Grape Valley Scenic Area, Turpan City

Grape Valley Scenic Area, Turpan City

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Geographic location:In the flaming mountain of 10 kilometers northeast of Turpan City


Famous scenery:Grape Valley Amusement Park, Wang Luobin Music Art Museum, Dahuayu Folk Customs Garden

Ticket price:60 yuan

The Grape Valley Scenic Area of Turpan City is located in the middle of the Flame Mountain. It is located 11 kilometers northeast of the city of Turpan in Xinjiang. It is about 8 kilometers long from north to south and 2 kilometers wide from east to west. It is a canyon under the flame mountain with a population of 8,972. There is a Buyluk River in the ditch. The main source of water is alpine snowmelt. It is named after the grape production and is a tourist attraction in the Turpan region of Xinjiang. On May 8, 2007, the Grape Valley Scenic Area of Turpan City was officially approved by the National Tourism Administration as a national 5A-level tourist attraction.

There is a chapter of the Flaming Mountain in the Journey to the West, where the demon king and the iron fan princess live. The flame mountain has a high temperature all year round. Desert zone. The vineyards are connected in a row, lush everywhere, like a green ocean. In this green sea, dotted with peaches, apricots, pears, mulberries, apples, pomegranates, figs and other fruit trees, a farmhouse with a powdered wall and a window in the shade of the trees, a raisin The shade room is arranged under the hillside and on the farmyard. It is unique. In the summer, the ditch has beautiful scenery and cool breeze. It is a paradise for the summer of the fire, and the tourist season, Chinese and foreign guests, the stream is endless. On April 13, 2018, he was shortlisted for “Magic Northwest 100 Scenes”.

Grape Valley Scenic Area, Turpan City

Introduction to scenic area

Turpan’s diet is almost the same as that of Urumqi, from the northern Han noodles to Cantonese and Sichuan cuisine, from local Uyghur snacks to Islamic halal food. If you ask the people who love the most popular foods in Turpan, the answer is probably grapes and other fruits. You can often use grapes or other fruits as staple foods to eat all the way. The “fruit banquet” is a unique feature of Turpan. In addition, the halal restaurant in the Silk Road Oasis Hotel tastes very good, with local characteristics and moderate price. Recommended fried barbecue, fried toothpick meat, candied melon.

On April 13, 2018, he was shortlisted for “Magic Northwest 100 Scenes”.

Grape Valley Scenic Area, Turpan City

History and culture

Every August, Turpan will host a grape festival. The Turpan Grape Festival was first held to commemorate the opening of the Silk Road in 2100. The Silk Road is more than 4,000 kilometers long in China. It is only 2,000 kilometers long in Xinjiang, and the south, middle and north lines traverse the whole of Xinjiang. Turpan is located in the middle of the Silk Road. It is a famous historical town. Since the Western Han Dynasty, it has been one of the political, economic and cultural centers of the Western Region. During the grape festival, various cultural events are held, such as special literary evenings, folk songs and dances, summer evenings, famous wine tastings, snacks and streets, technology, commercial streets, grapefruit and fruit streets, and annual grape festivals. It has attracted a large number of Chinese and foreign guests to come for sightseeing and economic and trade negotiations.

Grape Valley Scenic Area, Turpan City

Geographical environment

Grape Valley is located 11 kilometers northeast of Turpan City, Xinjiang. It is about 8 kilometers long from north to south and 2 kilometers wide from east to west. It is a canyon under the flame mountain with a population of 8,972. There is a Buyluk River in the ditch. The main source of water is alpine snowmelt. It is named after the grape production and is a tourist attraction in the Turpan region of Xinjiang. On May 8, 2007, the Grape Valley Scenic Area of Turpan City was officially approved by the National Tourism Administration as a national 5A-level tourist attraction.

The grape ditch in Turpan is located in the northeast of Turpan City. Turpan City is located in the south of Bogda Mountain in the eastern Tianshan Mountains, in the center of Turpan Basin. The urban area is 184 kilometers away from Urumqi. The city is about 262 kilometers long from north to south. The east and west are narrow and irregular, and the widest point is about 90 kilometers. It belongs to the grape village of Turpan County, 15 kilometers northeast of Turpan County, 10 kilometers away from the city center and 300 meters above sea level.

The grape valley is a canyon on the west side of the mountain. It is 8 kilometers long from north to south and 0.6-2.0 kilometers wide from east to west. The valley is long and narrow. On the west bank of the valley, the cliffs face each other and the cliffs are steep, just like the screens. Inside the ditch, the stream is surrounded and the water is pure.

The grape ditch is the largest valley in the Valley of the Flame Mountain. She is like a green ribbon, flowing in the middle of the basin. Grape Valley is a national 5A scenic spot. It is a quiet summer resort, sightseeing and tourist attraction. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists come here for sightseeing. In the grape ditch, you can not only feel the magical landscape of nature, taste the sweetest grapes in the world, but also enjoy the passionate dance of the Uighur boys in the grape ditch, the thrilling Davao performance, and the lively celebration. The girls picking grapes and so on are dizzying.

Grape Valley Scenic Area, Turpan City

Main Attractions

Grape Valley Amusement Park

It was built in March 1981 and is the earliest attraction in the grape valley scenic area. After 20 years of change, there are deep grape promenades, magical thousand tear spring waterfalls, centuries-old mulberry and dazzling pearl agates – grapes. In March 1988, Chairman Peng Zhen’s personal title “Grape Ditch” became the symbol of the Grape Valley amusement park. The natural water body in the grape ditch amusement park “Thousand Tears Spring” is the best photo point for tourists. In the summer, the distillal springs flowing out of the cliffs of the “Thousand Tears Springs” are combined into a spring water, and the water is clear and sweet. It is said that drinking the water of “Thousand Tears Springs” and eating the grapes that are watered and cleaned with thousands of tears of spring water can make the girl more gentle and beautiful, and the younger is more brave and more understanding. Therefore, common tourists use mineral water bottles to take water here.

