Harbin Sun Island Scenic Area

Harbin Sun Island Scenic Area

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Geographic location:Songbei District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province


Famous scenery:Sun stone, sun gate

Climate type:Temperate continental monsoon climate

Sun Island Scenic Area is located on the north bank of Songhua River in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, with a total area of 88 square kilometers, of which the planned area is 38 square kilometers and the outer protected area is 50 square kilometers. Sun Island is a multi-functional scenic spot composed of ice and snow culture, folk culture and other resources. It is also an ecological area along the Yangtze River in China.

Harbin Sun Island Scenic Area

Scenic history

The Sun Island evolved from the transliteration of the Manchurian flowerfish. There are three ways to say that the Manchu language is different from the flower color: one is the common flower called “sea flower”, the other is the black flower called “Falou”, and there is another The round flower is called “Taiyi’an”, which is very similar to the “sun”, that is, the “sun” of the Sun Island is the meaning of “salmon fish”. It is said that the island’s slopes are all clean and fine sand, and the sun is particularly hot, so it is called Sun Island.

In the 20th century, with the construction of the Middle East Railway, many foreign nationals came to Harbin and went to build villas here.

In 1964, the Sun Island Scenic Area was formally established. In 1989, it was named the Heilongjiang Provincial Scenic Area. In 2002, it was rated as China’s national AAAA-level tourist scenic spot by the China National Tourism Administration. From 2003 to 2005, the Harbin Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government invested 550 million yuan to restructure the Sun Island tourism brand and build an ecological city. The transformation of the sanatorium has been upgraded to a national scenic spot. The third phase of the renovation project is located in the west of Sun Island, with a total planned area of about 400,000 square meters. The third-phase reconstruction project highlights the “green lung” function, and through the island building, greening, and animal protection, the Sun Island has an ecological effect.

In 2006, the Sun Island Scenic Area hosted the Changchun Asian Winter Games Torch Relay Relay and the China-Russia Friendship Year Sino-Russian Youth Friendship Festival.

Harbin Sun Island Scenic Area

Geographical environment

Sun Island is a river island in the Songhua River in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. It is located between the new and old urban areas of Harbin, No. 3, Baoji Road, Sun Island Scenic Area, with a total area of 88 square kilometers, of which the planned area is 38 square kilometers. The area is 50 square kilometers and is divided into East, Central and West. Sun Island is a multi-functional scenic spot composed of ice and snow culture, folk culture and other resources. It is also an ecological zone along the Yangtze River in China.

Located in the northernmost part of Harbin, a scenic spot in Sun Island, it is the city with the highest latitude and lowest temperature in China. The four seasons are distinct, the winter is long and cold, while the summer is short and cool. The temperature rise and fall in spring and autumn is fast, which belongs to the transitional season and has a short time.

Harbin Sun Island Scenic Area

Attractions landscape

Sun Stone

The sun stone in front of the main entrance of the scenic spot is 7.5 meters long, 2 meters thick, 4.3 meters high and weighs 150 tons. It is a natural stone. According to legend, Sun Stone is the elixir that was left when Taishang Laojun was alchemy. When Jin Taizu was a teenager, he worked on the stone to inspire. In adulthood, he and the generals were on the stone. (At that time, the military meeting of the senior generals before the Jin Dynasty’s army fought with dust and paper, branches and pens, sketched into the road map, after the meeting The ash will be left without leaving traces. It will destroy the Liao and attack the Song Dynasty. General Li Zhaolin, the general of the Northeast Anti-Japanese Coalition Force, once led people to rest here. There is a saying that “the fire is warm before the chest and the wind is cold.” Of course, these statements are folklore and there is no official research. However, this also shows that the sun stone is considered by the local people to be a strange stone.

During the three-phase renovation project of Sun Island Comprehensive Rehabilitation, Harbin Federation of Literature and Art organized a number of literary artists to find a boulder that is integrated with Sun Island, and finally chose today’s “Sun Stone”.

Harbin Sun Island Scenic Area

Squirrel Island

Squirrel Island, as its name suggests, has nearly 2,000 artificially domesticated squirrels on the island. In June 2006, Sun Island Park introduced more than 600 squirrels from the mountainous areas of Liaoning Province, which further increased the number of squirrels on the island. It is the largest squirrel viewing, domestication and science base in Heilongjiang Province.

