Bosten Lake Scenic Area

Bosten Lake Scenic Area

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Geographic location:Xinjiang


Famous scenery:Dahekou, Ahongkou, Bailuzhou

Ticket price:45 yuan

Bosten Lake Scenic Area is a national 5A-level scenic spot, covering an area of 988 square kilometers. It is a scenic spot located in Xinjiang, China. Bosten Lake is known as the West Sea. There are many seaside scenery here, which is known as the “Xiawai Taoyuan”.

The Bosten Lake Scenic Area is dominated by the Bosten Lake scenery, Bos Tenter, the Mongolian meaning “standing”, named after the three-way lake heart mountain standing in the lake. Bosten Lake is 14 kilometers away from Bohu County, 24 kilometers away from Jixian County. The lake is 1048 meters wide, 55 kilometers long from east to west, and 25 kilometers wide from north to south. It is slightly triangular.

On January 4, 2018, it was upgraded to the Bosten Lake National Wetland Park by the State Forestry Administration. On April 13, 2018, he was shortlisted for “Magic Northwest 100 Scenes”.

Bosten Lake Scenic Area

Scenic introduction

The southwestern part of the Great Lake is covered with dozens of small lakes of different sizes. The small lake has a large lake with a total area of 240 square kilometers. The lake is deep in the west, the deepest is 16 meters, the shallowest is 0.8-2 meters, and the average depth is about 10 Around the meter. With a total area of 1,228 square kilometers, Bosten Lake is co-prosperous with snow mountains, lakes, green states, deserts, exotic birds and exotic animals, forming a colorful landscape. The vast waters of the Great Lakes, the vast expanse of smoke, and the color of the sky, are known as a pearl in the desert. Xiaohu District, the jade lotus, the winding path is deep, known as the “Xiawai Taoyuan”.

Bosten Lake Scenic Area


Dahekou (Xihai Fishing Village) Attractions

Dahekou (Xihai Fishing Village) is located on the west bank of Bosten Lake, a national scenic spot. It is 25 kilometers from Nanjiang Railway, 22 kilometers from National Highway 314, and 12 kilometers from Bohu County. Known as the “West Sea”, Bosten Lake is China’s largest inland freshwater lake. The water area is more than 1,600 square kilometers, accounting for 43.2% of the total area of the county. The lake water is used to irrigate the peasant river valley in Bazhou. The beautiful Bosten Lake is the largest organic fish production area in China; it is one of the four major reed producing areas in the country; the lake has the largest wild water lily group in the country, a large number of migratory birds and deserts, mountains, green dragonflies and clear water. Natural landscape is a good place for people to travel and sightseeing.

Dahekou (Xihai Fishing Village) scenic spot follows the structure of “hoist-type” structure, and builds a tourism image brand of “Ice Snow Carnival, Folklore Expo Park”, relying on the wetland landscape, the lotus pond, the “national customs, folk activities, festivals and other core tourism resources”. To carry out development and construction, and to build the scenic spot into a “Bosten” cultural experience destination integrating wetland sightseeing, ecological leisure, folk customs and cultural exploration, and to create “the drinking water park in Xinjiang and the leisure resort of the people of Xinjiang”. Make Dahekou the place where the “entertainment circle” dream begins.

At present, the reception facilities of the scenic spot are becoming more and more perfect, with a large tourist center, the largest inland fishing port in the northwest, the Xihai Fishing Village Hotel, the first pot in the West Sea, the landscape gate, the dining complex, the Mongolian camp, the Jiang Taigong fishing park, and the view. Reception facilities such as Yuxuan, Wanghai Pavilion, Water Stage, Observation Deck, Mongolian Camp, Leisure Island and Touring Trail. The scenic spot tourist center has seven functions, such as ticket sales, consultation and complaints, film and television service, tour guide service, shopping and leisure, and scenic spot exhibition. It is a comprehensive service organization. The first pot of the West Sea is inscribed by the famous calligrapher Tao Ran of Xinjiang. It is 4 meters in diameter and 0.6 meters high. The net weight of the pot is 3 tons. It is made of manganese-iron brass metal. In 2011, it was listed as the largest in the world. . The scenic entertainment projects are rich. The fascinating scenery is the first estuary in the hinterland of Asia. Undertake the county’s annual Ice and Snow Tourism Festival, Fishing Festival and Lake Festival Ceremony and the International Lusheng Culture and Art Festival, launching the “Water Entertainment Big Assortment” event, equipped with the most fashionable water boats, trampolines and other entertainment equipment; We have set up special tourism products such as Bosten Lake, Reeds, Water Birds and Wild Fish Grills. In recent years, the popularity of Dahekou (Xihai Fishing Village) has been continuously improved, and it has become a highlight of the Bosten Lake tourist area and an important tourist destination in Bazhou.

