Kunming City,Stone Forest Scenic

Kunming City,Stone Forest Scenic

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Geographic location:Kunming, Yunnan Province


Famous scenery:Large and small stone forest, Long Lake and Moon Lake, Qifeng Cave and Zhiyun Cave

Opening hours: 7:00—18:00

Kunming Shilin Scenic Area, also known as Yunnan Shilin, is located in the Shilin Yi Autonomous County of Kunming, 78 kilometers from Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province. The range is 350 square kilometers. The development of the Shilin Scenic Spot in Kunming is mainly the Shilin Scenic Area, the Black Pine Rock (Naigu Stone Forest) Scenic Area, the Feilong Waterfall (Dalian Water) Scenic Area, and the Long Lake Scenic Area.

The Shilin Scenic Spot in Kunming has been rated as “World Geopark” by the United Nations Culture and Education Department and “World Natural Heritage Scenery”. In 1982, it was approved by the State Council to become one of the first batch of national key scenic spots, and it is a national 5A tourist attraction and nationwide. Civilized scenic tourist area. In January 2019, the ticket price of the scenic spot was lowered. On July 31, 2019, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism gave a report to the Shilin Scenic Spot in Kunming City, Yunnan Province, to order rectification and correction, for a period of three months.

Kunming City,Stone Forest Scenic

Historical evolution

About 300 million years ago, the Shilin Scenic Spot in Kunming City was a vast oceanic country. After a long geological evolution, it finally formed an extremely precious geological relic, covering many types of karst landforms on the earth.
As early as the 42nd year of Ming Wanli (1614), Lunan Zhizhou Wang Liang turned Shilinzhiyundong into a scenic spot and established the Zhiyun cave monument.
In 1931, the Shilin Scenic Spot in Kunming City was officially built.
On April 1, 1978, Shilin Scenic Area began to conduct ticket sales for Chinese and foreign tourists.
Since 1931, after 82 years of construction and development, Kunming Shilin Scenic Area has now become a national AAAAA-level tourist attraction.

Kunming City,Stone Forest Scenic

Geographical environment

Geographic location

Kunming Shilin Scenic Area is located in Shilin Yi Autonomous County, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, 78 kilometers away from the provincial capital Kunming. The Kunshi Expressway takes only 50 minutes. The longitude of Shilin Scenic Spot in Kunming City is 103°30’ and the latitude is 24°81’.

Kunming City,Stone Forest Scenic

Climate characteristics

The climate of Shilin Scenic Spot in Kunming is a subtropical low-latitude plateau mountain monsoon climate with an annual average temperature of about 16 °C. There is no cold in winter, no heat in summer, and four seasons like spring.

Kunming City,Stone Forest Scenic

Resource situation

Plant resources

The national secondary protected plants include: red peony, Yunnan eucalyptus, cuspidatum, eucalyptus, magnolia, eucommia, fan fern, etc.; the provincial secondary protected plants are: small fruit south candle, cracked fruit paint; provincial protected plants: muscat , 荼 wood, top ten credit, thorn yellow lotus and so on.

Kunming City,Stone Forest Scenic

Animal resources

The main wild animals are: pangolin, civet, scorpion, eagle, starling, pheasant, thrush, woodpecker, white-bellied pheasant, magpie, hare, nine-soul, squirrel, scorpion and green bamboo, green snake, lizard and so on.

Kunming City,Stone Forest Scenic

Main Attractions

Small stone forest

Xiao Shilin (Ashima Scenic Area), the thick and thick stone wall like a screen, divides Xiaoshilin (Ashima beauty area) into several gardens. The most famous scenic spot in Xiaoshilin (Ashima Scenic Area) is “Ashima”. When the night falls, the lanterns are reflected, and it is colorful and charming.

Kunming City,Stone Forest Scenic

Big stone forest

The big stone forest is composed of dense stone peaks, like a stone basin. The stone forest stands upright and has smooth lines and a hint of blue-gray. The largest independent rock pillar is over 40 meters high. Among them are the typical attractions such as “Lianhua Peak”, “Jianfeng Pool”, “Millennium and Hair”, “Very narrow and narrow”, “Imagining Shitai”, “Yulan Deep Valley” and “Phoenix Comb”. The number of Long Yun inscription “Stone Forest” is the “Shilin Shengjing”, and “Wangfeng Pavilion” is the best place to appreciate “Linhai”.

