Changyang Qingjiang Gallery

Changyang Qingjiang Gallery

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Geographic location:Within Hubei


Famous scenery:Zhonglishan, Xianrenzhai

Climate type:Subtropical monsoon humid climate

Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area, National AAAAA Grade Scenic Spot, National Geological Park, National Forest Park, National Top Ten Emerging Brands of Ethnic Culture Tourism, Top Ten Scenic Spots in Hubei Province, and Hubei Provincial Ecotourism Demonstration Zone.

Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area is located in Longzhouping Town, Changyang County, Yichang City, Hubei Province. The Qingjiang River is the mother river of Tujia. It is like a blue drifting belt, and it is like a blue drift belt. It runs through the mountains of Yuechuan, and it traverses more than 10 southwest of Hubei. The county and city form a wonderful natural landscape of 3.86 million mu of Yijiang Yihu in the Qingjiang River Basin. The unique karst landforms on both sides of the strait are peaks and peaks, and the hundreds of emerald-like islands in the lake are dotted with green beads.

Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area, such as the Lancang River, is a vast expanse of water, and the high-gorge green forest has a winding path. It is known as the Qingjiang River, the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, the Qing Dynasty of Guilin, and the West Lake Show of Hangzhou. It is unparalleled. The mountains of the Qingjiang River, the waters of the Qingjiang River, the people of the Qingjiang River, and the people of the Qingjiang River are merged together into a river that is endless, vast, and profound, such as poetry, picturesque, dreamlike, like a song. If you are in a period of time, it is enough to make people horrified, excited and drunk.

Changyang Qingjiang Gallery

History development

The establishment of the Tourism Bureau of the Changyang Tujia Autonomous County in 1986 marked the official start of Changyang tourism. When the Changyang scenic spots received 13 foreign tourists, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots. Subsequently, Changyang successively established the Qingjiang Travel Agency in 1988. In 1992, it established the Changyang Tourism Overseas Materials and Trade Department and the Dragon Boat Travel Agency. In 1994, the Changyang Tujia Autonomous County Tourism Education Center was established. In 1998, the Tujia Fengqing Street Property Management Center was established. After that, the Qingjiang River cruise ship, tourist barge and tourist terminal were gradually built. After nearly 30 years of development, the comprehensive reception capacity of Changyang Tourism has been greatly improved and improved. The total investment of Changjiang Qingjiang Tourism with Qingjiang Gallery Tourist Resort as the backbone scenic spot is nearly 500 million yuan, and 31 residential development spots in 9 major scenic spots 46 The number of tourism enterprises has grown to nearly 50, including 28 in the catering industry with an investment of more than 1 million yuan and more than 3,000 tourism employees. The county’s catering accommodation can accommodate 10,000 people and 8,000 people. The number of tourist vehicles has grown to more than 400 and 101 ships. The total number of tourists received is 801,000, and the comprehensive tourism income is 275 million yuan. In 2006, a spring scenic tour guide qualification training course was held. More than 80 participants participated in the competition, and 10 scenic spot “golden guides” were selected. The Zhang Jian Crossing Team’s 300-mile Qingjiang Gallery Challenge was successfully held. The detailed construction rules of the China Batu Shengshan Project were successfully reviewed in Wuhan by the expert review meeting organized by the Provincial Tourism Bureau.

In 2012, Qingjiang Gallery’s 5A-level scenic spot was officially awarded. In 2013, Tianzhu Mountain, Danshui Drifting, and Machigu Village successfully entered the ranks of national 3A-level tourist attractions. Our county continued to be awarded “Hubei Tourism Strong County” and was commended as “the province’s advanced tourism development county”. Qingjiang Gallery was commended as “the top ten scenic spots in the province” and was awarded the title of “Provincial Trademark Demonstration Zone” and “Hubei Famous Trademark”.

The policy revolves around tourism, funds around tourism calculations, and projects around tourism. In recent years, Changyang has introduced key tourism projects such as Fangshan Stone Forest, Qingjiang Spring Eco-tourism Holiday Island, Yanchi Hot Spring Cultural Tourism Resort, Qingjiang Ancient City, and Latitude 30 Degrees Island. More than 30, with a total investment of more than 5 billion yuan, have started construction or entered the preliminary preparations, and some have already operated and developed. The county has built 8 star-rated standard hotels, 16 high-end business hotels, and 5,000 beds in the county. More than 700 specialty farmhouses have been developed, and more than 4,000 people have been employed. Konjac leisure food, Qingjiang fish, Tujia smoked bacon, high-altitude pollution-free vegetables and other authentic “Changyang made” tourism products have become the “tips business card” to attract tourists to Changyang leisure vacation. Take the “Love Yichang” tourist express bus, Qingjiang Gallery and Qingjiang Ancient City, North Latitude 30 Degree Island, Machigu Ancient Village and other attractions “Beaded” operation, diversified lines and products plus 5A “Golden Signboard”, let Visitors are lingering. In the first half of the year, Qingjiang Gallery received 30% and 35% of the revenue from tourists and tourism. In the next five years, Qingjiang Gallery will strive to achieve group management and go public.

