Changzhou universal dinosaur City

Changzhou universal dinosaur City

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Geographic location:Changzhou New District, Jiangsu Province, China


The National 5A-level tourist scenic spot, Global Dinosaur City, was built by Longcheng Tourism Holding Group and located in Xinbei District, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. Changzhou Global Dinosaur City, a dinosaur-themed integrated tourist resort, is a “Dinosaur Kingdom” covering an area of more than 4,800 acres. It integrates theme parks, cultural performing arts, hot spring leisure, recreational business and animation and creativity. On the basis of breaking the traditional concept of the scenic spot, it spreads the functions of tourism and leisure to every corner, and then integrates different functions such as culture and residence. Together form a large-scale tourism and leisure community with a complete set of accommodations and distinct personality.

Universal Dinosaur City includes: China Dinosaur Park, Dino Water Town, Dinosaur Valley Hot Springs, Dinosaur City Grand Theater, Xiangshuwan Garden Hotel, Metropark International Hotel, Dinosaur Theme Resort, Sanhe Sanyuan Hydrophilic Tour and other tourism projects. It is a one-stop dinosaur theme integrated resort integrating theme park, recreation business, cultural performance, hot spring leisure, animation and animation. It is a shining business card for Changzhou’s foreign exchange.

Changzhou universal dinosaur City

Main Attractions

Chinese Dinosaur Museum

As a symbolic building of the Chinese Dinosaur Park, its design is innovative and unique, and it looks like three dinosaurs screaming in the distance, just like the dinosaurs of the Jurassic era. It is divided into three functional areas of display, amusement and scientific research. There are 50 skeletons of dinosaur fossils in various geological years. Among them, Hualong Bird, Giant Shandong Dragon and Xu’s Lufenglong are the treasures of the three major town halls. In addition, the museum also imitates the “Crossing the Jurassic” of the Hollywood Studios in Jurassic Park and the 48-six-dimensional three-dimensional dynamic movie “Dinosaur Destruction”, which makes the whole museum a collection of museums, science, appreciation, amusement, and dynamic participation. A modern new dinosaur museum. And won the “China’s century-old architectural classics” award.

Changzhou universal dinosaur City

Dinosaur Valley Hot Springs

“Spa water skiing washes the gel”, feels the skin and water in the misty mist, the water mist is like a sputum, the warm jade is condensed, and the heaven and the man are combined to the extreme. This is a view of the Dinosaur Valley Hot Springs. Dinosaur Valley Hot Springs covers an area of 180,000 square meters with a total investment of 800 million yuan. It is a key tourism and leisure supporting project in Universal Dinosaur City. It is a hot spring resort center integrating hot spring theme park, hot spring hotel, spa club, dining center, conference center and soup house villa.

Changzhou universal dinosaur City

Xiangshuwan Golf Hotel

Xiangshuwan Garden Hotel is the only four-star resort hotel in Shanghai-Nanjing and even East China that combines exotic cultural tourism with golf and other holiday elements, and has won the honor of National Golden Leaf Green Hotel. The hotel covers an area of more than 80,000 square meters and has an investment of 300 million. The interior environment is beautiful, the building is unique and the furnishings are elegant. When you choose to live here, you will feel the beauty of the four seasons, enjoy the flowers and flowers in the spring, Xia Wenfen and the fragrant rain dew, the autumn view and the sun, and the winter cedar. The architectural design of the hotel makes extensive use of the expression techniques and decorative techniques of Thai architecture, seeking common ground while reserving differences, and using the ivory towers representing Bodhisattva culture, Bodhi leaves, Thai Buddhist murals and other means to highlight the Thai cultural atmosphere, whether it is the magnificent central architectural complex. It is also a delicate and elegant garden piece, which runs through an intriguing foreign cultural connotation. In addition, in the service project, the 9-hole golf course, the national standard tennis court, the billiard room, the fine dining and many other leisure elements and the cultural atmosphere of the auction of calligraphy and painting, let the guests appreciate the high-end leisure life.