Kunming City,Stone Forest Scenic

Shilin Changhu

Changhu Lake is a lava lake. The lake water is supplied by groundwater. It has a circumference of 5 kilometers, a width of 300 meters and an average depth of 24 meters. The water quality is clear and pollution-free. Surrounded by green hills, the plant coverage rate is over 95%. The air is fresh and clean, and the transparency is good. There is a small island in the lake. The lakeshore is a forest dominated by Yunnan pine. The terrain is gentle and divided by many small lakes. The environment is clean and beautiful. It is surrounded by mountains at an altitude of 1907 meters. The shape of the lake is like a slender girl. It is the hometown of A Shima in the folklore. Because the lake is hidden in the green hills of Cuigang, it has been called “Tibet Lake” because of the rare footprints of tourists.

The main scenic spots are Du Shishan, Dajianshan, Erjianshan, Sanjianshan, Mopanshan, Penglai Island and Yuanhu. The area is 3.94 square kilometers.

Kunming City,Stone Forest Scenic

Steps Hill

The Whistle Mountain is located in the east of Daishilin, in the south of Xiaoshilin. It is bounded by the north-south belt in the scenic area of Huanlin East Road. The landform is on the eastern slope platform of the Dashilin dissolution. Because of the late Qing Dynasty Shilin’s leader of the People’s Army, Zhao Fa was stationed in this mountain and named after the whistle. The top of the mountain is 1796.7m above sea level, which is nearly 50m above the Wangshi Pavilion in Dashilin. It is the highest elevation in Shilin Scenic Area. Ascend to the distance, Lin Hai Song Tao, the pillar stone is staggered; strolling in the mountains, Shilin excellence, Jianfeng listed. There are many columnar stone forests in the area, and there are unique landscapes such as “Four Whistle Five Stone Gates” and “Step Whistle Songtao”. Among the scenic spots are fossils such as giant gastropod fossils and coral fossils, which record the underwater world of the 270 million years ago.

Kunming City,Stone Forest Scenic

Li Ziyuan

Li Ziyuan is outside the Huanlin Road. On the barren hills of the dozens of miles, there are strange pillars and stones. There are scattered and scattered, and there are not too many high trees and stone forests. The natural style. On the jungle stone wall about 300 meters southeast of Huanlin Road, there is an ancient cliff painting depicting images of people, beasts, objects, stars and moons that are unrestrained and rough. According to relevant experts, this is the original religious content, and Guangxi. The characters drawn by Zuojiang Cliff are very similar.

Kunming City,Stone Forest Scenic

Qifeng Cave

Qifeng Cave is a cave that will “breath”. Among the many caves in Shilin County, it is the most exotic. Although the hole is not large, the diameter is about 1 meter, but every time during the rainy season, the sound of the old cow will be heard. Someone deliberately sealed the hole with mud, and it can blow the mud away without any effort. If the firewood is burned in the hole, the wind in the hole will blow the smoke of the flames. After stopping for more than 10 minutes, it will start to suck again. Gas, fireworks have been “swallowed” into the hole, so that one breath, the cycle is endless. Breathing in the Qifeng Cave is not common in the four seasons, usually occurring between June and October. Qifeng Cave has not yet been developed and is a reserve attraction.

Kunming City,Stone Forest Scenic

Shilinzhiyun Cave

Shilinzhiyun Cave is 6 km northwest of the large and small stone forest, and is located in a limestone mountain on the east side of Anshi Road. The length of the cave is 400, the width is 3-15 meters, the height is 5-30 meters, and it is in the shape of “丫”. The two sections are connected by a low and narrow cave door. Caves such as stalactites, stalagmites, and stone pillars. The form is diverse and colorful. After the Ming Dynasty, it was called “Xianji Shengjing”, and it was the first of the eight scenic spots in Shilin.