Bosten Lake Scenic Area

Introduction to the attractions of Lianhai World (Ahongkou)

Lianhai World is located in the southwest corner of Bosten Lake Scenic Area, a national scenic spot and a national 4A tourist area, 42 kilometers away from Korla. The planning scope of the scenic spot is from the south gate of the west, the long levee in the east to the lake, the Tayang road in the south, and the small lake area in the north of Daxun Noor. The planned area of sightseeing is 354.4 square kilometers, and the total area of the water here is more than 100 square kilometers. It has the largest wild water lily group in China, a huge wild water lily group and 400,000 mu of natural reed water. It is known as the pearl necklace of Bosten Lake and the beautiful paradise of wild water lily. Here we can wear swaying, enjoy the lotus pond, the product lotus pond rhyme, Wujiang Nanqing. Here, the clear water and the blue sky are in harmony, and the reeds and water lilies are in harmony, forming a beautiful picture of harmony and nature. In 2011, the Bosten Lake Scenic Area was named the National Wetland Park.

It is divided into several small lakes of different sizes and shapes, which are independent of each other and connected by gullies, including the Peacock River, Utunor, Helnoll, Gurwengol, and Jammu. Lakes such as Lakchinor are the first sights of Bosten Lake.

It is both a pearl necklace from Bosten Lake and a beautiful paradise for wild water lily. It is also wearing the swaying, and the western part of the lotus pond is outside the south. The rhythm of the lotus pond in the west, the feelings of the south of the river. This is the largest wild lotus growing area in China, hence the name “Lianhai World”.

Relying on the vast wild water lily group, 400,000 mu of natural reed and other wetland tourism resources, the layout of the lotus world is in accordance with the “One Heart, Three Districts, Three Rings”. “One heart” means that the scenic area enters the main road from north to south; “Three Rings” means three sightseeing routes that surround and connect different scenic spots from the main entrance of the scenic spot; “Three Districts” means comprehensive entertainment service area, core leisure resort, and wild water lily protection. Area.

In the development of tourism products, with the brand of “Bosten” culture as the brand, relying on the diversified wetland landscape, the use of the wetland environment of lakes, lakes, and water lilies has been developed to develop hydrophilic recreational activities. Leisure and holiday products, sightseeing products featuring lotus, bird watching and bird watching, cultural experience products with artistic style and wedding photography. At present, the reception facilities of the scenic spot are becoming more and more perfect, with ecological parking lot, landscape gate, wetland science museum, landscape bridge, theme lotus leaf square, reed sightseeing road, landscape pier, viewing tower, labyrinth boardwalk, bird island and hotel. The restaurant is equipped with water sports equipment such as speedboats, motor boats, painted boats, barbecue boats, pedal boats, etc., and strives to build the scenic spot into the best in Xinjiang, including scenic tourism, science education, ecological leisure, health and wellness, and experience. One of the original ecotourism sites.

Bosten Lake Scenic Area

Introduction to Bailuzhou Desert Recreation Ski Resort

The Bailuzhou Desert Recreation Ski Resort is located in the national scenic spot, the south bank of Bosten Lake (Egret Park). It is the world’s first desert ski resort and the lowest latitude and longitude in Xinjiang.

The Bailuzhou Desert Recreation Ski Resort has intermediate ski trails (25-22 degrees slope), primary ski trails (20-14 degrees slope) and recreational slides (which can be used for skiing, snowboarding, snow shovel). Entertainment, etc.; the intermediate slide is 40 meters wide and 300 meters long, and the entertainment slide is 30 meters wide and 200 meters long.

In the middle of the two slides is a snowmobile, which is used to transport skiers to skiing locations. The ski resort is equipped with snow machines, skis, skis, snowmobiles, ski wear, and a functional reception hall that can accommodate up to 500 people for recreational skiing.

Bosten Lake Scenic Area

Geographical environment

Bosten is Mongolian, meaning standing. Bosten Lake has a vast water surface of about 55 kilometers from east to west and 25 kilometers from north to south. The lake has an elevation of 1048 meters and a water surface area of over 1,100 square kilometers. The average lake depth is 9 meters and the deepest reaches 17 meters. With an area of 980 square kilometers, Bosten Lake is China’s largest inland freshwater lake. When the wind rises, the waves are like the sea; when the wind is calm, the waves are shining, and the lake is full of water. The small lake dotted with the west side of the Great Lakes, the lake and the water are connected, the grass is densely covered, the wild lotus is formed into pieces, and various water birds are inhabited.

Bosten Lake Scenic Area

Travel guide

Photography tips

The reeds, birds and wildflowers of Bosten Lake are good natural themes. Here, the bird must be taken by boat to the lake. In the evening, when the bird population is the most, it is best to take a still shot instead of disturbing the birds. The camera that shoots the bird must have a telephoto of 300mm or more.

Travel information

There is a shuttle bus to the Bosten Lake at the entrance of the Korla State Post and Telecommunications Bureau.

Scenic spot tickets

45 yuan

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