Changzhou universal dinosaur City

Dinosaur City Grand Theater

The unique “tree cube” building of the Dinosaur City Grand Theater is like a cube lens. Under the backdrop of the dense forest, in the turn of light and shadow, experience the beautiful visual impact. In addition, Longcheng Tourism Holdings Group will also make great efforts to create a wonderful show with cultural and brand characteristics. The large-scale music and dance drama “Beautiful New World” allows you to enjoy a stylish, hot and wonderful visual feast in a wonderful artistic atmosphere. Shocking visual effects, grand performances, diverse expressions, and interactive experience of “Beautiful New World” will surely make your senses a wonderful journey of global performing arts. It depicts a person who is in harmony with nature, justice will eventually defeat the evil theme story, shocking music, beautiful lighting, and gorgeous costumes create a true human fantasy.

Changzhou universal dinosaur City

Water Paradise·Dream Jiangnan–Sanhe Sanyuan Hydrophilic Tour

The project adopts an elegant and avant-garde full-transparent sightseeing yacht, which is characterized by “fashion, leisure, hydrophilicity, ecology and culture”. It integrates four functions of water sightseeing, business reception, tea ceremony and cultural performance. Through the “Sanhe” of Guanhe, Beitang River and Dongzhi River, the “Three Parks” of Hongmei Park, Dongpo Park and Zhonghua Dinosaur Park will be connected into a line. The human resources and tourism landscape scattered along the road will be planned to form “two poles, The unique travel space of the four sections, eighteen scenes and the twenty bridges presents a new water landscape. The three rivers and three gardens of the waters of the river, let the lost Jiangnan style return, let the modern civilization bloom the ancient fragrance, let the heart that longs for nature return to the hometown.

Changzhou universal dinosaur City

Dino Water Town

The project will build a recreational commercial district with entertainment, entertainment, catering, shopping, display and performance. The key buildings include IMAX giant screen cinema, animation fair permanent meeting place, large indoor video game park, theme hotel, large-scale brand catering. Douglas famous shopping village, at the same time heavy introduction of the country’s first 4D roller coaster, the country’s top 120 meters of sightseeing towers, the main amusement equipment, more floats, flowers and boat tour to create entertainment and business atmosphere, to create creative, dreamy recreation space.

Changzhou universal dinosaur City

Geographical environment

Universal Dinosaur City, located in the modern tourist and leisure zone of Changzhou New District, Jiangsu Province, is a collection of theme parks, cultural performing arts, hot spring leisure, recreational business and animation and creativity. On the basis of breaking the traditional concept of scenic spots, tourism and leisure The functions are scattered to every corner, and then the different functions such as culture and residence are combined to form a large-scale tourism and leisure community with perfect combination and distinct personality.

Changzhou universal dinosaur City

History and culture

Changzhou Global Dinosaur City Scenic Spot is located in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. It covers an area of more than 600 acres. Since its official opening in September 2000, China Dinosaur Park has focused on brand innovation and integrated marketing on the theme park management road. Strengthen team building; focus on institutional innovation and optimize development models. Creatively proposed the “5+2” development model of the theme park, and deepened the implementation from the format to the form, and finally formed the core competitiveness of the Chinese Dinosaur Park in the raging theme park wave: the popular science tourism purpose A science education base with strong ground and amusement. Over the years, the China Dinosaur Park has successively won many “National” awards such as “National 4A Level Scenic Spot”, “National Science Education Base” and “China Cultural Industry Demonstration Base”, and passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality environment integration. The management system has become a shining city card for Changzhou’s foreign exchanges.

Changzhou universal dinosaur City

Travel guide

Scenic spot tickets
Full ticket for the playground: 200 yuan.
Opening hours: 9:00-17:00
Traffic overview
The city is directly connected by bus No. 26 and No. 302. Take a taxi from the train station for about 20 yuan.
By car: (attached: Changzhou Zhonghua Dinosaur Park Traffic Map) Route, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway Changzhou Jiangyin exit turn right along Changcheng Road 1 km, Hanjiang Road left turn 2 km or Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway Changzhou Xinbei District entrance to China Dinosaur Park (3KM) is surrounded by major cities and driving distances. Shanghai is here (118) kilometers; Hangzhou is here (288) kilometers; Nanjing to (188) kilometers.

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