Squirrel Island covers an area of about 24,000 square meters. It is located in the northern part of the Sun Island Scenic Area. It is surrounded by water and undulating. It consists of three small islands. The islands are connected by imitation wood trestles. The surrounding area is set to prevent squirrels from escaping. Glass fence. The island is full of trees, and some trees are built with wooden squirrel nests that perch on squirrels. In addition, there are many cave-shaped garden pieces and large-scale wood and quasi-stone landscapes on the island.

Harbin Sun Island Scenic Area

Swan Lake

Swan Lake is located in the north of Sun Island Park. The lake covers an area of 1.2 hectares. It is home to black swan, big swan, cygnet, lynx, mallard, swan, gray goose and other poultry.

Harbin Sun Island Scenic Area

Sun Island Flower Garden

Located on the north side of Gate 1, the Sun Island Flower Garden covers an area of 7 hectares and is the largest flower base in the three northeastern provinces. There are more than 200,000 rare rare flowers in the north, including 39 varieties of peony and peony, and 12 kinds of shades in the flower garden.

Harbin Sun Island Scenic Area

Northeast Anti-Union Memorial Park

The Northeast Anti-Union Memorial Park is located in the Sun Island dike near the eastern region. In order to commemorate the construction of the Northeast Anti-Japanese Alliance, it has become the largest anti-Japanese war education and memorial base in Northeast China. The memorial park covers an area of 36,000 square meters. It is based on the anti-union warrior group sculpture, lake water and grassland. The performance style is different from the previous solemn and solemn memorial mode. Through the theme sculpture, anti-joint camp and undulating terrain, trees, flowing water and boulders. When the landscape is combined, the anti-Japanese battlefield between Baishan and Blackwater will be reproduced.

In the memorial park, a strangely shaped tree is called “anti-linking tree”. The tree is a valuable maple tree in the north. It is more than 80 years old. Although the trunk of this tree has dried up, a new subtree has grown in its trunk. The sub-branches are lush and lush, which symbolizes that although the anti-joint hero has been deceased, the revolutionary fire has continued for generations, and the anti-connected spirit is immortal.

Harbin Sun Island Scenic Area

Ice and Snow Art Museum

Founded in 2000, the Ice and Snow Art Museum was jointly invested by Dalian Refrigeration Co., Ltd. and the Sun Island Scenic Area Management Office. It covers an area of 5,000 square meters and has a net height of 7 meters. It has more than 100 ice scenes and is the largest in the world. Indoor ice and snow art venue. The ice scene in the museum is made of Songhuajiang natural ice and artificial snow. The significance of the pavilion is that the snow and ice landscape that is only available in winter can be realized indoors in spring, summer and autumn. The museum is divided into five scenic spots:

Ancient rhyme: With the Dunhuang murals, Longmen Grottoes, Datong carvings, Dazu Rock Carvings and other ancient Chinese art, it shows the culture of the Northern Wei Dynasty and shows the history of human civilization and progress.

Meiyuan Snow Appreciation: Reflecting China’s long-established art of gardening, combining plants with snow and ice gardens creates a beautiful view of “Although some people do, like the sky”. The works in this scenic spot are mainly modeled after the famous historical sites in China, such as the Temple of Heaven, the Great Wall, the Chinese Watch, the Promenade, the Longjing, and the Meiting.

Northern Xinjiang Winter Fun: This scenic spot mainly reflects the local culture and customs of Heilongjiang Province through the ice and snow works. The works describe the unique customs of the forests and ethnic minorities in Heilongjiang Province and the valuable wild animals and plant resources in Heilongjiang Province.

Yuhai Dragon Palace: This scenic spot is characterized by its participation and interaction. It has participation content such as big hippo slide, color ice labyrinth and Dalonggong.

Exotic style: This scenic spot shows some world famous monuments, cultural heritage and famous foreign landscapes through ice and snow works. Such as the Thai Royal Palace, Indian Idol, Roman Art Square and so on.

At the beginning of 2007, the Ice and Snow Art Museum carried out a two-month re-decoration, art lighting decoration and re-carving of ice and snow landscapes, and added 33 pieces of ice sculptures and snow sculptures. With the theme of Harbin style, the famous works of Harbin through ice and snow works. Landscapes and landmarks such as Central Avenue, Kek Lok Si, St. Nicholas Church, etc. The total amount of ice used reaches 6000 cubic meters.

