Black valley scenic spot

Black valley scenic spot

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Geographic location:Within the territory of Heishan Town, Chongqing City


Famous scenery:Jiuqu Paint Screen, Feiyu Waterfall, Mengsi Waterfall

Suitable for the play season:May-September

Black Valley, National AAAAA-class tourist scenic spot, national forest park, national geological park, China’s best leisure mountain, China’s best green low-carbon tourism and leisure resort, Asia’s most attractive scenic spot in Greater China, Chongqing The city’s “Bai Xin New Twelve Scenes”, the first environmental demonstration zone in Chongqing.

The geographic coordinates of the Black Valley are 106°58’26” east longitude and 28°51’46” north latitude. It is located in the foothills of the Dagu Mountain in the transition from the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau to the Sichuan Basin. It is located in Heishan Town, Wansheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, Chongqing. Jinchuan Mountain in Nanchuan and Tonglu Bailu Nature Reserve in Guizhou are adjacent to each other. It is 63 kilometers away from Chongqing City. The scenic area is 100 square kilometers. The height difference between the top and the bottom is 1200 meters, the canyon is 13 kilometers long, and the slope of the river valley is 70-80 degrees.

The black valley scenic area is composed of two scenic spots, namely, the black valley and the dragon scale sea. There are mountains, peaks, gorges, cliffs, forests, bamboo seas, waterfalls, clear water, caves, antique plank roads, pontoons, clouds, gardens, primitives. Vegetation, rare animals and plants, and other unique landscapes. The scenic area is densely forested and inaccessible. It preserves a few subtropical and temperate natural ecosystems with the same latitude on the earth. The forest coverage rate is 97%. It is the largest natural ecological scenic spot with the most intact ecological protection in Chongqing. It has been praised by experts as “the biological gene pool”, Chongqing’s unique “bio-gene pool” and “Southwest Shennongjia”.

Black valley scenic spot

Introduction to scenic area

The Black Valley Scenic Area is 13 kilometers long, including a 6-kilometre battery car ride, a 6-km walkway and pontoon, and a 1 km uphill sightseeing cableway (also walking). Entering from the gate of the scenic spot, along the river to the section of Xiangshui Village, the valley is about 40-50 meters wide. There is a gentle river along the river. The top is hilly and mountainous, with a stepped terrain. The valley section is “V” shaped and the river is narrow.

The following river sections are generally about 20 meters wide, and some river sections are only a few meters. Among them, Yutiao Gorge, Wild Pig Gorge and Monkey Leaping Gorge are less than 10 meters wide and only two meters in the narrowest part. They are adopted by floating bridges and suspension bridges. Negative challenge. The height of the top and bottom of the Black Valley is between 400 and 600 meters. The slopes on both sides of the valley are steep, the slope is generally 70-80 degrees, and some of the slopes stand up above 90 degrees. The image is wonderful.

Black valley scenic spot

Geographical environment

The black valley scenic spot is located in Heishan Town, Wansheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, Chongqing. The geographical coordinates are 106°58’26” east longitude, 28°51’46” north latitude, 20 kilometers away from Wansheng City and 110 kilometers away from Chongqing’s main city. It is adjacent to Jinchuan Mountain in Nanchuan and Tonglu Bailu Nature Reserve in Guizhou.

The mountainous area of the Black Valley is located in the Yungui Plateau and the transition to the Sichuan Basin. It is a boundary mountain between Chongqing and Guizhou.

The scenic area covers an area of 100 square kilometers. The total length of the canyon is 13 kilometers. The height difference between the top of the mountain and the bottom of the valley is about 1200 meters. The highest peak in the scenic area is 1973 meters above sea level. It is the highest peak in Chongqing before the municipality.

Black valley scenic spot

Four seasons

The black valley scenic area has a wonderful scene with the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. In spring, alpine rhododendrons, wild big camellia, and phoenix flowers bloom, and a hundred birds contend, making the scenic spot full of infinite vitality. Picturesque, it is a good place to return to nature and explore the Range Rover. In summer, Wanshan Pinnacle, mountains and quiet waters It is a resort away from the hustle and bustle of the summer; in autumn, the mountains are like mountains and the forests are full of dyes; in winter, the clouds are fascinating, and the green lakes are like the goddess who is ashamed and shy.

Black valley scenic spot


The characteristics of Chongqing Black Valley Scenic Area can be summarized as the four words of secluded, dangerous, odd and beautiful.

You: a forest stretching for dozens of square kilometers, covering the sky, covering the sky, ancient and deep, ancient trees towering, dense bamboo forest, excellent vegetation, numerous tree species, lush foliage, evergreen seasons, often humming in the forest, birds singing, spring water It adds to the tranquility of the mountains.

Risk: concentrated in dozens of Montenegro, cliffs towering, cliffs facing each other, “risk” on the cliffs of the cliff, the eagle mouth let people enter the scenic area to experience the “risk”, look up to the top, only a few meters wide, long A few hundred meters of the first line of people let people pass the experience of the cliffs of Montenegro.

Odd: The strange peaks in the scenic area are everywhere. There are giant Buddha chanting, black monkey welcoming, stalagmite independence, camel westbound, ridiculous caves, and couples. The grassland stone forests are fascinating, and this land was once a plant “refuge”, and there are hundreds of rare animals and plants that are more curious.

Show: The scenery in the scenic area is beautiful, the valley is deep and beautiful, the forest is surrounded by grass, surrounded by stone forest, like a big bonsai, fresh and natural, beautiful and beautiful. There are a variety of tree species mixed in the forest, and the forest is full of dyed; the flowers in the grass are colorful, the colors are colorful, the forest is green and oily, the river is green like blue, the grass is like jade, the terrace is far away, and the myopia is beautiful.

