Jinji Lake Scenic Area

Jinji Lake Scenic Area

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Geographic location:Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province


Famous scenery:Happy Ferris Wheel, Ligong Dyke, Jinji Lake Bridge • Waterfall, Cultural Water Gallery • Moonlight Pier

Best play season:The most beautiful spring and autumn scenery

Jinji Lake Scenic Area is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, with a total area of 11.5 square kilometers, of which the water area is 7.4 square kilometers. The scenic spot investment of 8.953 billion yuan has meticulously created five major functional areas, namely, cultural exhibition area, fashion shopping area, leisure food area, city sightseeing area and central water scenic area. It is one of the few national key 5A level scenic spots that are free to open to the outside world. In December 2018, it won the TOP20 of the 2018 Chinese brand tourism scenic spot.

The top ten landscapes of Jinji Lake Scenic Area bring a wonderful sensory journey, six high-end fashion business travel experiences, and three major tourism products provide rich customized tourism products for business people, tourists and citizens.

Jinji Lake Scenic Area

Ten landscapes

Suzhou Center

With a total construction area of approximately 1.13 million square meters, Suzhou Center integrates shopping centers, office buildings, serviced apartments and hotels.

The monolithic free-form surface of the lighting roof, the atmosphere is not lost, but also known as the “wing of the future.” It is like the wings of the phoenix stretching, the atmosphere is magnificent, and the volley is in the towering buildings, adding artistic ethereality and lightness to the center of Suzhou. The roof is seamlessly connected by 6947 colored shaped glass, covering an area of 36,000 square meters. Whether in the sun or under the light, the glass roof is transparent, reflecting the fascinating light, like the ripples of light on the Jinji Lake, showing the charm of the water city.

The shopping center in Suzhou Center is divided into 6 floors and 3 floors underground, with nearly 1,000 shops planned. The mall has now introduced the Olympic standard ice skating rink, high-end boutique supermarket, IMAX theater, children’s kingdom, global cuisine, luxury boutique, light luxury fashion, Suzhou Center is committed to become the iconic fashion life in East China. It has the largest underground parking lot in China and has 6,000 parking spaces. It is perfectly connected with the urban transportation system that extends in all directions, highlighting the status of the CBD city center hub.

Jinji Lake Scenic Area

Oriental Gate

The Gate of the East, the new landmark of Suzhou, once smashed the Internet with the nickname “Autumn Pants”. It is a skyscraper on the west bank of Jinji Lake. The whole building is a twin tower building. The top twin towers are combined into one, forming the shape of a door. Its height reaches 301.8 meters, which is the first peak of Suzhou. It is 246 meters high and spans 68 meters. It is about the size of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. It is the largest portal building in the world and is known as the “world’s first.” door”. The Gate of the East has set a record of “the most in China and the best in the world”. It is “China’s most complex super-high-rise building”, “China’s highest street crossing”, “China’s deepest private wine cellar”, a limited amount of storage in the underground more than 30 meters, “China’s highest aerial garden” “China The highest infinity pool.” The Gate of the East is a building that integrates hotel, shopping and office. Inspired by the creativity of Suzhou’s ancient city gates, it is a gateway to the world to showcase Suzhou and showcase the charm of China’s East. It is also a gateway from “Ancient Suzhou” to “Southern Suzhou”.

Jinji Lake Scenic Area

Music fountain

The Musical Fountain is one of the waterscape projects with the highest level of scientific and technological content and comprehensive art standards in China. With the theme of “Ball of Water”, the north and south are 200 meters long, the east and west are 140 meters wide, the lamp is 5180 inches, the valve is 490, the underwater cable is close to 3000, the nozzle is 2214, and the maximum spray height is about 60 meters. The plane composition elements are arcs, circles and points. The herringbone arc is tangent to four sets of circles of different diameters to form a dynamic streamline. The layout is similar to the world’s two most famous fountains, the Las Vegas and Dubai Fountains. With more than 50 Chinese and foreign famous songs, the whole waters are like a water art theater. Thousands of independent dancers stage colorful water and light and shadow changes. The music fountain is full of modern and romantic with its various poses and unparalleled large-scale water features and audio-visual effects, adding a grand scene to the night golden chicken.

Jinji Lake Scenic Area

Jinji Lake Bridge

Jinji Lake Bridge, with a total length of 900 meters and a bridge deck width of 57.2 meters, is a traffic artery connecting Huxi and Hudong. It draws a beautiful arc on Jinji Lake, adding a modern touch to the exquisite waterscape of Jinji Lake. Shen Yun.

On the north side of the Jinji Lake Bridge, there is also a Linglong Bridge echoing in the distance. It is part of the Jinjiu Lake Trail. It has a butterfly-winged sloping arch rib shape and is lively and dynamic.

