Golden Pebble Beach

Golden Pebble Beach

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Geographic location:Jinzhou District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province


Famous scenery:Gold Coast, Cultural Expo Plaza, Binhai National Geological Park, Chinese Martial Arts Museum, Discovery Kingdom

Suitable for the play season:Suitable for May-October

Jinshitan is a national-level scenic spot, a national-level tourist resort, a national AAAAA-level tourist scenic spot, and a national-level geological park. It has been evaluated by CNN TV as one of the 40 most beautiful spots in China. Located in the eastern part of Jinzhou District, Dalian, the land area is 62 square kilometers. It takes 52 minutes to get to the Jinshitan Line of Dalian Metro Line 3 in 52 minutes.

The sea area is 58 square kilometers. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. The climate is pleasant. It has a geological wonder of 300-900 million years. It has the reputation of “Shenli Sculpture Park”. The main attractions are the Gold Coast, the Golden Stone Garden, the Coastal Geological Park, the Golden Paraffin Museum, the Life Mystery Museum, and the Discovery Kingdom.

Golden Pebble Beach

Development History

In 1988, Jinshitan was identified as a national scenic spot; in October 1992, it was approved by the State Council to establish a national tourist resort.

In 2000, it was awarded the first batch of national 4A-level tourist scenic spots in the country. In 2002, it passed the ISO9001 and ISO14001 international quality and environmental system certification. In 2004, it approved the establishment of Dalian Binhai National Geological Park. Jinshitan is an important component of Dalian Binhai National Geological Park. Partly; in 2010, it was rated as a national 5A-level tourist attraction.

In 2012, it was evaluated by CNN TV as one of the 40 most beautiful spots in China. In 2014, the Golden Pebble Beach National Tourism Resort ranked among the “National Ocean Parks” and ranked “2014 Most Outstanding China Tourism List”.

Jinshitan has been popularized in entertainment, catering and accommodation.

Golden Pebble Beach

Main Attractions

The Jinshitan National Tourism Resort is one of the four opening and opening areas of Dalian, consisting of the open peninsula and bathing beach between the eastern peninsula, the western peninsula and the two peninsulas. The Sinian rock that was born 600 million years ago is scattered on the coastline of 13 miles. It is a unique form of craftsmanship. It is called the “Natural Geological Museum” and “Shenli Sculpture Park” by the world geology community. The coastline is 30 kilometers long.

Jinshitan is rich in tourism resources. There are Dalian Golden Paraffin Museum, Life Mystery Museum, Stone Culture Expo Park, Mao Zedong Historical Collection, Ball Screen Experience Hall, Fantasy Art Experience Hall, Jinshiyuan Park, Chinese Martial Arts Hall, Hunting Ground, Shili Scenic spots (points) such as the Gold Coast, Dalian Model Art School and Film and Television Art Center, Jinwan Golf Club, Wanfuding Park, the core scenic spot of Binhai National Geological Park and the theme park of the Golden Stone Discovery Kingdom.

The land area is 62 square kilometers, the sea area is 58 square kilometers, and the coastline is 30 kilometers long. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides, with four distinct seasons, no cold in winter, no heat in summer, no freezing or freezing in the sea. It is a warm temperate semi-humid climate and has the reputation of “south small south of the Yangtze River”. It is an ideal seaside resort in northern China.

Jinshitan Stone Culture Expo Park is the largest collection of stone museums in China. It is known as “Shidu” and contains more than 200 kinds of treasures. Among them, Langshi Stone, Boshan Wenshi and Kunlun Caiyu are the most in China. . It is the consensus of geologists. The Golden Pebble Beach is known as the “Garden of Kistler”. Large swaths of pink reefs and golden yellow stones, like huge flowers, are called rose gardens and golden stone gardens.

The pink reef is made up of algae fossils 700 million years ago. The word “rose garden” on the stone tablet is written by the wife of the famous writer Lao She. The rose garden is more than a thousand square meters, consisting of more than one hundred odd-sized strange stones. When the tide is high, they are lined with blue water, and the flowers are particularly eye-catching. When the tide falls, it is like walking into a dreamlike world. The Jinshiyuan has more than 10,000 square meters. It was discovered in 1996. Because it is golden yellow, it is called “Golden Stone Garden”.

