Guilin Lemandi Theme Park

Guilin Lemandi Theme Park

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Geographic location:Xing’an County, Guilin, Guangxi, China


Famous scenery:South Pacific, US West, Happy Chinatown, Dream World, Pirate Village

Ticket price:150 yuan

Guilin Lemandi Resort World is the largest foreign-invested tourism project in Guangxi. It covers an area of 6,000 mu and was officially opened on December 25, 2000. It includes a theme park that is fashionable, dynamic, exciting and joyous. It is now the country’s first batch of 5A-level tourist attractions. On the land of more than 6,000 acres in Linghu Scenic Area of Xing’an County, the resort hotel integrates the beauty of Guilin’s landscape, the ethnic minority art of Guangxi and the joyful culture of Le Mandi. It is elegant and elegant, and hides the natural features of the mountains and forests; the international standard of American hills The 36-hole golf course, the exclusive scenery of Guilin, challenges you to the ultimate honor; the colorful theme park, fashion, dynamic, exciting and joy coexist. These constitute a holiday resort that combines dignity, nature, romance, leisure and joy – Guilin Lemandi Resort World.

Guilin is full of resort world, the total planned investment of the project is 3.1 billion yuan, which was invested and built by Mr. Ma Zhiling, the world’s largest Chinese securities firm. The Guilin Lemandi Resort World Project was completed in three phases. The first phase of the project has been completed and was put into operation on December 25, 2000, including theme parks, resort hotels, and golf clubs.

As a large-scale comprehensive tourist resort with high-grade, large-scale, diverse styles and rich content, Guilin Lemandi Holiday World has filled the gap between Guilin City’s human landscape and high-tech amusement park, which is Guilin, Guangxi, and even the entire South China region. The tourism market has played a positive role in promoting and injecting a fresh vitality. Guilin Lemandi Resort World is only 63KM away from Guilin City. The whole journey is connected by a 6-lane national first-class highway. The journey from Guilin City to Lemandi is only 45 minutes. The journey time from Guilin Liangjiang International Airport to Lemandi is about 55 minutes. You can also enjoy the unique pastoral forest landscape and karst landforms along the way.

Guilin Lemandi Theme Park

Main scenic spot

Western United States

Entering the western part of the United States, where the western style of the 18th century American pioneering period can be seen everywhere, the main amusement facilities are:

Rapid boating

The rapids rafting is built to simulate the magnificent shape of the Colorado Grand Canyon. When you take a leather boat to the Colorado River Valley to challenge the rapids, pass through the waterfall, and indulge in the magnificent scenery of the Grand Canyon, the Indians suddenly strike, followed by A trap that you absolutely can’t escape. Three big barrels drop hundreds of gallons of water from the top of the mountain. After crossing the bridge, there are repeated heavy artillery attacks. The sound of guns is splashing and the water splashes. You just want to escape quickly. But the warriors in the West will always come back to challenge. The rafting is about 400 meters long and uses high-tech equipment to control the flow rate of the water flow to create a vortex. The speed of the ship is 3-4 meters / sec. This thrilling journey takes only 3 minutes, and each ship can take 8 warriors.

Guilin Lemandi Theme Park

Hollywood film and television show

Launched more than 10 meters without wire rope, ground combat, as well as on-site gun battles, blasting special effects.

Guilin Lemandi Theme Park

Pioneer’s House

Sale of American pioneer cowboy dresses, cigarettes, wine utensils and daily necessities, Indian handicrafts (feathers, oil paint, tattoos).

Guilin Lemandi Theme Park

Burger shop

There are authentic American fast foods that make people feel that they have reached the western part of the United States, walking or riding cowboys in the town, beer houses on the left, opposite denim costumes and Indian portraits everywhere.

Guilin Lemandi Theme Park

Ghost horse elf

Also known as the Sound House, it is the latest virtual digital game introduced by the theme park. In the “Sound House” full of classical European and American atmosphere, visitors are invited to enter the guest and bring a special earphone, which is heard through the headphones. The holographic digital sound effect will cross the time and space into the eerie castle and the close communication with the elves is tricked by “ghosts”.

Guilin Lemandi Theme Park


When the tourists sit firmly in the chair, the huge pulling force instantly makes the tourists rise to a height of 30 meters. It seems that the huge heat wave during the explosion of the thunderstorm will bring the tourists to the sky, and in the future, it will react at a high speed. Fall, the experience of limit weight loss once and for all.

Guilin Lemandi Theme Park


There are a total of 17 shooting guns, applying the principle of laser induction, aiming at the target, starting the mechanism on the gun, emitting infrared rays, and red spots on the shooting object – after receiving the infrared sensor, it will respond.

Guilin Lemandi Theme Park

South Pacific

The style and atmosphere of the entire district are designed in the tropical style of the South Pacific island countries, where service staff wear floral shirts. The main attractions in the area are:

South Pacific Dance

In the South Pacific Polynesian Islands, the enthusiasm and hospitality of the girl is impressive. When important holidays or special days come, they always celebrate by dancing, singing and dancing.