The government led, culture set up, travel singing, Changyang combined with tourism development, successfully created “Dream Tujia”, “Turiba”, “Jiangshan Beauty” and won the “five one” project award of the Central Propaganda Department. “Song of Love” and other cultural products with ethnic characteristics of Tujia nationality, successfully held the folk songs of Qingjiang Water, and successfully held the 6th China Changyang Qingjiang Gallery Crossing Extreme Challenge and two Chinese Pa people ancestors Junjun Cultural Tourism Festival He has held major promotional activities such as Wuhan Tujia Culture Week, World Supermodel, Miss Wuhan Qingjiang Gallery Photography, Hubei Famous Songs, and Changyang. The unique Changyang “cultural business card” has attracted the attention of many tourists, and the reputation of “mysterious Qingjiang, dreamy Tujia, and charm Changyang” has been greatly enhanced.

Changyang Qingjiang Gallery

Geographical environment

Geographic location

Located in Longzhouping Town, Changyang County, Yichang, Hubei.

Changyang Qingjiang Gallery

Main Attractions

Zhong Lishan

Wuluozhong is away from the mountain and is the core attraction of Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area. It is 25 kilometers away from the gate of Qingjiang Gallery. If the whole mountain is floating on the lake, the main peak is 397.5 meters above sea level; the mountain is surrounded by water, and the waves are rippled; the five peaks on the island are scattered, and the rocks are standing. Wuluozhong is a good place for people to explore the natural scenery and national culture. It is a good place for people to explore, climb, rejuvenate and find roots.

Changyang Qingjiang Gallery


Qingjiang Gallery Xianrenzhai Scenic Spot is located one kilometer from the gate of Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area. The seasons are like spring, birds and flowers, blue waves, pleasant weather and picturesque scenery.

Entering Xianrenzhai, a group of overlapping Tujia shacks will be displayed in front of you, antique and magnificent. There is a strange cave named Zhairen Cave in the village. There is a strange stone in the cave. It is called “Changyang People” stone; the world wonder grass “Scented Vanilla” is incredibly fragrant; the wild wild macaques in this group communicate with people here, and they are endless; In the Wenfeng Temple, the tall Nanwu Amitabha and the Guanyin Bodhisattva attracted a group of good men and women to worship the decapitation. There were three eyes in the village. There was a water in the village. According to legend: drinking this water: it can be clear-cut, and hence the name is “Smart Spring”. “.

Changyang Qingjiang Gallery

Reflection gorge

The reflection gorge attraction is the first major attraction to enter the Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area, located on the north side of the Geheyan Dam. Its gorge is 5 kilometers long, the water is quiet and the valley is steep, and the peaks are everywhere. She is known for her reflection of the “fishing branches and birds”. The rock formations on both sides form a unique natural mountain landscape. The woods in the mountains are lush, the trees are shadowy, the springs are clear, and the waves are turning back. It is a beautiful and natural atmosphere with a blend of mountains, water, gorges, caves and forests. Its landscape is the Qingjiang Dafo Mountain, the natural Maitreya Buddha, 278 meters high and 144 meters wide at the bottom, which is twice as large as the Sichuan Leshan Giant Buddha. It is the best in Asia. There are also peacocks, such as Kaiping Mountain, which are realistic and magnificent. The reflection of the gorge is the crowning touch in the Qingjiang Gallery!

Changyang Qingjiang Gallery

Tianzhu Mountain

Tianzhu Mountain is located on the north bank of Qingjiang River in Changyang Tujia Autonomous County, 37 kilometers away from the county seat. It is a religious pilgrimage tourist area featuring Taoist culture and the dangerous mountain valley. It corresponds to the birthplace of the Tujia people, Wuluozhong, and the north and south of the mountain.

Tianzhu Mountain – Zhongwudang is 1,445 meters above sea level. It faces the Qingjiang Reservoir in the south and the Three Gorges in the Yangtze River in the north. Looking at the main peak, the stalagmite is high, the lonely peak stands, the earth rises, the sky is superb, and there is a strong pen cloud; the near view of the mountain, the three peaks, the double bridge, the rainbow, the palace view, the ladder It’s the beauty of the fairy mountain. There are Qingquan ancient wells at the top of the peak. The four seasons are long and flowing, and the crystals are clear. The mountain is a rocky forest with a long history of clouds and fog.