There is also a couple of hundred-year-old couple trees in the amusement park. It is 200 years old and is a national third-grade protection ancient tree. The roots of these two old mulberry trees are tightly wounded. Among them, the tall and thick is the wife’s tree. Every year, the fruit is full, and the thick shade obscures the sun and cares for her husband. The short husband tree, only the long leaves are not the result. The witty Uighur compatriots say that the couple tree symbolizes the happy life of the Uyghur family. Indeed, as long as you pay attention, you will find that many Uighur married women are fuller and taller. In comparison, their husbands are slimmer. The male owner does not feel inferior and embarrassed because of his short and slender, but is proud of his wife’s rich state, fully demonstrating the male family’s family wealth. The Western Wine City presents a winemaking culture. Wang Han, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, praised the poem: “The grape wine and the luminous cup, you want to drink and rush immediately. Drunken in the sand field, Jun Moxiao, the ancients to fight a few people back?”, the charm of the grape wine and the heroic spirit of the generals of the battlefield The description is decent. But there are doubts about why Turpan’s wines are not as famous as grapes and raisins. In Turpan, there are fewer grapes suitable for making wine, because most of the Turpan grapes are high in sugar and too sweet, so they are not suitable for wine. Of course, the local use of the advantages of large quantities of raw materials, the development of many aspects. The grapes are made into cream raisins, chocolate raisins, more than 30 varieties of wine, canned grapes, grape sauce, grape drinks, etc., which are sold at home and abroad, and have created like Loulan, Camel Bell, New Portuguese King, Tianlong, Xinjinyuan. A famous brand like dry white dry red. New products such as sweet wine, ice wine and distilled spirit will also be listed. The strong lines and quaint style of the Western Wine City’s coarse mines allow visitors to experience the heroicness of the western cowboys!

Grape Valley Scenic Area, Turpan City

Oasis Grape Estate

Along the grapevine section, we walked slowly for 1 km. We came to the first viewing area of the Grape Valley Scenic Area, the fruit tree plant viewing area (Oasis Grape Manor). Covering an area of 255 acres, the viewing area is a large-scale tourist and sightseeing area integrating catering, accommodation, national song and dance, fruit tree plant viewing, and picking and tasting.

When we came to the sightseeing area, we first saw our first castle in the Western Region, 15 meters high and 18 meters wide. The concept was exquisite and unique. The appearance was carved with Uighur tiles and the mud with the mosque and the flag of the grape drying room. Color gates. Places to visit in this attraction include: apricot garden, Afanti home, Bayi mansion, grape drying room, kilometer grape promenade, cockfighting ground, ancient county magistrate office and so on. In addition to apricots, there are some mulberry trees and walnut trees in the apricot garden. In addition to grapes, there are many apricots and mulberries in the apricot garden. Apricot is divided into apricot and Li Guangxing, white apricot, etc. The sweetest and most famous one is the small Kuqa. White apricot. When the apricots are fresh, the flesh is very delicious. Dried apricots and almonds are also nutritious and delicious. The mulberry of Turpan belongs to the fruit mulberry, the leaves are small, it is not suitable for raising silkworms, it is divided into powder, purple and black. It matures in May, and the taste is very sweet. It also has the effect of soothing the nerves, which is good for sleep, beauty and beauty.

In the viewing area, there are many nationally-visited visits, such as the Bayi Mansion: Bayi refers to the landlord. Before the liberation, he lived a three-bedroom, four-story, luxuriant life, and their land became a piece of land. The clothes came to reach out, and the rice came to open the mouth, while the poor peasants did not cover their clothes, and the food was not enough. After the liberation, profound changes took place here. The grape ditch farmers relied on diligently planting grapes to take the lead in getting rid of poverty and becoming rich. The grape ditch estate was originally a private garden of the local landlord. After liberation, it was returned to the collective, the land was distributed to the peasants, and the mansion was reserved for visit.

Grape Valley Scenic Area, Turpan City

Travel guide

The summer in Turpan is notoriously hot. In August, basically every day the temperature is above 42 °C, and the surface temperature of the flame mountain can reach 80 to 90 °C, so it is called “bowl boiled eggs”.

But on both sides of the grapevine stream, the vines are all over, and the vines are layered and green. Surrounded by dense poplar forests, flowers and trees are dotted among them, and the farmhouses are arranged in a patchwork manner on a gentle slope.

Grape Ditch is the “Peach Blossom Source” of Huozhou. There are fascinating places in the ditch. The first is the grape ditch reception station. This is a tourist attraction for Chinese and foreign guests. It is quiet and elegant, with beautiful scenery and natural scenery. Several grape promenades are deep and quiet. Some tourists walk down the grape racks and look up to taste the pearl-like grapes. Tourists sit on the grape rack and taste fresh grapes. At the end of the promenade, there are three bright red characters on the grape ditch, which are particularly eye-catching. Visitors are scrambling to take pictures here. There are ethnic canteens in the park, yurts selling crafts, and places for boating. The second is the Grape Hill. This is a well-equipped, higher level resort in the grapevine. There are 120 high-end beds, a dining room for 120 people, a karaoke hall, and a swimming pool. The third is the Turpan Grape Exhibition Hall. The fourth is the customs house of the Uyghur people in Turpan. The fifth is the resort of Grape Township.

Grape Valley Scenic Area, Turpan City

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