Golden Mile Grand Canyon National Forest Park

Golden Mile Grand Canyon National Forest Park

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Geographic location:Above Taiziping Village, Jinsixia Town, Shangnan County, Shangluo County, Shaanxi Province


Famous scenery:Shi Yanzhai

Climate type:Temperate monsoon climate

Jinsi Grand Canyon National Forest Park, referred to as “Golden Silk Gorge”, is a national AAAAA-level tourist area, a national-level forest park, and a national geological park. It is known as the “City of the Canyon”, “China Qixia” and “Tianxia Qixia”. “The most beautiful Grand Canyon in China”, the scenic spot is located in Shangnan County, the southeast gateway of Shaanxi. The plants in the park meet the north and south plants. There are temperate and warm temperate deciduous broad-leaved trees, subtropical evergreen and deciduous broad-leaved trees. The forest coverage rate is 98%. In August 2009, it was named the National Geological Park by the Ministry of Land and Resources. It is the first in Shaanxi. Two national geological parks.

The Jinsixia area is located in the southern slope of the Qinling Mountains connecting the northern slope of Bashan, and is located in the middle reaches of the Danjiang River in the Hanjiang River system in the Yangtze River Basin. The terrain in the territory is ups and downs, and the valleys are in phase, mainly belonging to low mountains and hilly landforms.

Golden Mile Grand Canyon National Forest Park

Location horizon

Jinsi Grand Canyon National Forest Park, National 5A Scenic Area, is located in the hinterland of Xinkailing in the southeast of the Qinling Mountains. It is more than 200 kilometers away from Xi’an, 60 kilometers away from the county seat and 18 kilometers away from Jinsixia Town.

Golden Mile Grand Canyon National Forest Park

Climatic characteristics

Xi’an is located in the middle of the Guanzhong Plain in the Yellow River Basin. It is bordered by the Qinling Mountains in the south and the Weihe River in the north. The four seasons are distinct and the climate is mild. The natural climate belongs to the subtropical semi-humid monsoon climate to the warm temperate semi-humid climate. The annual average temperature is 18 °C, the average summer temperature is 22 °C, the frost-free period is 217 days, the precipitation is 803 mm, the evaporation is small, the climate is humid, and the four seasons are distinct. . In addition to the colder winter, other times are more suitable for tourism.

Golden Mile Grand Canyon National Forest Park

Resource situation

Resource characteristics

The park has beautiful scenery, unique style and picturesque scenery. It has the characteristics of narrow, long, beautiful, strange, dangerous and quiet. It integrates natural landscapes such as peaks, rocks, caves, forests, birds, beasts, springs, lakes and waterfalls. One, step by step, and thousands of sights. Known as “the wonder of the canyon, the ecological kingdom.” On July 1, 2002, it became a provincial forest park. In December 2002, it became a national forest park.

Golden Mile Grand Canyon National Forest Park

Resource classification

Natural resources

Forest resources are multicolored. The north-south plant intersection area includes temperate and warm temperate deciduous broad-leaved tree species, subtropical evergreen and deciduous broad-leaved tree species. The old trees are towering, the forests are dense, and the forest coverage rate is 89%. There are more than 300 acres of short-handled virgin forests around Shiyanzhai. It is the largest and oldest in the Qinling area, with the highest degree of canopy. Orchid plants can be seen everywhere, and the low-lying plants such as moss and ferns in the forest are very rich, forming a unique canyon ecosystem. There are 1696 kinds of forest plants in the park; more than 30 kinds of rare plants such as yew, big fruit green tree, fragrant fruit tree, pepper, orchid, etc. have been confirmed, and the rare plants in the subtropical zone can be seen as “strangled”.

Golden Mile Grand Canyon National Forest Park

Cave resource

There is a hole in the mountain cave. There are leading peaks, lion peaks, candle peaks, horns peaks, Sancai peaks, hump peaks, flagpole peaks, etc., which are shaped like beasts and objects. Some are like turtles, some are like rabbits, some are like melons. There are many different kinds of playing stones in the canyon, such as flying stones, even heart stones, ladies offering melons, Guishu Shisheng, Saixia Stone. Nantian Shigu, Xianren Bridge, Xianren Stone, Horseshoe Stone, and Erxian Stone are all wonderful and vivid. In the different parts of the mountain, there are more than 20 swords and axe-like dangerous rock cliffs, such as the splashing mountain, the spiral cliff, the Luohan Cliff, the Qixing Cliff, the cat ear cliff, the Jiguan Cliff, the Touching Cliff, etc. The height is above 1000 meters and the slope is between 80-120 degrees. There is a danger that “the cliffs have no snake and the road, and the tits enter the gorge and do not fly.” There are more than 20 kinds of caves between the peaks of the cliffs. There are lotus heart caves, piercing caves, piercing caves, lotus caves, golden lion caves, caves, Zhaoyang caves and hanging potholes.

