Changchun World Sculpture Park

Changchun World Sculpture Park

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Geographic location:9518 Renmin Street, Changchun City


Famous scenery:Changchun Sculpture Museum, Songshan Hanrong African Art Collection Museum

Suitable for the play season:All year round

Changchun World Sculpture Park is located in the south of Renmin Street in Changchun City. Covering an area of 92 hectares, the water area is 11.8 hectares. It is a theme park that integrates contemporary sculpture art and displays the world’s sculpture art. It is a modern urban sculpture park that integrates natural landscape and human landscape. It has famous works such as “The Thinker”, “Bronze Age”, “Calace People” and “Walking People” introduced by Rodin from the French Rodin Museum.

The World Sculpture Park is the venue for the Changchun World Sculpture Conference and the Invitational Exhibition of Changchun International Sculpture Works. The garden is home to 454 pieces of sculptures from 216 countries and regions and 404 sculptors.

World Sculpture Park is the only sculpture park achievement award in the “New China City Sculpture Construction Achievement Award”. It is the first batch of national key parks and national AAAAA-level tourist attractions.

Changchun World Sculpture Park

Main Attractions

Sculpture in the garden

In the Changchun Sculpture Park, two international sculpture conferences, nine international sculpture exhibitions and more than 30 sculpture exhibitions were held. In particular, in 2008, spending a million dollars, so that the French sculptor Rodin’s “Thinkers” settled, raising the popularity of Changchun’s theme park. The work of Luo Dan’s sculpture was only 70 cm high. Later, the Frenchman magnified it three times and made it into a limited number of molds. Therefore, it is recognized that the original casting works are authentic. There are only a few pieces of original castings in the world, and Changchun is the only original piece in China. Entering the gate of the park, visitors can see the true meaning of this sculpture at first sight.

This sculpture was spent in Changchun for nearly three years, and a lot of work was done from the French Rodin Museum, which invested about 1 million yuan. The “Thinker” sculpture will be placed on the central axis of the Changchun World Sculpture Park. This art treasure can be seen by the people at the main entrance of the Changchun World Sculpture Park. The introduction of “Thinkers” marks that Changchun World Sculpture Park has established a mainstream position in the world. In addition to the “Thinkers” park there are more famous sculptures: “Flying”, “Observer”, “Nile River”, “Spring Love”, “Sea Flower”, “Pangu” and so on.

Changchun World Sculpture Park

Art gallery

The museum mainly displays the famous Chinese arts and crafts master Peng Zushu, and the 82 pieces of “Stones” micro-carving works completed over ten years.

According to Peng Zushu, the “Stones” he created, using the art of micro-carving, combines literature, painting, calligraphy, engraving, micro-carving, carving and other arts, which is the first time in China.

The Peng Zushu Art Museum will be open to the public from 9:00 to 16:00 every day. The micro-engrave “Stones”, “Dream of Red Mansions”, was completed after Peng Zushu retired for eight years and two years later. A finished stone book. This stone book is based on the 80th copy of “The Dream of Red Mansions”. Each time a stone is added, plus a preface and a postscript, a total of 82 blocks, the most number of stones with a maximum of more than 11,000 words, and a minimum of more than 3,600 words, a total of 60 Yu Wanzi, in addition to micro-engraving texts, sums up the central idea of ​​each round as an image, engraved around the stone, and narrate the author’s point of view. According to reports, the stone used in this stone book is the top of the stone, including Changhua Tian Huangshi, Bahrain Fu Huangshi, Changhua and Bahrain Bloodstone, Shoushan Furong Stone, Litchi Stone and Qingtian Fengmen Qingshi, etc., including nearly 50 kinds. The famous stone of the stone, it should be said that the famous stones from the north and the south of the river are concentrated together. Every stone is like a book, a small one is a palm, a colorful one is gorgeous, or a square or a circle, and the shape is different. The text is engraved in the center of the stone. The words are like a fly, and if the pen is a spider’s silk, it can be under a ten-fold magnifying glass. The pen is not flawless, and the stroke is smooth. It reproduces the calligraphy and reveals a thick gold stone. Peng Zushu said that the color selection, design and engraved content of the 82 stones are consistent with the content of “Dream of Red Mansions”. Unlike other people who wrote “Dream of Red Mansions”, he focused on the contents of each stone. Those who have a philosophical little story in life, in order to achieve the purpose of thinking and reflecting.