Black valley scenic spot

Natural resources

Plant resources

According to the statistics of 2010, there are more than 1800 kinds of plants, among which the black bamboo shoots are called a southwestern China, covering an area of more than 10,000 mu, and a large number of rare plants, such as the national first-level protection plants, silver fir, paulownia, ginkgo, red beans. Sugi, Fujian Bai, Alpine Rhododendron and so on.

Black valley scenic spot

Animal resources

According to statistics from 2010, there are more than 330 species and subspecies of animals, including the extremely rare national first-class protected animals – Chinese black langurs, as well as clouded leopard, black crane, pangolin, golden pheasant, white-tailed long-necked pheasant, and brocade Rare animals such as snakes and otters.

Black valley scenic spot

Main landscape

Shili Canyon

The most wonderful scenery in the Black Valley is the narrow and deep shoal of the Ten River Gorge. Affected by the Himalayan orogeny, the river is actually a crack in the mountains. It is a typical “V”-shaped deep-cut canyon with a relative height difference of 400-1000 meters and a riverbed at the widest point of 20-30 meters. The narrowest point is less than two meters. Both sides of the canyon are covered with dense vegetation. The slope is about 70 to 80 degrees. Some of the banks are washed away by the flood, and even the reverse is more than 100 degrees, forming a rare inverted wall spectacle. The squid gorge, the wild boar gorge, and the Shennong Gorge 3 gorge, the cliffs on both sides of the cliff are large due to the large amount of tilting, the upper end is almost swelled, the river becomes a dark river, and the sun is not available all day long. People stand in the narrowest squid gorge, one hand can touch the mountains of Chongqing, the other hand can touch the mountains of Guizhou. There are many waters in the middle of the gorge, the stalactites are densely covered, the ancient vines are upside down, the waterfalls are hanging, there are fish and crab games in the river, black langurs, goats, wild boars, etc. in the cliff forest, and the national second-class protected animal mole. Tourists walk on the plank road and pontoon, such as roaming in the Dragon Palace.

Black valley scenic spot

Fish leap

The fish leaping gorge is famous for its fish jumping in the river valley. In the spring and summer seasons, the fish “small beach” in the lower reaches of the squid river enters the upper reaches, and all of them must jump over the fish jumping beach with a drop of 60 cm. Once again, the spectacle of all kinds of fish rushing through the water is shown, so the locals call this gorge a fish gorge. The waters in the two gorges are extremely dangerous. The intelligent human beings have built a water plank on the water surface without breaking the natural forest. It is quite strange to bend over the water.

Black valley scenic spot

Flying fish waterfall

The flying fish waterfall is fascinating, the water is flowing continuously, and the momentum is majestic and majestic. Like the nine-day Yinhe River, the Feiyu Waterfall is the most spectacular waterfall in the Wansheng Black Valley. Because the shape of the waterfall is like a fish, it is called Feiyu Waterfall. In the summer mountain flood season, the water flow can reach 5 tons / sec, such as the nine days of the Yinhe vent, the momentum is very majestic. Looking from afar, silver practice flying, can pick up the sky. Looking straight into the bottom of the waterfall, “suspected that the Milky Way falls for nine days” is Li Bai’s far view. I don’t know what he will think about in the near future, and what he gets is the shock of the power of nature. The water column flew down from the height of a hundred meters. It is not a “water”. It is actually a pearl. It hits the stone at the bottom of the waterfall, picks up the smog of the sky, slowly rises up, and the beads are smashed. It merges into a huge invisible shock wave, making it difficult to breathe. It is said that if there is a sun, a seven-color rainbow will form. This scene has long been convincing.

Black valley scenic spot

China “Bermuda”

The largest ecological park in Chongqing, the magical and charming black valley, is called “Bermuda in Western China” and “Terror Valley of Death”. This is a place where the body has been quietly shivering for thousands of years, but it has been heated up by the press. There have been many incidents in which the human beings and the animals have disappeared into the ditch. There is a poem cloud: “Black valley, ditch and ditch; ten people mentioned nine people. The hound did not trace inside, the strong man went back hard.”

Black valley scenic spot

Practical information

Ticket price

Tickets are 85 yuan (excluding sightseeing cars, battery cars, cableway fees), sightseeing bus to the north and south gates are 15 yuan, 5 yuan, battery car 30 yuan, cableway 30 yuan. Older people over 60 years old and students are charged 50% of the tickets for their valid documents; children under 1.2 meters or 6 years old are exempt from the ticket.

Best season

May-September. Summer is best for summer. At this time, the water in the valley is abundant, and the springs and waterfalls are dry. The black valley scenic area has a wonderful scene with the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. In spring, alpine rhododendrons, wild big camellia, and phoenix flowers bloom in abundance, and birds contend, making the scenic spot full of infinite vitality. Picturesque, it is a good place to return to nature and explore the Range Rover; in summer, Wanshan Pinnacle, mountain still water It is a resort away from the hustle and leisure, and it is a summer resort. In the autumn, the mountains are as beautiful as the mountains, and the forests are full of dyes. In winter, the clouds are fascinating, and the green lakes are like the goddess who is ashamed and shy.

Internal traffic

Car: Take a long-distance bus to Wansheng in Chongqing Nanping and Chenjiaping Long-distance Bus Station. The fare is 38 yuan (excluding insurance premium). After getting off, take the Wansheng directly at Guanjingwan Station – North Gate/South Gate of Black Valley Shuttle bus, 1 yuan / person;
Self-driving: The specific route is Chongqing – Donghuan Interchange – Inner Ring Expressway (渝黔 direction – boundary stone – 渝黔 high-speed – 綦 Wan high-speed (about 500m after the exit of the Minjiang River) – Wansheng.

External traffic

Trains, planes, cars, self-driving.

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