The eastern peninsula of Jinshitan has lush vegetation, reefs, mountains and seas, and beautiful scenery. There are rock formations on the coastline of 13 miles. Founded in the 600-900 million years ago, the Sinian, Cambrian geological features, sedimentary rocks, paleontological fossils now form a natural landscape of the Rose Garden, Dinosaur Park, Nanxiu Garden, and Yantan, and nearly 100 scenic spots. Various sea erosion shores, sea caves, and sea erosion columns have been carved and carved by nature.

The coast of the eastern coast is 8 kilometers long. Although it is not long, it condenses the evolutionary history of the earth from 900 million to 300 million years ago. Looking at the sea side, sedimentary rocks, paleontological fossils, sea cliffs, sea caves, sea stone pillars, stone forests, and other sea erosion landforms can be seen everywhere, so there are about 60 places. The cracked stone is like a tortoise’s carapace, which is covered with a square of palms. Each square is red and the side is green. He is the best stone in China and abroad. Known as “the first stone in the world.” After the visit of the world’s geological authority, Professor Crowder of the United States, he has repeatedly said on the world’s geological beach that the world’s largest and most beautiful cracked stone in the world’s Dalian’s Jinshitan is not only a must of China but also the world. A must. The Sinian period, which was formed 600 million years ago, is the largest sedimentary rock specimen that is currently found in the world and has the clearest cross-sectional structure. As for the elephants, such as elephants, Dapeng wings, tigers, dinosaurs, and Beethoven’s heads, there are more than 300 kinds of shapes, and they are really realistic. Of course, there are not only stones in the Golden Pebble Beach, but also clean beaches, blue seas, green meadows and dense forests. The Kistler Scenic Area in the east of Jinshitan is the most concentrated area of ​​natural stone geological landscape in Jinshitan. There are 88 scenic spots in four scenic spots, and the image of the realistic Dapeng wings, the tortoises, the thorns, the dinosaurs and the sea are standing along the coast. It is vivid and vivid, and is known as the “solidified animal world”. The geology community calls it “Sea Stone Forest”, “Shenli Sculpture Park” and “Natural Geological Exhibition Hall”.

In the rose garden scenic spot, there are stone monkeys watching the sea, the tigers returning, the turtles are coming ashore, the whales landing, the roaring dogs, etc.; the dragon palace has a dinosaur sea, Beethoven head, general stone, blind date stone, Kowloon painting wall, etc.; In addition to the cracked stone, there are also Dapeng wings, thorns, giant elbows, dead wood, spring, and camel lying in the sea. There are sacred turtles, sacred sons, layers of rock, and Guanyin.

The Dragon Palace was originally deep in the sea, and later formed the edge of the sea due to the change of the earth’s crust. It is about 20 meters high in the sea erosion cave. When the tide is high, you can take a boat and go on a hike. There are holes in the cave, and the holes are connected. Here you can also see such a rock wall: its texture is twisted and entangled, just like the Nine Dragon Wall in Beijing Beihai Park. There are also Long Wang Ding, Dragon King Bed, Dragon Palace Bell Tower and so on. The green coverage rate of Jinshitan is 46.2%, and the annual average air quality index is 20. The Gold Coast is rated as one of the 15 healthy beaches in the country. It is one of the first batch of national tourist resorts approved by the State Council.

Golden Pebble Beach

Gold Coast

The Gold Coast Bathing Beach is located in the middle of the Golden Pebble Beach. It is 4.5 km wide and is divided into three parts in the west and the middle. It is the best bathing beach in southern Liaoning. It is the largest and only natural seawater lighting bath in northern China. It is rated as 15 healthy seawaters in China. One of the bathing spots is an ideal place for activities such as sea bathing, seaside barbecue, beach bonfire evening, enterprise team building, and marine entertainment.

Golden Pebble Beach

Golden Stone Garden

Jinshiyuan is also known as “Jinshiyuan Park” and is located on the east side of the central street. It covers an area of 130,000 square meters, of which 24,000 square meters of stone forest landscape was formed in the late Sinian period 600 million years ago. The change of the sea and the ebb and flow of the tide made the rocky winds form a strange and colorful stone scene, which resembled a turtle and was regarded as a sea erosion zoo.

Coastal geological park

The Binhai National Geological Park relies on the unique mountainous landscape on the coast and the reef form on the beach. The rich fossils of ancient fossils in the rock formations and the myths and legends that have been circulated in the folks are the “miracle of heavenly work”. The solidified animal world, the “Shenli Sculpture Park”, and the “Natural Geological Museum” have many reputations. “The Stone Monkey Watching the Sea”, “Dinosaurs Exploring the Sea”, “Dapeng Spreading the Wings”, “Beethoven Head”, “Hedgehog Food”, “Crazy Will Go Out”… The natural landscape of different shapes from west to east Arranged, made in heaven, and skillfully crafted.

