Changlu Leisure Holiday Farm

Changlu Leisure Holiday Farm

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Geographic location:Shunde Lun teaches Sanzhou, adjacent to the main stream of the Pearl River


Famous scenery:Fairytale Animal Kingdom, Happy Island, Scream Park, Resort

Opening hours: 09:00—18:00

Changlu Leisure Holiday Farm is Changlu Tourism Leisure Expo Park (referred to as “Changlu Farm”). In November 2014, it became a national 5A tourist attraction. Invested and built by Guangdong Changlu Group in 2001, it is located in Shunde Lunjiao Sanzhou, adjacent to the main stream of the Pearl River. It covers an area of 400,000 square meters and is expected to have a total investment of 780 million yuan. It is a historical and cultural property of Lingnan, the style of Shunde water town, and the fun of farm life. The comprehensive scenic spot that combines eating, living, playing, rewarding, entertainment and purchasing is mainly composed of “Changlu Leisure Resort”, “Mobile Theme Park”, “Water World Theme Park”, “Farmhouse Theme Park” and The “Animal Theme Park” and other five major parks are composed of different characteristics, which are the best places for leisure and entertainment, tourism and holiday, and business meetings. It is also the preferred base for team development and group travel.

Changlu Leisure Holiday Farm

Tourist attraction

Screaming paradise

Gathering hundreds of world-class amusement projects, the ghost ship “Göteborg” with top-notch opto-electronic effect technology is creepy; in 2 seconds, you will rush to the speed of more than 30 meters high-speed “ejector”; feel the direct flight of outer space stimulation” “Super Space Shuttle”; “Magic Circle Vertical Roller Coaster” spanning 50 meters, bringing you the ultimate pleasure of 100 km/h vertical dive; “Dragon Wind Roller Coaster” brings infinite stimulation like tornado rotation; “Brave Carousel” belongs to The 360-degree rotation challenge of the brave; the super-rotating “spinning saucer”; the “polar seat” experience the swaying polar adventure; the “windmill castle” that gives you a whirlpool of pleasure; the meteor chasing the meteor 360-degree rotation Hammer”; the children’s favorite “naughty castle”; “four-dimensional dynamic ring screen theater” allows you to follow the plot of the movie; “Dynamic Video Game City” has more than 200 new imported game consoles, bringing dazzling amusements Experience; there is also a “Ferris wheel” that overlooks the entire farm panorama, “air bike” that enjoys aerial roaming, etc., so you can enjoy the fun of the Peak Motorsports!

Changlu Leisure Holiday Farm

Fairytale animal kingdom

The fairy tale animal kingdom has broken through the world traditional zoo mode, showing you the mysterious and interesting side of the animal with its unique garden shape, showing the characteristics of “male, strange, quiet, wild, show”. Every scene is a beautiful fairy tale, a unique animal castle, and a variety of animals are welcome. Birds Paradise, Lion Mountain, Giraffe King’s House, Aquarium, African Prairie, etc., allow you to get close to human good friends.

Poultry and livestock, birds and beasts, aquatic habitats and all kinds of rare animals are available in the animal kingdom. In this happy and peaceful paradise, the king of the beast, the tiger and the wild boar, live together in peace and become a good friend. The ferocious gray wolf was also infected in this peaceful atmosphere and became a close friend with the goat.

The fairy tale animal theater has created a large number of “farmhouse music” programs, such as the farmer’s five (small pig diving, racing pigs, racing ducks, cockfighting, pet dog performances), and added a kitten talent show. At the same time, the farmhouse creates an incredible spectacle in a large sea, land and air animal hall that can accommodate 1,500 people.

Changlu Leisure Holiday Farm

Leisure resort

The five-star lake house built by the water and the fruit and vegetable garden makes you feel like you are in Lingnan Water Town. The resort is equipped with a multi-functional conference hall. The new carriage theme hotel, the boat house theme hotel, the train theme hotel will be available soon; the unique unique water food 舫, let you enjoy the delicious food in the sparkling lake view; you can enjoy the food while enjoying the fish The shuttle restaurant, the famous chef, the Shunde farmhouse-style Chinese restaurant, the farmhouse that allows you to relive the farmer’s life and showcase the superb cooking skills; the Changlu art stage can accommodate thousands of spectators at the same time. Advanced lighting and sound equipment, heavyweight guests join in, large-scale song and dance performances, folk acrobatics, magic performances all day long. And there are children’s animation theaters that can participate in the wonderful cartoon animation world.

Changlu Leisure Holiday Farm

Dynamic play area

The dynamic water area not only has many water sports such as splashing water and water expansion, but also health care fitness projects such as garden swimming pool, cave steam bath, Chinese medicine SPA, and foot massage. In addition, Dream Fishing City, the fish catching fish area, the cloud catching fish area, the swamp catching fish area, the water curtain hole catching fish area, the surfing and catching fish area, is a good place for adults and children to play, relax and have fun. I am happy to return. The beautiful scenery of the mountains and springs are subtly blended into the water world of joy.

