Benxi Shuidong Scenic Area

Benxi Shuidong Scenic Area

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Geographic location:Benxi City, Liaoning Province


Famous scenery:Water hole

Floor area:42.2 square kilometers

Benxi Shuidong Scenic Area is located in Benxi City, Liaoning Province. It consists of 6 scenic spots including Shuidong, Hot Spring Temple, Tangou, Guanmenshan, Tiexia and Miaohoushan. It is distributed along the Taizi River with a total area of 42.2 square kilometers. The water tunnel covers an area of 36,000 square meters and has a total length of 2,300 meters, 35 kilometers northeast of Benxi City. The scenic spot is dominated by the Benxi Water Cave, which integrates mountains, water, caves, springs, lakes and ancient human cultural sites.

Benxi Shuidong Scenic Area

Development History

Formation of Benxi Water Cave

As far back as 570 million years, the Benxi Shuidong area was once a vast ocean. During this period, the climate was warm, a large number of bamboo shoots, brachiopods, gastropods and ladderworms were derived from each other. All family groups were renewed in accordance with the laws of nature. Their bodies were washed and turbid due to hydrodynamics. When it sinks, different types of biocarbonates and carbonates are deposited. The limestone of the Benxi Water Cave was developed by lithification during the Ordovician Liangshan Formation and the Zhongtong Majiagou Formation in this period. Later, due to the movement of the earth’s crust, the seawater receded, and it slowly rose to land. Limestone is continuously eroded by limestone during geological movements. It has accumulated over the years and has gradually developed into today’s water hole. This dissolution has continued to this day. It is conceivable that after millions of years, the unique landscape of Benxi Water Cave will be more beautiful and majestic.

Benxi Shuidong Scenic Area

The discovery and development of Benxi Water Cave

Very early on, ancient humans discovered this hole and lived here. Since the founding of the People’s Republic So far, archaeologists have discovered Neolithic artifacts, milled stone tools, animal bones, etc. about 10,000 years ago at the entrance to the cave. Pottery of the Bronze Age, 4,000 years ago, from 200 BC to AD After 400 years of rope-shaped pottery, five money and so on. The Water Cave Management Office has now placed some of the cultural relics in the “Cultural Relics Exhibition Room” on the left side of the living room in the cave. The people who visited the water hole tell the history of human civilization in this area.

The north side of the mouth of the Benxi Water Cave is in the shape of a half moon. The upper end is engraved with the four characters of the thin handwritten book “Benxi Water Cave”. The entrance to the cave is a height and width of more than 20 meters each, which is magnificent and can accommodate thousands of people. The hall is right to the right, there are dry caves 300 meters long, the caves are high and low, the caves have holes, twists and turns; the ancient wells, Longtan, Baibuchi and many other landscapes, so that visitors are imagining and lingering. On the front of the hall, it is the pier leading to the water hole. The water surface of more than 1,000 square meters is like a quiet and chic “port”. The light is in the water, and the boat in the water and the stone in the cave reflect it, making people enter the fairyland. From the retreat stone steps, you can swim down the water from the pier through the promenade.

Benxi Shuidong Scenic Area is located in the eastern suburb of Benxi City, Liaoning Province, 28 kilometers away from the city center of Benxi. It is the world’s first long underground water-filled cave. Benxi Water Cave was opened to the public in 1983 and was a national key scenic spot. In 1997, it was accepted as the first member of Asia by the International Cave Association. In March 2002, it was rated as AAAA Scenic Spot by the National Tourism Administration and passed ISO9002 quality certification. Nearly one million Chinese and foreign tourists come to visit the Benxi Water Cave every year. They are known as “Northern Kingdom One Treasure”, “World Wonders”, “Asian First Class” and “World Rare”. On May 25, 2004, “China’s first cross-warrior” Zhang Jian successfully challenged “the world’s first long underground river” – Benxi Water Cave.

Benxi Shuidong Scenic Area

Main Attractions

Hot Spring Temple Scenic Area

The spring water temperature is 44 ° C, the daily flow is 400 tons, and it has high medical value, as well as Tanggou Hot Spring.

Benxi Shuidong Scenic Area

Guanmen Mountain Scenic Area

It has the reputation of “Northeast Xiaohuang Mountain”. Rich in tourism resources.

Benxi Shuidong Scenic Area

Temple behind mountain area

There are 12 ancient cultural sites, etc. There are early cave sites of Paleolithic in Northeast China, which are of great value for studying the distribution of ancient humans in Liaodong and ancient geography.

Benxi Shuidong Scenic Area

Iron Mountain Scenic Area

Also known as Jiuding Tielu Mountain, it is the birthplace of Northeast Taoism. In the southwest of Nandianzi Station of Xitian Railway of Benxi City, it is delayed for dozens of miles. The Taizi Lake circulates in the north of the mountain, and the Bapanling arches the south side. There are Yuanshiding, Zhenwuding, Lingbaoding, Yuhuangding, Taishangding and Jinxiuding, which are like the columns. The highest peak is 700 meters above sea level. There are poems admiring the landscape of the mountains: “the height is like a cold night,” and “there are thousands of layers of clouds.” On the cliffs are the early cliffs of the Qing Dynasty, engraved with the words “a small mountain in the mountains” and “a world without a world”. There are winding roads for mountaineering, and more than seventy big turns are made to reach the main peak. There are caves such as clouds, sunlight, Tianguan and Tianqiao on the mountain. Yunguangdong is the most famous. A large number of scenery such as Shilong and Shihu in the cave are natural wonders, which are called Weibao, because of the name Babao Yunguangdong. In the three years of Ming Chongzhen, Guo Shouzhen retired from Yunguang Cave, and later collected his disciples, known as the ancestor of the Guandong Taoism.