Among them, a “calcite” stone stone lion in the Golden Lion Cave sleeps in a hole, the image is true. The main hole is 50 meters wide and 30 meters high, with a total area of 10 acres. More than 30 wooden houses have been built in the Qing Dynasty, and the remains are still there.

Golden Mile Grand Canyon National Forest Park

Waterscape resources

There are many springs in the Golden Mile National Forest Park. The spring water with a large flow rate has five springs such as Heilongjiang, Shuilian Spring and Majiquan, which constitute the main source of water for the canyon. These springs flow into the canyon to form 14 waterfalls such as Black Dragon Waterfall, Witch Falls, Shuangxi Waterfall, Dust Waterfall, Lock Dragon Waterfall, Link Waterfall and Rainbow Waterfall. They are magnificent and have different shapes and shapes between the waterfalls. More than 30 Bitan.

Golden Mile Grand Canyon National Forest Park

Shi Yanzhai

Zhang Sanfeng, the true ancestor of the martial arts, has been obsessed with the red dust since he was a monk. He has to go out to practice the Tao. He has to give the Tianjian sword to the “Shiyanzhai Village” in the deep forest. He has built up the shackles and retired in the mountains to practice. With the deepening of his skill, he realized that ” The true meaning of the Qianshan practice, the Houshan monasticism. He found that Shiyanzhai was the land of martial arts, and Houshan was Wudang. To become a fairy, you must move to Wudang. Follow the Wudang Mountain in the south and cultivate the Tao into a fairy. Before Chengxian, he often came to Shiyanzhai to practice, to help Limin, and to have a temple. Shiyanzhai, north-south trend, east, west and south are cliffs, only one of the north slopes. The cottage consists of five major steps. The first step is high cliffs and the two faces empty. It is the gateway to the mountain road. It is said that the main gate of Nantianmen is on the second stage and is a holy place of Taoism. The fifth step is Yuhuangding. There are dozens of mountains and rivers in the gorge. There are hundreds of wildflowers here.

Golden Mile Grand Canyon National Forest Park

Mountain resources


Bailong Gorge, commonly known as Qilixia, North Gorge. The mountain peak on the left side of the Xiakou is called Fengshan, like a phoenix spreading its wings; the right mountain is called Monkey Mountain, and there is a stone monkey on the mountain, and there is a fairy monkey. On the left side of the hillside, there is also a strange stone called the Immortal Stone, also known as the Xianren Peak.

Golden Mile Grand Canyon National Forest Park


Qinglong Gorge, commonly known as the East Gorge, is extremely dangerous. On both sides of the gorge, the cliffs are swayed by the vines. What is even more peculiar is the precious evergreen trees such as sea paulownia, eucalyptus and hemlock, which are densely grown on the cliffs on both sides.

Golden Mile Grand Canyon National Forest Park

Black dragon gorge

Black Dragon Gorge, located at the western end of the Grand Canyon. Along the west of Shiyanzhai, it is the dangerous and mysterious Black Dragon Gorge. The whole journey is about 10 kilometers. Because the canyon is narrow and long, the water flows in the stone trough, and it is called the Jinlong Gorge. The landscape features of Jinsi Gorge are mainly: the valley is deep and narrow, the wall is dangerous, the waterfall is fantastic, the Xitan is even, and the original is deep.

Golden Mile Grand Canyon National Forest Park

Representative scenic spot

First-line day

At the narrowest point of the Bailong Gorge, the cliffs on both sides, the dangerous rock towering through the clear crescent moon, came to the narrowest part of the Bailong Gorge.
There is a path to the ancients. The two sides of the cliffs are full of pines and cypresses. Walking from the plank road, only one line can be seen, so it is called “the first line of the sky.”