Changlu Leisure Holiday Farm


Lingnan Water Town House, bamboo forest, you can experience the farmer’s vegetable garden and Hetian in farming fun; the flowers and plants, the hundreds of acres of terraced gardens, Baiguoyuan, Baicaoyuan; brewery, tofu, Tao Leju, etc. The farmer’s special project fully demonstrates the rich farmhouse style, allowing you to linger in the lakeside pastoral and enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of the water town. The folk art puppet show and shadow play with more than 2,000 years of history provide you with a classic nostalgic performance.

Changlu Leisure Holiday Farm

Ticket information

Changlu Farm A Package
Scenic Spot Tickets [Tickets can be rescheduled, non-refundable]
Ticket type
Adult scenic spot ticket ¥130
Children/olds scenic spot half-ticket ¥65
“Global Village” big stage sightseeing package (not available on Monday! No rides)
Ticket type
Global Village Adult Sightseeing Ticket ¥118
Global Village Children/Elderly Sightseeing Half Ticket ¥60
“Global Village” big stage package (cannot be used on Monday!)
Ticket type
Global Village Adult Full Ticket ¥168
Global Village Children/Older Half Ticket ¥85

Booking instructions

Opening hours: 08:30-18:00
Special population: A. Free policy: children under 1.2 meters (excluding 1.2 meters), seniors 70 (including) years old and first- and second-level disabled persons with free valid documents to enter the village; free tickets do not contain any play amount Tickets with fairy tale zoo. Other offers are subject to the announcement of the scenic spot
Preferential policies: Children 1.2 to 1.5 meters (including 1.2 meters, excluding 1.5 meters), elderly 60 to 69 years old and third-grade disabled persons with a valid certificate to buy half a ticket 50 / person (send 95 yuan sports tickets)
Swipe card item Amusement amount consumption item
“Ghost Ship” Gothenburg, Meteor Hammer, Rocket Bungee, Skyman, Ferris Wheel, Ninja Flying Turtle, Gliding Flying Wing, Migratory Space, Moving Head, Surfing Roping, Jungle Flying Mouse, Recreational Air Cannon, Golf Game, Archery , ancient cannon shooting, magic mirror palace, anti-paragraph park, bumper boat, couple boat, electric boat, bumper car, taxiing dragon, double flying, water bicycle, water walking ball, laser warship, Shenzhou surfing, forest hunting, swan train , roller walker, water duckling, water tricycle, ferris ring car, Arabian flying carpet, octopus, star wars, super pirate ship, brave carousel, polar seat, Asia’s first giant cloud hammer, rotating flying saucer, spin Trolley, sky chariot, windmill castle, space shuttle, four-dimensional dynamic ring screen theater and so on.
Free project free project performance class
Six farm performances (small pig diving, racing ducks, funny cockfighting, racing pigs, pet dog performances, big bungy high platform fancy diving), shadow play, puppet show, big stage performance (large song and dance, folk stunts, acrobatics, stunts, etc.) Sea, land and air animal performances (elephants, lions, tigers, bears, sea lions, seals, parrots, goats, puppies, etc.) big bungy high platform fancy diving sightseeing class Cai Cai River (Koi Watch), landscape tofu, Xiaorenguo, Lingnan farmhouse, brewery, home mushroom house, silkworm house, Siyuan well, rice field, shui shui, stone mountain waterfall participate in Pinghu play, adventure pontoon, fantasy house, small river catch fish (purchase Benzhuang fish tools can participate)
Additional charges:
Project charging standard fee karting 30 yuan / 5 minutes Mini racing 30 yuan / 5 minutes Horse riding 20 yuan / 1 lap Booth game to buy game currency
Note: The above projects in the scenic spot are cash-charged, except for other items that are credit card-consuming.


You can take a little bit of your own snacks and relax when you are free.
High temperature in summer, strong UV rays, good sunscreen moisturizer
The farm has water recreation projects, which can be provided with towels for easy drying.
In the summer, the ultraviolet radiation is strong, pay attention to sunscreen, and bring good sunscreen moisturizer.
Tourists with baby play need to take good care of the baby, bring some daily necessities for the baby
During the play, do not invade the animals in order to avoid accidental injury.
Don’t make money in public places, don’t check the banknotes in public when shopping.

Traffic Guide

Self-driving route:
Guangzhou—-105 National Road (Zhuhai direction)—-Shunde Bijiang—-Guangzhou West Line Entrance—-To Zhuhai, Ronggui direction (Buigui Road)—-Over the Xihai Bridge;
Shenzhen, Dongguan: Guangshen Expressway—-Humen Bridge—-Humen Expressway Exit—-Nansha Avenue—-Take the Shawan Bridge toll station 300m behind the bridge (Shunde direction)– — Shawan 362 Provincial Highway (over Ziyan Bridge)—-Sanshan Bridge;
Foshan: Foshan—-Lecong (turn left at Sanle Road intersection)—-Buigui Road turn right—-Xihai Bridge; Foshan—-Fo Chen Road—-105 National Road (turn right) 100 meters)—-Guangzhou West Line Entrance—-Zhuhai, Ronggui direction (Buigui Road)—-Xihai Bridge;

Public transportation: Bus 910 line 908 Under the Changlu Farm Station.

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