Benxi Shuidong Scenic Area

Geographical environment

The water cave is a large limestone water-filled cave formed millions of years ago. The cave is deep and wide. It is the longest water-filled cave in the world. It has become the world’s longest candidate for water-filled caves in the world record association. Record. The underground dark river is now 3,000 meters long. The water flow is inexhaustible all the year round. The hole is half-moon shaped. It is a hall at the entrance. It can accommodate thousands of people. There is a 300-meter-long dry hole on the right side of the hall. The cave is high and low. There are holes in the middle, each with a hole in the sky, the top of the cave and the stalactites of the rock wall are developed in groups along the fissures, presenting various kinds of objects, not faked, and naturally interesting, just like the dragon palace fairyland. On the left side is a “port”, the light is in the light, the objects in the cave, one by one hanging over the water, Qionggong Crystal Pavilion, very beautiful. A large ancient biology museum has been built in the dry hole. There are more than 1,000 square meters of water on the front of the hall. There are 40 docks for boating at the same time. You can swim in the water hole and enjoy the beauty of the water hole, the length of the water hole, the depth of the water and the beauty of the waterfall. Then you have to Marvel: “Zhongji Qifeng Jing Wanqian, between the light boats and the waters of the poetry and paintings, Zhong Xiu should only be in the fairy world, and the world alone has a hole in the sky.”

The Benxi water hole is deep and open, and there is a deep underground river with a curved length of 5,800 meters. It is known as the Jiuqu Galaxy. Among the 2,800-meter-meter rice that has been opened to tourists, there are the Three Gorges, the Seventh House, and the Jiuwan. The water flow in the cave is inexhaustible all year round, the average water depth is 1.5 meters, the deepest is 7 meters, and the shallowest is only 0.8 meters. The newly-expanded “Quanyuan Yuyu” and “Jade Girl Palace” and other five hundred meters of dark river scenes have different universes. In the cave, the temperature is constant at 12 degrees Celsius throughout the year, and it is like spring at four o’clock. The dry cave is now a paleontological palace. The ancient cloister of the mountainside outside the cave, the unique artificial lake and the water pavilion, make the scene of the water hole complement each other.

Benxi Shuidong Scenic Area

Travel guide


135.00 yuan

Best season

May-October. Summer and autumn season. The temperature inside the cave is low, and you need to wear a coat when you are visiting. Therefore, it is not recommended to visit when the temperature is low. Summer is a good place to take a summer vacation. The scenery around the autumn is also beautiful, and you can enjoy the scenery along the way.

Travel information

The international and domestic traffic environment to Benxi Shuidong Scenic Area is good, and the tourist transportation to the scenic area is convenient.

Aviation Although the Benxi Shuidong Scenic Area has not arrived in the civil aviation line for a while, the scenic area is only 40 kilometers away from Shenyang Taoxian Airport, which is very close. After arriving in Shenyang, you can take the car on the highway in just 40 minutes to reach the scenic spot. It is also very convenient for Shenyang Station to transfer to the express train to Benxi Station and then to the water hole.

Railway Benxi is a railway hub in the Liaodong region. It has 196.3 kilometers of railways and 26 stations. From Beijing, Dalian, Dandong, Shanhaiguan and Shenyang, you can take the express train to Benxi Station. Take a 30-minute ride from Benxi or take a 45-minute ride to Benxi Water Cave. Benxi Station leads to the scenic area with the Xitian Line. Get off at the Hot Spring Temple and go to the Hot Spring Temple Scenic Area. Get off at Nandian and get off at the Tiesha Mountain Scenic Area. Get off at Xiaoshi and transfer to the Benxi Water Cave. Kilometers. Benxi Station South is connected to the border city of Dandong and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea; north to Shenyang, there are direct trains with Jinzhou, Xingcheng, Shanhaiguan, Chengde, Tianjin, Beijing, Dezhou, Jinan, Xuzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Zhenjiang, Shanghai. Hangzhou runs; the west has Liaoxi line, Xi Da line and Liaoyang, Anshan, Haicheng, Dalian and other cities directly. No matter which direction you are coming from, it is very fast to take the train to Benxi Shuidong Scenic Area.

Highway There are more than 1,600 kilometers of roads in Benxi and more than 170 kilometers of urban roads. It can directly connect to Shenyang, Dandong, Fushun, Anshan, Liaoyang and Dalian. Benxi to Shuidong Departure Time 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 11:20 12:00 12:55 13:20 14:30 4. City Traffic The traffic in Benxi City is extremely convenient. The city bus is divided into short-distance passenger transport and long-distance passenger transport. There are 30 running routes for short-distance passenger transport in the urban area, and long-distance passenger transport routes lead to all directions. There is a special line to the Benxi Shuidong Scenic Area, with direct passengers, Chinese passengers and buses. The taxis are all over the city, and all of them are marked with TX, and the mileage meter is set up. The rental fee is fair and reasonable. Beckon and stop, on call.

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