Jinji Lake Scenic Area

Cultural Arts Center

I want to know what Suzhou is like in a foreigner’s eyes. Just look at the design of the art center. This horseshoe-shaped building is the Suzhou Cultural and Art Center. It was designed by the designer of the Beijing National Grand Theatre, Mr. Paul Andrew, with a total floor area of 150,000 square meters. Its outer wall is like a metal-woven large bird nest lying on the shore of Jinji Lake. It is not reminiscent of the “Bird’s Nest”, the main venue of the Beijing Olympic Games. Therefore, it is also known as the “Little Bird’s Nest” in Suzhou. The pearl-shaped two main buildings are combined. This combination expresses the meaning of a bright pearl in the frit of the Jinji Lake.

It created the beauty of the collection of “a pearl, a wall, and a garden”. It is the most iconic cultural boutique project in Suzhou and the permanent award base for the “Golden Chicken Award” in China. The interior includes a 1200-seat framed grand theatre, a 500-seat auditorium-speaking auditorium, 7 distinctive five-star luxury cinemas, an IMAX giant panoramic cinema and 25,000 square feet. The commercial space of the meter. The Suzhou Ballet, the Suzhou Symphony Orchestra, the Jinji Lake Concert Hall, the Jinji Lake Art Museum, the Grand Theatre, the Performing Arts Hall, the Studios, and the Cultural Center are all gathered here. Adjacent to the beautiful scenery and art, the Suzhou Art Center, which is inlaid on the shores of Jinji Lake, is the pride of Suzhou people.

It is a communication platform for world-class entertainment industry, a good place for leisure and entertainment shopping, and a new landmark for culture and art. When the night is coming, the five-color LED lighting curtain wall is full of brilliance, like a gorgeous soft silk color dance on the shore of Jinji Lake.

Jinji Lake Scenic Area

Moonlight Pier

Moonlight Wharf is the “top of the top ten most beautiful night scenes in Suzhou”. It adopts the European-style town style architectural style, and it is gracefully anchored in the northeast of Jinji Lake like a crescent moon. It has a total area of 45,500 square meters and a commercial area of 33,200 square meters. It has a total of 17 independent buildings, with a maximum of 4 floors and a minimum of 2 floors. The overall appearance is semi-annular, and the 270° lake view will provide a panoramic view of the lake. The deepest water zone has a maximum diameter of 60M, and the world-class floodlighting technology makes it full of beautiful and mysterious colors in the night. Moonlight Terminal is committed to creating a moonlight economic industry model with “night paradise” as its core concept. Through the organic combination of high-level clubhouses, KTV, exotic restaurants and fashion bars, it follows the natural and interesting Wu culture and fashion innovation. The style of the Suzhou is blended.

Jinji Lake Scenic Area

Eslite Bookstore

Founded in Taipei, Taiwan in 1989, Eslite Bookstore has a corporate philosophy of humanities, art, creativity and life. Its business connotations include Eslite Bookstore, Eslite Life, Eslite Gallery, Eslite Travel, Show, Art, Dining .

Suzhou Eslite Bookstore is the first flagship store in mainland China. On November 29th, 2015, Suzhou Eslite opened its doors. At the beginning of its establishment, it was positioned as “a museum of aesthetic life for humanistic reading and creative exploration”. The space with a total construction area of 56,000 square meters is divided into three floors above ground and one underground floor. , put down five types of book areas, four featured spaces, three store-in-shops and the B1 floor of Eslite life collection. The steps of the 72-class clear water mold with a height of 18 meters and a width of 8 meters and the selected bibliography from 1989 allow visitors to fully appreciate the sense of ritual.

In Suzhou Eslite, the functions of each floor are different, from trend life, style aesthetics, to creative design, humanistic vision and Lohas health, the division of labor is different, but the theme is clear. Infused with literature and fashion, it provides a new reading and good life experience. With a variety of books, carefully selected creative products, and unique space atmosphere, it provides a unique experience of exquisite, casual, full of imagination and fun, on the bank of Jinji Lake. Feel the blend of “Poetry and Distance”, which is a popular hitting place for national 5A Jinji Lake scenic spots.

Jinji Lake Scenic Area

National Gold Center

The Guojin Center is located in the Guojin Center on the east bank of Jinji Lake. It is the “first tallest building in Jiangsu”. The National Gold Center with a height of 450 meters has once again refreshed the “Suzhou Height”. The plot has an area of 21,300 square meters and a total construction area of 393,200 square meters. It consists of a 92-storey building with a height of 450 meters and a podium and wavy square. A sightseeing platform is set up on the 92nd floor of the main building, overlooking the whole city of Suzhou.

As a brand new landscape in Suzhou City, the IFC Center is designed to explore the important elements of Suzhou’s history and city impressions – water. The whole is the “fish” of “Squid Yuelongmen” as a symbolic theme, facing the Jinji Lake, such as the fishtail. The graceful arc extends from the water surface along the podium to the main tower and stands out in the majestic shape.