Golden Mile Grand Canyon National Forest Park

Ma Shaquan

One of the famous scenery of Bailongxia, the name of Shenquan is one of the famous scenes of Bailongxia. After the immortal stone, a hundred meters of a turn of a strange stone, sudden sounds of water, like applause, you can see a spring water spewing out from the boulders, the spring clear. This is the famous “Ma Jiaoquan”. According to legend, there was a Su Niang in the Qin and Han Dynasties. She was pregnant, hiding her life and killing the Yijun. Through the place, the weather was hot and dry, people were sleepy and horse-ridden, and the hunger and thirst were difficult to stop. Su Niangniang was born with a prince, her body was weak, and she was struggling with hunger and thirst. At this critical juncture, Niangniu rode the oolong horse to lead the neck and smashed the ground. When the moment, a white light flashed, and the spring was sprayed out. The maiden was overjoyed, and the soldiers were sipping, this spring was cool and sweet, the soldiers After drinking, hunger and thirst, no pain, no morale. Spring water is endless, cool and pure, look at people to nostalgia, drink a password, people have an endless aftertaste, so there is the name of Shenquan. The maiden is on the stone, and the war is with the king and the war. Later generations will call this spring a horse-planing spring, and the boulder of the spring side will be the falling stone, and the first one will be the stone.

Golden Mile Grand Canyon National Forest Park

Stone tree

Shishengshu is located in Sanhuali, Xiakou. Two trees grow on two five-ton-sized boulders. One of them is the precious plant, the maple leaf, which belongs to the key tree species.

Golden Mile Grand Canyon National Forest Park

Lock Dragon Waterfall

Lock Dragon Waterfall, named after the cliffs on both sides of the waterfall, such as two thick doors, locked the way. We spent a lot of time finally renting bamboo rafts, and the waterfalls along the bamboo rafts were close, looking up: the waterfalls flowed down and were spectacular.

Golden Mile Grand Canyon National Forest Park

Golden Lion Cave

In the Golden Lion Cave, a “calcite” stone stone lion sleeps in a hole, and the image is vivid. The main hole is 50 meters wide and 30 meters high, with a total area of 10 acres. More than 30 wooden houses have been built in the Qing Dynasty, and the remains are still there.

Golden Mile Grand Canyon National Forest Park

Bailong Lake

Crossing the dark artificial tunnel, I came to Bailong Lake. The eyes are wide and the green hills are green and green.

Golden Mile Grand Canyon National Forest Park

Han Moyan

A very spectacular rock is black and inky, so it is Han Moyan.

Golden Mile Grand Canyon National Forest Park

Scenic development

On July 2, 2002, the Provincial Forestry Department officially approved the establishment of “Jinsixia Forest Park in Shaanxi Province”. On July 11, 2002, Deputy Director Zhu Julong, in charge of forest tourism in the Provincial Forestry Department, was invited to inspect and guide the park in Jinsixia. The tourist resources can be circled at a radius of 1,000 kilometers and will become Nanjing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Tourist attractions that tourists in Beijing, Taiyuan, Lanzhou and Wuhan are looking forward to.
In May 2003, more than 10 experts were organized in the Provincial Forestry Department to conduct a centralized review, and put forward the idea of ​​adhering to the sustainable development strategy, protection priority, scientific layout, and rational planning. From the guiding ideology and principles of park construction, functional area division, environment Market and passenger flow analysis, scenic line design, landscape design, protection engineering planning and design, tourism services and infrastructure, personnel management and benefit evaluation, etc., comprehensive systematic and scientific planning analysis and positioning, drawing a blueprint for the development of Jinsixia . On November 10, 2002, the national debt project was officially started, and the local migrant workers engaged in engineering construction were more than 1,000 people every day. The newly-built anti-corrosion boardwalk is 1,700 meters, the ecological trail is 1,800 meters, the stone steps are 1,500 meters, 11 small bridges and 9 pavilions.
In May 2003, the official website of the Golden Silk Gorge National Forest Park was completed, marking the promotion of Jinsixia has entered the fast lane of commercial science and technology information.
On July 2, 2003, Jinsi Gorge was approved as a provincial forest park.
In March 2005, it was awarded a 3A-level tourist area by the National Tourism Administration.
In October 2015, it was approved as a national 5A tourist attraction and a national geological park.

Golden Mile Grand Canyon National Forest Park

Travel guide

Traffic Guide
Scenic address: Jinsixia Scenic Spot, Jinsixia Town, Shangnan County
Self-driving tour guide self-driving route: From Xi’an Xiangwang Shangxi (An) Lan (Tian) Expressway, turn to Shaanxi (West) Shanghai (Shanghai) Expressway, head to Shangluo, and arrive at Jinsixia exit.

Tickets and opening hours:
92 yuan. A. Free policy: Children’s height is less than 1.2 meters, military officer’s card is free of charge B. Preferential policy: Children’s height between 1.2 meters and 1.5 meters, student ID, and people over 65 years old with the old age certificate to purchase scenic spots. 07:00-17:00
High season: March to November
Low season: December to March

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