Changyang Qingjiang Gallery

Bluegrass Valley

The Bluegrass Valley has a hidden building, a bluegrass valley surf, and the first high ropeway bridge in the Bluegrass Valley in Asia, waiting for you and the play project.

Changyang Qingjiang Gallery

Fool’s Island

It is located in the Gaoba State Reservoir Area of Qingyang, Hubei Province, covering an area of more than 9,000 mu. With the completion of the Geheyan Power Station and the Gaobazhou Power Station, the Qingjiang River has water quality, flow, geology and geography in this area. Many changes, the water becomes clearer and the mountains become more beautiful. Qingjiang Yurendao Ecological Leisure Resort currently has four themed scenic spots of mountains, water, islands and people.

In the mountains, Ma’anshan in Changyang has opened up a first-class gliding base in Central China. The canyons under the mountains are strange rocks and unique flavors. They have been developed into canyons, rock climbing bases and mountain scenery. Island, Fool’s Island is a harbor that is far away from the noisy city. The unique theme holiday villa area, ecological farming area, ecological forest area, and ecological leisure area are under construction. Fool’s Island is a place where you can relax and be a paradise for your body. Water, Qingjiang Floating People’s Home is the key line created by the scenic spot. Swinging on the river, the island is continuous, and the ancient sails let you experience the true meaning of culture. The people on the water will make your vision open and the mood will suddenly open up! The hydrophilic movement will make you find a piece of pure land in the hot summer.

Changyang Qingjiang Gallery

Scenic highlights

New construction of a city: Qingjiang Ancient City was successfully completed. In 2012, the Qingjiang Ancient City Tourism Comprehensive Service Body Qingjiang Ancient City Project, which invested more than 6 billion yuan, was the “Ancient Town” that was immersed in the arms of the Qingjiang Xiushui. It was a concentrated building culture, song and dance culture, celebrity culture, folk culture, and diet. The cultural industrial park integrating culture and leisure culture has been completed and put into use.

A new drama was created: “Jiangshan Beauty” was shocked. With the completion of Qingjiang Ancient City, the first Tujia creation poetry and dance drama “Jiangshan Beauty”, which was built over two years and was built over two years, was also staged in the Qinghai Ancient City Batu Culture Industrial Park. The love story of the famous Bawang Junjun and the saltwater goddess was put on the stage in the art form of the musical.

Newly built a ship: Qingjiang Night Cruiser “Dragon Boat No. 1” was successfully launched. “Dragon Boat No.1” is the thirteenth large-scale luxury antique cruise ship built by Qingjiang Gallery with an investment of more than RMB 5 million. Different from the previous cruises, in terms of structure, the night cruise ship has a “faucet” and colorful lighting equipment on the bow of the boat. It has both luxurious and sleek urban style, and it also conforms to Changyang’s Tujia folk customs. It is consistent with the romantic and warm scenery of the Qingjiang River.

On the route, the A and B lines are mainly used to sail in the waters around Changyang County. With the launch of “Dragon Boat No.1”, it has enriched the tourist content, filled the gap of the “Night Tour Project” in the scenic spot, and realized the cultural tourism goal of “Culture + Ecology + Tourism” in Changyang.

Changyang Qingjiang Gallery

Travel guide

Bus routes

City-county passenger transport bus: Yichang Long-distance Bus Terminal (near the city, near Yichang Railway Station), Yichang Bus Passenger Transport Center Station (outside, Wujiagang District, next to Yichang East Railway Station), and Changyang Bus Terminal, Yichang Long-distance Bus Terminal and The central station has a dedicated bus to and from Changyang. From 6:30 am to 6:30 pm, the two sides will be issued every 15 minutes, and the fare is 22 yuan/person.

Changyang County: There is a direct bus to the scenic spot in Changyang County Long-distance Bus Station. The body has the words “Qingjiang Gallery”.

Self-driving route

From Yichang Bridge Toll Station to Changyang for 5km, turn right (Changyang direction) for 18km and then arrive at T-junction. Turn left (with Changyang sign) for 8km to reach a T-junction and go straight for 2km to Yuren intersection Turn right 300m to meet a crossroads, turn left 300m, turn right and cross the bridge for 3km, go straight to the turntable (turn right to Zhouping Town) 3.3km to see the intersection turn left (with Baidaohu sign) 3 Kilometers arrive at the ferry parking lot.

Highway: The 318 National Highway and the Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway run through the whole territory. The Shanghai-Chengxi Expressway (from Wuhan and Yichang) is now open to the Changyang section.

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