It is worth mentioning that the 450-meter IFC Center is from the first floor to the top floor, and the speed of the summit is only 45 seconds! Because its elevator is one of the fastest elevators in the world, there are no more than 10 super high-rise buildings with elevators that can reach 10 m/s in the world.

Jinji Lake Scenic Area


Wanghujiao is located at the southeast corner of Jinji Lake. It has the most iconic Jinshuiwan Trestle Bridge and is named after Jinshuiwan. The bridge is 883 meters long and is a large span water bridge. Overlooking the capital of “people”, it is an important part of the Jinji Lake Trail. It is like a song, and the rainbow generally spans the lake. Take a leisurely stroll on the Jinshui Trestle Bridge, take a look at the East Gate of the West Bank, the bustling center of Suzhou, the East Coast International Gold Center, the Ferris Wheel, and the 360-degree view of the Jinji Lake.

Jinji Lake Scenic Area

Li Gongdi

Li Gongdi is 2,200 meters long. The Ligong dike built by Yuan Chao and the county magistrate Li Chaoqiong is slowly unfolding on the lake like ink painting. In the daytime, the powder wall is covered with tiles, red peach green willow, and clear water and white waves. The courtyard-style buildings are row upon row, with Suzhou garden-style layouts, antique bridges and stone bridges of various shapes in series. The night is shrouded, and the fire tree and silver flowers outline the chic shape of the building, such as a beautiful rainbow, reflected in Jinji Lake. At the same time, it brings together food from all over the world, and integrates Chinese and Western culture. It is a famous waterfront leisure commercial district integrating dining, entertainment, leisure, tourism and cultural creation.

Jinji Lake Scenic Area

Cultural exhibition area

The international exhibition area of Jinji Lake Scenic Area is centered on Suzhou Culture and Art Center and Suzhou International Expo Center. The area is home to large-scale theaters, luxury cinemas, performing arts restaurants, 7,000 international standard booths and many other international first-class exhibition facilities. The former has become the permanent evaluation base for the Chinese film “Golden Rooster Award”; the latter has become an important import and export trade window, economic and technical cooperation platform, business activities and fashion life display center in the Yangtze River Delta region.

Jinji Lake Scenic Area

International Expo Center

Suzhou International Expo Center is located in the core area of Suzhou Industrial Park CBD. It is a large-scale exhibition complex integrating exhibition, conference, festival, trade, catering and leisure. With complete functions and reasonable layout, it can undertake international and domestic large-scale exhibitions, conferences and events. It is the only three industry organizations in Suzhou with international exhibition industry – Global Exhibition Association (UFI), International Exhibition and Project Association (IAEE). Domestic exhibition venues with full membership of the International Independent Exhibitors Association (SISO). As the main platform of Suzhou Convention and Exhibition Industry, Suzhou International Expo Center has a comprehensive and efficient exhibition service team, and has accumulated rich experience in domestic and international large-scale exhibition activities, providing professional, high-quality, international and humanized exhibitions. Conference services, including accommodation, catering, tourism, shopping, transportation, ticketing, etc. One-stop exhibition activities supporting services.

Jinji Lake Scenic Area

Cultural Arts Center

Suzhou Culture and Art Center——Hushang Pearl Refraction Culture Light Suzhou Culture and Art Center is located in Jinji Lake Cultural Water Gallery, built on the waterfront. It was officially established in October 2007. It is Suzhou’s iconic cultural highland and diversified art palace. The international exchange platform is also the spiritual home of the people. The Cultural and Art Center integrates theater, cinema, art, exhibition, culture, leisure, shopping and other functions, and carries the reputation of the most beautiful, bulky, functional and best equipment in Suzhou. Among them, the Grand Theatre is a member of the “Asia Pacific Theater Performing Arts Center Alliance”; Su Yi Studios box office has always been the crown of the box office of the Suzhou Theater, and is the permanent award base of the “Golden Chicken Award” in China.

Jinji Lake Scenic Area

Social honor

On July 2, 2012, the National Tourism Scenic Area Quality Rating Committee officially assessed the Jinji Lake Scenic Spot located in the Suzhou Industrial Park as a “national 5A-level tourist scenic spot”.

In April 2010, the National Tourism Administration awarded the first “National Business Tourism Demonstration Zone” in Suzhou Industrial Park. Jinji Lake Scenic Spot, as a demonstration area and core area of the demonstration zone, is based on the development of business tourism and actively creates the only domestic business tourism characteristics. National 5A level tourist attraction.

Practical information


Jinji Lake is free, the Ferris Wheel Park is 80 yuan for adults and 40 yuan for students.

Opening hours

All day. Time of Jinji Lake Musical Fountain: Friday, Saturday night, 20:00-20:30

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