Changchun World Sculpture Park

Landscape in the park

The Changchun World Sculpture Park was built in 2000 and officially opened to the public on September 5, 2003. It received more than 1 million domestic and foreign tourists and was highly praised by leaders at all levels and tourists at home and abroad. Changchun World Sculpture Park is a large-scale modern sculpture art theme park featuring natural landscape and human landscape, the theme of “friendship, peace and spring” and the integration of Eastern and Western culture and art. The famous works in the park include “Iron Ma Jin Ge” by Mr. Cheng Yunxian, Chen Yungang’s “Da Jiangdong”, the German sculptor Mehias’s “Peace”, and the African Maconde woodcarving works. The park also has 441 pieces of sculptures created by 397 sculptors from 212 countries and regions around the world, covering a variety of artistic styles in the world, blending various artistic genres. These works will be permanently displayed in combination with the natural landscape features. The park is for the world to appreciate.

The natural terrain of the park is undulating and its natural clear water is a rare sculpture park environment. The plan adopts the combination of Chinese tradition and Western gardening theory and modern planning concept, and achieves the harmonious unity of nature and humanity. The main entrance gate and the curved guide walls on both sides complement each other along the central axis; the asymmetric landscape square The ingenious axis turns and echoes the theme sculpture through the arched bridge. The changing No. 1 and No. 2 garden roads, like the jade belt, are surrounded by the blue waters of the lake, and the four groups of landscapes and long wall-like dragons tend to spray the water of the lake, forming the rhythmic beauty of movement and static, truth and music.

The Sculpture Art Museum is the main building in the Changchun World Sculpture Park. It has a sculpture art museum with a building area of 12,500 square meters. The museum houses and displays rare African Maconde wood carvings and classic works by domestic and foreign sculptors. The remaining pieces. The unique design of the art gallery is itself a beautiful sculpture. There is a special exhibition area in the pavilion, which specializes in exhibiting art from different continents. The art gallery also has a showroom, classrooms, international conference rooms and sculpture creation studios. It is fully functional and equipped with first-class facilities, providing a place for the majority of sculpture lovers to express themselves and feel the charm of art. The museum also houses hundreds of the most amazing African Maconde wood carvings in the world, as well as a large number of fine sculptures of famous Chinese and foreign sculptors that have been collected or are being collected.

Changchun World Sculpture Park

Communication impact

Park honor

The park not only inherits the cultural taste of modern sculpture, but also brings out the landscape concept of “landscape garden”. The sunken large-scale musical fountain square, artificial lake, viewing wall and so on together with the theme sculpture square and sculpture art museum constitute the scenic spot of the sculpture park. Changchun World Sculpture Park has become one of the most famous theme parks in Changchun and even the Northeast. It is a world-class art park with a collection of outstanding works by top artists from more than 100 countries around the world. In the past few months since its opening, the new “business card” as the “Northern Spring City” has been highly praised by Changchun citizens and tourists at home and abroad.

Changchun World Sculpture Park is world-class because of its large number of works, wide artistic style and high artistic level. Among all the sculptures, there are masterpieces reflecting the Mayan culture, the Eskimo culture, the Maori culture, as well as the collections of European culture, African culture, Latin American culture and Eastern culture, which fully reflect the characteristics of the country, the nation and the region. Moreover, the material is rich and the style is different. It is a garden of world sculpture. There are even more powerful themed sculptures, symbolizing the people of the five continents, holding high the banner of peace, playing the strong voice of friendship, welcoming the beautiful spring, and walking together for common prosperity and happiness.

More and more sculpture artists around the world hope that their own works will be displayed in the park. Changchun World Sculpture Park has become an artistic world full of charm and creativity.

Changchun World Sculpture Park

Social influence

On February 20, 2007, Changchun World Sculpture Park was approved by the Ministry of Construction as the first batch of national key parks in China together with 20 parks such as Beijing Summer Palace and Suzhou Humble Administrator’s Garden. The Changchun World Sculpture Park combines the artistic genres of various countries and combines the outstanding works of the 8th Changchun Sculpture Exhibition with the superior natural conditions of the southern part of Changchun. It combines the natural landscape with the humanistic features, not only showing the Chinese landscape. The art of garden design also shows the blending and collision of Eastern and Western culture and art. It is known as the “park that solidifies music” and the “back garden of world sculpture art”. It is selected as the first in China with high artistic value and cultural value. Batch of national key parks.

Changchun World Sculpture Park

Travel Information

Changchun Bus 66, 112, 130, 240, 252, 270 direct. Changchun Express Rail Transit Line 1 can be reached, and City Hall Station Exit B is.

Ticket information

Park 30 yuan / person;
The park hall pass 60 yuan / person;
Changchun Sculpture Art Museum 30 yuan / person;
Songshan Hanrong African Art Collection Museum 30 yuan / person.

Opening hours

Winter 8:00-16:30; Summer 8:00-17:30

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