Guilin Lemandi Theme Park

Airship surfing

The airship surf is located on the north side of the island. It is another landmark in the South Pacific. The airship is slowly climbing around the Hawaiian volcano. When the airship crosses the top of the mountain, it is impossible for visitors to look back. It climbs the 15-meter peak and looks like it is infinite. The river has reached the end, and then rushed down at a 55-degree angle. The screams screamed across the sky, and the hull ignited huge waves. It was sprinkled on the thatched cottages of the island country, and the splashes of water had already covered the whole body.

Guilin Lemandi Theme Park

Broken roller coaster

The shape of the wave-breaking roller coaster is a colorful clam shell. The Broken Roller Coaster is a small roller coaster with a track length of 199 meters and a maximum of 7.4 meters with 13 cars, each of which can take 2 people and play 3 minutes. Although the roller coaster is small, it has a large curvature and is shaped like a figure. When running at high speed, there is a feeling of being thrown out. The car body travels at high speed on the track, and each corner has a feeling of being thrown away.

Guilin Lemandi Theme Park


It is 50 meters high and originates from the bungee jumping in the South Pacific. The Manchu Bungee Jump is the largest bungee site in China.

Guilin Lemandi Theme Park

Great Barrier Reef Rock Climbing

The rock wall is up to 15 meters long for visitors to climb.

Guilin Lemandi Theme Park


Linghu is a natural lake, known as the Xiaoxi Lake. The lake is 780 acres wide and its deepest place can reach 30 meters. Its water comes from the Ocean River in Ocean Village, Lingchuan County, Guangxi. The water is clear and cold, surrounded by green pines and cypresses in the lake, like a faint landscape painting. “The water is bright and sunny, and the mountains are empty and rainy.”

Guilin Lemandi Theme Park

Geographical environment

Subject area

The park consists of six different thematic styles of the theme area and the Mandala Park. It is taken from China to the world. The seven theme areas are: Happy Chinatown, US West, Dream World, Pirate Village, Europe, South Pacific and Mandala. The main facilities in the park include: 4D Shenma Cinema, Angry Sea Fighting, Thunderstorm, Grand Canyon Rapids, snorkeling, bumper cars, pirate ships, stormy waves, airship surfing, roller coaster, tornado, bungee jumping, etc. Rides.

Guilin Lemandi Theme Park

Geographic location

Guilin Lemandi Resort World is the largest foreign-invested tourism project in Guangxi. It covers an area of 6,000 mu and was officially opened on December 25, 2000. It includes a theme park with fashion, dynamic, excitement and joy, and Guangxi minority art. A five-star resort hotel with a happy and joyful culture, a beautiful manor house and a 36-hole golf club with an American-style hilly international standard.

Guilin Lemandi Holiday World is located in Xing’an County, Guilin City, Guangxi Province, only 63KM away from Guilin City. The whole process is connected by a 3-lane national first-class highway. The journey from Guilin City to Lemandi is only 45 minutes. The journey time from Guilin Liangjiang International Airport to Lemandi is about 55 minutes. You can also enjoy the unique pastoral forest landscape and karst landforms along the way.

In the 12 years since its opening, Le Mandi has received more than 10 million Chinese and foreign tourists. In addition to the regular travel methods, it also tailors the family and family travel, sweet two-person tour, luxury pure play group and golf unlimited play according to regional and customer needs. Such as special tourist vacation trips. And it has become a designated place for many famous companies (HP, Microsoft, Oracle, China Mobile, Siemens, Citibank, etc.) to hold large-scale conferences, incentive tours, and various golf events.

Guilin Lemandi Theme Park

Travel information

At the Guilin South Railway Station, take the “Guilin-Xing’an Lemandi” tourist express bus to the Manchu land. Or take the Xing’an Express Express Bus (every 30 minutes) at Guilin Bus Terminal. You can directly reach the Xing’an County Bus Station in Guilin, and then take the Xing’an tourist tricycle to the Manchuria. (5 minutes away).

You can also take a tourist bus from Guilin Railway Station to Guilin Lemandi Holiday Park.

Practical information

Ticket information

Adult ¥150 yuan / person;
Candidates of 1.2-1.5 m, 60-year-olds, disabled persons, active military personnel can purchase half a ticket of ¥75/person;
Free of charge below 1.2 meters;
There are corresponding discounts on important festivals. For details, please see the official website.

Opening time

Except for the park on the day of New Year’s Eve, it is open every day of the year.
March-October 9:00-17:30
1, 2, 11 and December 9:00-17:00

Best time to travel

Guilin Lemandi Theme Park Gudong Waterfall is suitable for all seasons. It is the best time for Guilin to visit from April to October every year. The scenic spot is located in Guilin, Guangxi. Guilin belongs to subtropical monsoon climate, the climate is mild, summer is short and winter is short, annual precipitation The amount is large, the sunshine is sufficient, and the annual average temperature is 19 degrees. The north wind is the main year.

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