Golden Pebble Beach

Golden Paraffin Museum

The Golden Paraffin Museum is located in the Jinshi Culture Expo Plaza on the north side of the Jinshitan Light Rail Station. The museum is divided into “Hundred Years of Resurrection”, “Technology Light”, “Star World”, “Fairy Kingdom”, “Olympic Light”, “World Wind” “13, “Old Lanes” and other 13 theme exhibition areas, showing more than 300 celebrity wax figures of Hollywood stars, academic leaders, sports celebrities, political leaders and so on.

The Golden Paraffin Image Museum uses the world’s top 3D printing technology, holographic projection technology, and robot technology. More than a hundred wax figures are vividly combined with the effects of lighting, background and props, realizing the three-dimensional interaction between scenes, characters, multimedia and tourists. It creates a world of wax art that is extremely visually shocking and psychic.

Golden Pebble Beach

Discovery Kingdom Theme Park

The Discovery Kingdom Theme Park is located on the Gold Coast of the Golden Pebble Beach National Tourism Resort in Dalian. The name of the Kingdom is very appropriate, especially for the first time visitors, standing in the square of Noda, looking over there. Dressed in a glamorous cartoon image just took your eyeballs, this side of the roller coaster overturned your gaze; the scream on the right led you to watch, there was an endless admiration on the left. Sound, everything is so fresh, everything is worth discovering.

The beginning of the discovery of the kingdom is the discovery of the square, it can also be said to be the end, because the park entertainment is circular, when the second time to the square, it is probably the time to leave. There is a beautiful street fountain on the square. The same European style can be combined with the cute cartoon characters scattered around. The main character of the park is also cool. Not far from the center of the park, there is a lake. If you don’t have this lake, the steel-based park will be missing a smart and intimate place. The castle in the middle of the lake is very beautiful in Rowling’s Harry Potter. The shadow of the magic school Hogwarts, the people I saw had the desire to go boating to the fort, and when told that it was used to put fireworks at night, in addition to regret, it would night again.

The park is divided into six major themes. If you turn right, you will see the crazy town first. There is a crazy theater here, where you can regularly see the “crazy treasures” performed by artists invited from foreign countries, thrilling vigilance against the battle, exciting explosion scenes, and feelings of being in the Hollywood blockbuster. (It is recommended to have a good timetable. After the fun, come here to watch the visual feast); Crazy Lingbo dance is definitely one of the most thrilling projects in the park. This can be experienced from the screaming decibel of the occupant; other The project is also good, and if you have enough time, you will experience it every time.

Golden Pebble Beach

Travel Information


Rich seafood specialties. The food court in the Jinshi Culture Expo Plaza, the Yujiabang Seafood Restaurant, etc., local seasonal seafood, sea food buns and other Jinshitan specialties, cheap, really feel the authentic seafood features.

The banquet hall on the 4th floor of Jinshi Culture Expo Plaza covers an area of 1,700 square meters and can accommodate 800 people for dining. The hall has a beautiful lighting system. The 36 square meters HD LED display and large stage background are for business events, wedding banquets, conferences. The ideal place for reception.

Exquisite mountain treasures. The Jinshitan Hunting Club Restaurant is a green restaurant featuring Shanzhen wild game dishes. It is located between the dense forests and enjoys the natural scenery and the beauty of the wild and wild game. Visitors can also self-manage their own processing.


Jinshi Culture Expo Plaza Shopping Center (north side of light rail station)–Jinshitan special crafts, dry sea products, food

Seafood market – seafood, sea treasures

Agricultural trade collection – local agricultural products, seafood

Opening hours


Ticket price

Tickets for each attraction can be purchased separately or as a package.
The boutique scenery joint ticket is 180 yuan/person (the core scenic spot of Binhai National Geopark, Jinshiyuan Park, Wax Museum, Stone Culture Expo Park).
Cultural Expo coupons 240 yuan / person (wax museum, life mystery museum, Huaxia Cultural Museum fantasy art experience museum, fantasy art experience museum, ball screen experience museum, Mao Zedong historical collection, stone culture Expo Park) tickets for each single attraction 100 yuan , 60 yuan, 20 yuan
The Gold Coast Baths are open free of charge.
In addition, the cost of the sightseeing car in the scenic area is also included. High season: April 15th – October 15th.

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