large, the height increases in turn, and the slope of the roof increases in turn, forming a spiral upward trend, which implies a dialectical law in which people and nature coexist harmoniously. The façade is treated with height difference and segmentation. The cold zone is 8-12 meters high, the temperate zone is 10-16 meters high, and the tropical exhibition zone is 10-20 meters high, which breaks the monotony of the building shape. According to the growth environment and ecological requirements of the three climatic zones, the height and variation of each exhibition area and internal space, and the setting of the inclined roof are suitable for the rational layout of plants and the needs of ecological space. Visitors can enjoy the ingenious natural scenery from different angles by sightseeing from the outside through the glass, and entering the interior and the exhibition environment.

Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden

Melon and vegetable garden

The fruit and vegetable garden covers an area of ​​4,200 square meters. The theme is “Mothers, fruits and vegetables are important food sources for human survival.” It mainly shows people’s agricultural development in China, develops various kinds of vegetables and fruits in China, and promotes vegetables and fruits that have no side effects, no chemical fertilizers, and no pesticides. . With the development of science and technology, especially bioengineering, vegetables and fruits have added a function – ornamental, in addition to the traditional edible value. When you enter the vegetable melon orchard, you will feel that this statement is not false. The vegetable and melon orchard exhibition mode is based on outdoor living culture, taking into account physical products and specimen models. Treasures of resources – live garden cultivation display. The specific types of exhibits are: vegetables (about 85 varieties), fruit trees (about 99 varieties), and melons (about 20 varieties). Reproduce the glory – display display. Through the display and promotion of vegetable melon fruit products, specimen models and picture materials, people can better understand the historical origins of human and vegetable melon and horticultural culture, advocate green food, pollution-free food and promote the development of famous and excellent products. . The oasis of wisdom – the specialization, intensive production prototype. The “model” of intensive production of celery and dwarf apples is the main focus, and the scientific and technological level of vegetable and fruit production in China is concentrated.

Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden

Bamboo garden

Zhuyuan is located on the southeast side of the Qiantang Reservoir of the Expo Park. It covers an area of 17,000 square meters. The terrain is narrow and long, with mountains and water. Zhuyuan collected a total of 2,000 species of 222 species of 28 genera of bamboo plants. There are more than 30 kinds of ornamental bamboos, jasper bamboo, golden Buddha bamboo, bamboo, bamboo, chair bamboo, etc. There are rare and endangered iron bamboo, needle bamboo, Gongshan bamboo, pear thorn bamboo, thorn dragon bamboo More than 50 kinds of bamboos, such as Zhongdian, have formed an environment with “the sun has a clear shade, the moon shines with a clear shadow, the wind has a clear sound, and the rain has a clear rhyme”. Bamboo gardens are also equipped with bamboo rafts, red sand stone benches, inductive giant pandas, bamboo lanterns and butterfly springs.

Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden

Bonsai Garden

The bonsai garden is located on the south side of the Garden Road, Expo Park, covering an area of 5,880 square meters. The main building in the park is formed with three exhibition halls and a set of corridors. The combination stone pavilion forms the cast façade of the bonsai garden with a calm and beautiful image. The exterior image is composed of three square pavilions with a four-slope trapezoidal roof and a corridor. The slopes are magnolia terracotta, red wall and white jade. The building image has an oriental style.

Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden

Tea garden

The tea garden is located on the slope between the main tourist road and the No. 2 road in the middle of the Expo Park. The south is separated from the cliff landscape by water, covering an area of ​​11,000 square meters. Because it is located between the two main roads, coupled with the higher terrain, while displaying the characteristics of tea culture, it will also become a good place for visitors to stop and watch the scenery. On the northwest side of the site, a “fine garden” was opened to showcase the Chinese and foreign tea tree boutiques. The construction of the tea garden mainly includes the tea culture exhibition hall, the tea art performance room, and the tea house. Tea culture exhibition hall. The contents include the origin and development of tea, tea and culture, tea and national unity, tea in human health, and comprehensive utilization of tea. Tea art show, tea house. The specially trained tea performance team can make a rich and vivid tea performance to the tourists. It will also arrange several sets of easy-to-master and distinctive brewing methods to let the tourists and the performers look at each other, learn, do and make products. Or choose several sets of different kinds of tea or tea sets, in the form of “self-service tea”, let the tourists choose their own brewing and drinking according to their own preferences, and introduce people into a world of taste and taste. The Pinhao Pavilion is equipped with a TV recording and playback system, which can display video related to tea when it is finished. Or send some elegant music with high taste, such as classical music, light music or guzheng, to fully reflect the unique cultural atmosphere of tea culture.

Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden

Herb garden

The herb garden covers an area of 8,700 square meters. The design of the park reflects the traditional Chinese style of Jiangnan gardens, showing a three-dimensional landscape painting model, which is mainly rare and rare, commonly used Chinese medicine cultivation. The layout is based on natural style, supplemented by regular style. Strive to reflect the purpose of “the tree is a herb, the plant can cure the disease, the moon and the moon have flowers, and the step by step is the landscape”.

Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden


The arboretum covers an area of ​​25,400 square meters and is located in the middle of the Expo Park. There are about 40,000 rare and rare trees in one or two classes. Yunnan is one of the most abundant forest germplasm resources in China and the world. Through the arboretum, it can demonstrate the effectiveness of China’s effective protection of rare and endangered plants and the important position and role of Yunnan in the study of Magnolia plants worldwide. There are more than 200 species of 83 families in the arboretum, and there are more than 20,000 plants, including 50 rare and endangered plants and more than 1000 trees. It is divided into four areas, namely, Magnolia planting area, rare and endangered plant cultivation area, economic forest area, and forest plant germplasm resource area. Yunnan is the distribution center of Magnoliaceae species. There are more than 150 species in 15 genera in the world, and more than 120 species in 11 genera in Yunnan. More than 50 species of Magnoliaceae plants, mainly Huagai, have been planted in the arboretum, and most of them are large trees, which is rare. More than 50 species of more than 14,000 rare and endangered plants were collected and planted in the arboretum, including more than 10 species of national first-class protected plants, such as Davidia involucrata, Yunnan yew, Bole, Bald, and cycad, and more than 30 secondary protected plants. A huge cypress with a tree age of nearly 300 years, a diameter of 1.1 meters, a height of 13.8 meters and a crown width of 8×8 meters was transplanted from the place 70 kilometers away to create a transplanting record of the world cypress plant. The big tree that was transplanted to survive makes the visitors look amazing.

Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden

Travel information

In the urban area, take bus No. 47, 69, 71, 182, 194, 204, 228, 235, 248, 249, 904, 919 and get off at the Expo site. Just fine.
The viewing battery car in the park costs 15 yuan/person.

Practical information

World Horticultural Expo Park opening hours: 8:00–18:00
Ticket price: 70 yuan child ticket: 50 yuan.
Ticket Remarks: 70 yuan / person for ordinary tourists, 70 yuan / person after 2 pm. Students, military personnel, and disabled persons with a valid certificate of 50 yuan / person, 15 or more group fare 30 yuan / person

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