Harbin Sun Island Scenic Area

Sun Island Art Museum

The Sun Island Art Museum is located in the Sun Island Scenic Area, a national 5A tourist attraction. It is a main form of calligraphy, painting and engraving art with the essence of Chinese culture. The main theme of the creation is Sun Island, which focuses on the regional culture. He created an art platform for the famous artists of the Black Land and the famous celebrity and famous “Yaodao”. This is also the first professional art museum independently established by the Sun Island Scenic Area. The Sun Island Art Museum covers an area of ​​1,000 square meters. The museum has three famous exhibitions: “Celebrity Famous Sun Island Theme Paintings and Calligraphy”, “Celebrity Famous Paintings and Calligraphy Original Works”, and “Famous Golden Stone Painter Yin Weng Huang Ming Representative Works”. More than 1,000 calligraphy works and two independent art studios. The museum features art exhibitions, aesthetic education, cultural events, calligraphy and painting events, solo exhibitions, and the organization of artists’ creations. It is a multi-functional art exhibition hall integrating professional exhibitions, art collection and cultural exchanges. “Chinese Calligraphy Culture Museum Creation Base”, “Republic General Painting and Calligraphy Art Creation Base”, “National Youth and Children’s Aesthetic Education Activity Base”, “International Multi-Peace Artists Association Creation Base”, “People’s Association Harbin Municipal Committee Painting and Calligraphy Institute Creation Base”, “Harbin The six art institutions, such as the Sun Island Painting and Calligraphy Institute, are also located at the Sun Island Art Museum. The completion of the Sun Island Art Museum further enriched the cultural connotation of the Sun Island, and became a star in the Sun Island cultural community with its unique Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy art.

Harbin Sun Island Scenic Area

Sun gate

The Sun Island Gate, the Sun Gate, is located at the main entrance to the west of Sun Island. The Sun Gate is 68 meters long and the two ends are surrounded by the sun stone. The main door is 12.03 meters high. The gate is composed of one big four small and five elliptical arched doors. The shape is mainly based on the architectural language of Art Nouveau style, and the artistic theme of other styles is “The Window of the Sun”. The middle arched gate and the Sun Island boulders are on the same central axis, and the direction of travel is positive east and west. This can face the sunrise and sunset, and four sculptures stand in the four small arches. The boulder in front of the door is located in the center of the glorious sun pattern, at the foot of the simulated Harbin block map.

Harbin Sun Island Scenic Area


In 2006, in the “China Habitat Environment Sample Award”, the environmental comprehensive improvement project of the Sun Island Scenic Area (East District) in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province won the “China Habitat Environment Model Award”.

In May 2007, Sun Island Scenic Area was rated as China’s national AAAAA-level tourism scene by China National Tourism Administration; in November of the same year, Sun Island Scenic Area won the title of “National Tourism Business Card” in China.

In 2009, the Sun Island Ice and Snow Art Museum was selected as the world’s largest indoor ice and snow art museum by the China World Record Association, covering an area of 5,000 square meters and a net height of 7 meters.

Sun Island Scenic Area was awarded the honor of national-level scenic spots, the first batch of “AAAAA-level tourist scenic spots”, national water conservancy scenic spots, national cultural industry demonstration bases, national civilized units, national wetland park pilot units, and national tourism standardization demonstration units.

Harbin Sun Island Scenic Area

Travel Information


Jiangshang Pass: Take a boat to the Sun Island at the Flood Control Memorial Tower, the Nine Station or the Seven Road Street Pier.

Bus routes:

29 Road (Friendship Road – City People’s Congress – Academy of Social Sciences – Highway Bridge – Sun Island) operating hours from 7:30 am to 18:30 pm
80 Road (Drum Street – Highway Bridge – Sun Island – Longhua Fishing Village – Qianxiang Township Government – Wanyou Village) is transported from 6:30 am to 18:00 pm;
85 Road (Drum Street – Highway Bridge – Sun Island – Advance Crossing – Gold Middle School – Management Committee – Business University – Jile Village – Longjiang First Village – Northeast Tiger Forest Park) Operating Hours 6:40 am to 18:00 pm;
88 Road (Yilu Road – Xuefu Road – Qingbin Road – Qizheng Street – Jiangguang Street – Hujun Street – Curve Street – Street Street – Railway Street – Songhua River Street – Anfa – Jianguo Street – Harbin Road (Hetu Street) – Highway Bridge – Sun Island). Operating hours are from 6:30 am to 19:00 pm.

Air line

In Tongjiang Street, you can take the Dragon Ballway to Sun Island.


Summer fare in Sun Island Scenic Area, ordinary ticket 30 yuan / person, child ticket 15 yuan / person.

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