From the entrance to the end of the cave, there are more than 20 major scenic spots, namely: Lingzhi Xiancao, Yuxiang Tiantian, Upside Down Golden Rooster, Grape Garden, Sitting Buddha in the Cloud, Courtesy Cave, Diamond Camel, Double Lion Love, Wukong treasure, East Dragon Palace, Dragon Dragon, Millennium Yushu, Taibai Jinxing, Shenniu mother, Shuilian Cave, Dragon and Tiger Fighting, Shouxing Picking Peach, Shui Man Jinshan Temple.

Kunming City,Stone Forest Scenic

Receive honor

National Scenic Area, 1982 State Council
1992 National Advanced Unit of Scenic Spots System National Tourism Administration
National Advanced Tourism Industry Unit, National Tourism Administration, 1993
Yunnan Province Tourism Industry Advanced Unit, Tourism Bureau, 1994
1999 National Civilization Scenic Spot Demonstration Site Central Civilization Office, Ministry of Construction, National Tourism Administration
Yunnan Provincial Patriotism Education Base, 1999
Advanced Unit of National Scenic Spots in 2000 Central Civilization Office, Ministry of Construction, National Tourism Administration
National AAAA-level tourist scenic spot in 2001 National Tourism Administration
2001 China National Geopark Ministry of Land and Resources
World Geopark 2004 UNESCO Department of Geosciences
In 2006, the establishment of an advanced unit of the National Civilization Scenic Area, Central Civilization Office, Ministry of Construction, National Tourism Administration
2007 National AAAAA Level Scenic Spot National Tourism Administration
World Heritage List, World Heritage List, 2007
Top Ten Units for Comprehensive Management of National Scenic Areas in 2007
Top Ten Scenic Spots in China for Best Resource Protection in 2007
2009 National Civilization Scenic Area Central Civilization Office, Ministry of Construction, National Tourism Administration
2011 Land and Resources Science Base, Ministry of Land and Resources

Kunming City,Stone Forest Scenic

Travel guide

Ticket price

In January 2019, the ticket price of the scenic spot was lowered. The price reduction of Shilin Scenic Spot is relatively large. According to the “Implementation Opinions”, “cleaning up and canceling the ticket for “Garden in the Garden”, the price of the current 120 yuan/person ticket for the Shilin Karst Geological Museum will be cancelled and calculated at the agreed price of 40 yuan/person. The Shilin Karst Geological Museum was integrated with the Shilin Scenic Area. Tickets were adjusted from RMB 215 per person to RMB 130 per person, a drop of 39.53%.

Travel information

Car: There is a “Tourist Train” service in Shilin Scenic Area at Kunming Railway Station.
Train: K364/K365 from Guangzhou to Kunming, K230/K231 from Xiamen to Kunming, K393 (Kunxi) to Guilin from Kunming, 2367 (Liutie) from Nanning to Kunming, and 6081 from Guiyang to Kunming /6084 times, Zhanjiang to Kunming’s 2055/2058, red fruit to Kunming’s 7451/7454 times.
Aircraft: Kunming Wujiaba Airport is very close to the city and the railway station. Take a taxi to Dongju, and the East Golden Horse Bus Terminal is also very close.

Tourist tips

Tickets for Shilin Scenic Area: 150 yuan / person
It is recommended to wear hiking shoes or running shoes. There are many stone steps in Shilin Scenic Area, and the road to be taken is also very long.
The cost of hiring a guide: Guided tours are available at the gate of the scenic spot. The Chinese tour guide led a full course of 60 yuan. English tour guide 80 yuan. It is worth noting that only the guides wearing the slings are the full-time guides of the scenic spot.
There are restaurants in Shilin Scenic Area, but it is not suitable for individual guests. If the itinerary arrives at Shilin Scenic Area at noon, it is recommended to dine outside the scenic spot or bring a snack drink.
Opening hours: The scenic area does not impose rules on when a day must be left, but it is recommended to end the tour before dark. Due to the large scenic area and the complicated route, it is easy to get lost at night.
If you want to stay in the scenic area, you only need to buy one ticket no matter how many days you stay. When entering the scenic spot, you can show your room card registration at the entrance of the scenic spot.
The tour guide service will leave as soon as you leave, you can leave the scenic spot with your guide, or you can leave free activities. However, it is necessary to fill out a survey of tourist satisfaction and opinions.

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